KV 2/1701 - KV 2/1706


Series dedicated





and Vera von Wedel

alias Erikson, and von Schalburg


Page initiated 10 December 2019


Status: 15 January 2020


Part_I    (Since 14 December 2019)


Part II      (Since 24 December 2019)


Part_III    (Since 2 January 2020)


Part_VI    (Since 6 January 2020)


Part V    (Since 15 January 2020)



                                                                                                                    After having prepared Part IV I approached Vera's file series with KV 2/14.

This instantly brought me in touch with an entire new file series:

KV 2/17, KV 2/18, KV 2/19 (respectively on Waelti 2/17) and De Deeker (Drueke) on KV 2/18 and KV 19

Followed by a series:

KV 2/20, KV 21, KV 2/22 and KV 2/23

All unknown to me and unexpected findings.


After going through the first series, I is clear that a new "environment series" had been unearthed

It is evident that we should have to deal with some of it.

A brief approach already proves, that what was dealt with before is, in many respect, rubbish!

Consequently, these series have to be approached in a rather comprehensive manner.



KV 2/14 - KV 2/15 - KV 2/16

is enough reason to go for it, seriously!

The latter series only are dedicated to Vera Schalburg and likely other aliases she have exploited.


                                                                                                                                       Crown Copyright

Vera Schalburg (Baroness Vera von Wedel)(Vera Erikson)



                                                                                                                      Crown Copyright

Better photographs of Wälti (Waelti) Werner Heinrich; only the picture is true, his apparent name isn't 

What might have been his true credentials?



                                                 Crown Copyright

Photo derived from Waelti  / Wälti's passport of 1937

In my perception: a photo with a more sympathetic face. 




                                                       Crown Copyright

Drücke (Druecke)  Karl Theodor (Because simply Theo is rather unusually used for those once baptised, in Germany)




                                                                                                                                                          Crown Copyright


The wireless apparatus, causing the death of both: Drücke and Wälti, were the wireless spy sets of type: SE 92/3




Part_I  →                                                                                                 Part 1    (KV 2/1701-1 & 2) (since 14 December 2019)


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Part_III →                                                                                                 Part III  (KV 2/1704-2)    (Since 2 January 2020)


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Part_V  →                                                                                                 Part V    (KV 2/19 & KV 2/14-1)     (Since 15 January 2020)



To be continued in due course


By Arthur O. Bauer