Nachtfee Progress

from the moment that we received it from the US on 12 November 2011

up until recently (please notice its Status)

visualised by means of a PowerPoint presentation

for this occasion converted into PDF


This presentation is a slide show

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Please, notice for details the according Nachtfee subject pages


It has proved, that the size of this document may be for some of you too big

Currently we deal with about 6 MB

I would advice you open it only when you trust that its size can be handled by your current wireless connection

My current (temporarily) light G3 USB-stick is causing difficulties. Although, my wife's UMTS connection does function well and is fast enough, as downloading takes about 10 - 15 seconds.

Regular ADSL (DSL) should be sufficient, of course


Status: 22 August 2012


Nachtfee progress covered as a PowerPoint presenation converted into a downloadable PDF file



I would like to advice you, take also notice of the Nachtfee chronology page, where every step of progress is being linked to a date, as well as just to the subject by means of flags (Bladwijzer). This makes it possible tracing subjects just at the right page section; which I regard as most handsome



By: Arthur O. Bauer