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Page initiated: 19 February 2020


The reason that I have re-approached the Ritter files again, is a spin-off of the Drueke-Vera-Waelti cases.

Because Major (later he became Obstlt.) Ritter was the key-person who was responsible for nearly all agent brought to England

during the course of Operation "Lena".

This dramatic endeavour had the objective to locate agents in England, whom had to transmit tactical information necessary,

for Operation Seel÷we (Seeloewe)

The invasion of England following the BEF disaster, in France.


However, Hitler never really intended to do so, in my perception, for two reasons:

He considered Britain to reach an understanding with Germany


He possessed already plans for invading Russia,

his "great obsession"!


I have first prepared a selection out of the file series,

with the aim:


provide an understanding of Ritter's being in respect to our


Drueke - Vera Waelti's

dramatic subject.


What is astonishing me, is the extent Hilmar Dierks' being referred onto.

Also that Ritter consequently refers to Dieks' military rank of Hptm.; albeit that the evidence we possess is providing that he became Oblt. in June 1940.

This also is curious.

Because Dierks was already engaged within German espionage in Holland in the 1920s. Considering this, then would be a Hptm. a logical ranking. I found nowhere evidence, that for what ever reason, Dierks might have suffered a "lowering in rank" during his career.


"Maybe not in most peoples mind - is Arthur Owens, he later had been turned by M.I.5 and got his Double-Cross name SNOW.

It was Dierks (I M) Ast Hamburg   (Ast-X) who had the guiding of Arthur Owens, who himself approached the Germans about mid 1930s.

Only due to M.I.5's quite un-professional arrangement, in respect to SNOW's meeting with Ritter in Lisbon (end of February 1941) Ritter raised the professional query: are you guided?

Which Owens/Snow acknowledged.

Why did Ritter raise this query?

M.I.5's eager to arrange a meeting with Ritter in Lisbon (end of February 1941), they neglected precautions; fore they too easily obtained an air ticket, which regularly was difficult to obtain.



Reading Vera's papers we get an overall impression

that Ritter was the Demon himself.

I will not judge, but the following picture is not entirely what I had in mind about Ritter since.



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To be continued in due course