Radar News 19

Modified with a new drawing, since 3 September 2011!!

Funkmessnachrichten 19

Date 25 February 1945

Signed by: General Martini. (F.d.R.)

[F.d.R., I guess, that this is the British translation (conversion) for: Führer der Radar (or des Radars); F, might stand for Führer (Leader), ‘d.’ might represent der or des, what R means is, for me, an open question, as 'radar' was not yet used in German terminology (February 1945), AOB] [The British translator often uses the British jargon, whereas it is certain that such words were not used in German  wartime publications. Such as, for example: 'Window' where the German codename certainly had been: Düppel, AOB]


Full transcription of a British translation of 1945


This is a most interesting document!


This periodical was issued on 25 February 1945. We may assume, however, that the personnel in the field might have got it in March 1945. Some of their estimated planning went as far as late 1945. We may consider that this was the last issue of "Funkmessnachrichten" of World War Two.


It shows their latest concern in respect to radar technology. But, also what they saw what was necessary to happen in the near future. Many topics is dealt with, like:-

Jagdschloss, EGON A - EGON-B, Freya, Freya Flamme, Berlin N1a and Berlin A, FuG25a Red and Green, anti-jamming procedures, Nachtfee FuG 136, Barabara FuG 138, wavelengths in respect to various Köthenwellen, Lichtenstein SN2 (Li-SN2), Neptun VR, Flensburg I - VI, Naxos ZX and Naxos  ZD, Imbert emergency wood-gas-generators up to 120 KVA as a substitute against the increasing lack of fuel (diesel and gasoline), Lichtblitz, Freya-Laus, Köthen Yagi, Jagdwagen, Forsthaus F and Forsthaus KF, Jagdschloss Michael B, Münchhausen procedure, replacing the T/R tube SD6 by a Nullode owing to their very frequent failures of the SD6 diodes, and and many more subjects.

My personal comment is kept within [..., AOB ]


On 17 October 2011 I reconsidered the Jagdschloss A training manual and my attention stuck at the chapter about Rießersee (page 70). In the Radar News 19 translation they deal with the newly introduced modification by replacing the T/R diodes by a Nullode. I wondered how this might have been done. The solution was:


Apparently, they had modified all Jagdschloss in to version 3

The power diodes SD6 (SD6A) had proved to be unreliable and all systems had to be modified in the way shown in the schematic above. Please consider also the Nullode patent doc: DE761708, DE881812 and DE897857


Rö 1 and 2 are the two power types SD6 (SD6A)

Their dynamic resistance is 30 ohms (at the operational frequency)



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