Selection of various Felkin reports


These reports were hardly known and only since recently Phil Judkins traced them at PRO/NA in Kew

 We especially requested for permission to publish the transcripts of the Felkin papers. They had no objection, but only advised us to quote: The National Archives of the UK, ref. AIR40/2875 and 2876.... Which is a very fair stand. Though, when someone wants to use the information commercially please contact then The British National Archive at Kew first.


These reports were once made on behalf of A.D.I. (k), which actually was during the war and shortly thereafter headed by R.V. Jones


Famous Fritz Trenkle is the one who relied also on one of the Felkin reports. For a while kept hidden, but already in his 1966 DEGON publication one can find the ominous reference [101], however, lacking an appropriate reference.

Although I cannot prove it, but it is most likely that he may have got a paper copy of A.D.I. (k) 343/45 in the early 1960s. Maybe in those days being still a classified document. But, it was Fritz Trenkle who gave a crucial hint that the various type numbers mentioned in the intriguing 'Oslo Report' of late 1939 actually constitute internal Siemens designations. This finally led to unravelling the one who secretly (illegally) dropped this crucial information in the mailbox of the British Embassy in Oslo. He was Hans-Ferdinand Mayer.

Isn't it possible, that R.V. Jones did Trenkle a personal favour? He certainly was not harming the British Empire.

The Felkin papers are staged together creating a pile of > 1 m, and roughly covering 1000 reports. Though, among them are also investigation reports on jet engines and crashed aircraft. Hampering is, that there exists only a partial index.

Fritz Trenkle referred only onto Felkin, which keyword is as such not traceable in the National Archives at Kew.


A problem with most wartime papers is their paper quality; making readable reproduction very difficult. Therefore we are lucky that both Helwig Schmied and his colleague for remastering:  Jacques Feyssac, are undertaking the transcription work for us.



The first page of A.D.I. 357/45

This one is quite good readable though, the most pages are in contrast very difficult to read


About mid of May 2012 I received a phone call from Helwig Schmied in which he told me that all Felkin files he have received so far are being transcribed. He also mentioned, that he revised also the ones he already provided to me some months ago. After converting them first into a proper doc file and then converting them in to pdf, it has all been added onto this current website. When we consider the often very poor quality of the original file, it must have been a rather great job.



Webpage started on 13 March 2012

Status: 9 December 2013


The last two digits indicate the year in which the reports has been created

Viewing the succession in file numbering it is evident that there must have existed a whole series for each year.





Special Reports

Special Report B-824    Information on various GAF war methods and experience obtained from the former chief of "Air Command West" (Luftwaffen Kommando West). Major General Schmid British source. Received in Britain 14 July 1945.

Special Report on:  The History of Radar Technology in Germany Reference to its Application to radio Location (Dr. H. Diehl)(new)


To be continued in due course




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