Nachtfee Chronology

1943 up to July 2012


This new page is an attempt to bring all data and facts together, and easing its access, as far as our commitment is involved


As to make approaching this webpage simpler I have decided to go from the top downwards in time. Thus, the younger the contribution the more it is placed on top of this page

Therefore, please follow the time-line from very down this page upwards


Started on 12 July 2012

After starting this list, I realized that it is becoming a rather comprehensive one. It reflects my activities and commitments rather well.


Status: 28 September 2012


After having tested the proper functioning of this new webpage, it appeared that a faster internet is very recommendable. As the very many flags (Bladwijzers) are opening often quite heavy loaded web pages, which have to open at least as deep as the flag on a page is hosted. When it is very down it, it may take time. Fast ADSL (DSL) and UMTS users will, however, not encounter much delay


Some links have been partly made red, as to distinguish them from the previous one in the same paragraph


For those interested in a slide show, please view also the Nachtfee Progress. A PowerPoint presentation converted into a PDF






By:  Arthur O. Bauer