KV 2/103


                                                                         Crown Copyright

Herbert Christian Oskar Otto Wichmann

Once, Leiter Ast - X (Hamburg)

in regard to

Hilmar Dierks

alias von Wedel, Stuhrich


whatever cover names he might have used.


Page initiated on: 24 February 2020


Albeit, that I have digested Wichmann's files about five years ago,

I was then not aware of the implications discovered last year on the

Drueke - Vera - Waelti cases.



                                                                                                                            Crown Copyright

Herbert Wichmann

Photo taken at Camp 020

(why I know this? Because of the apparent line in the background)

So far I remember, the only photo in uniform, I have encountered in the KV 2/.. file series.



Sadly, the best resolution permitted

At least this announce was on behalf of Wichmann.



KV 2/103 Wichmann and Dierks



By Arthur O. Bauer