Magnetron Conference on 70 Years of Cavity Magnetron, held on 19 and 20 April 2010 at Bournemouth University UK


One of the first papers given was:


By Dr. Phil Judkins


A rather intriguing paper on hardly noticed aspects of attitudes between some British military establishments in respect to industry, as well as their stand (maybe aversion) against (some) developments originating from the United States.


Phil a I we both have decided not to agree to the conditions set by one of the CAVMAG2010 sponsors; my presentation was set at the closing end of this conference (maybe also due to its subject). This actually give us the freedom to publish our papers on the web, without squeezing restrictions. Hence, keeping it possible for everybody to download its content freely. However, in case of reproduction with an appropriate reference, of course.


The German Wartime Struggle to catch up with Allied Power Magnetron Technology

By Arthur O. Bauer

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As to simplify direct access to the concerned references, the last Reference page has been copied in html format directly downward, so that one easily has  access to the according hyperlinks.




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Recommended documents


T.R.E. Rep. T.1858 (brief transcript)

The German magnetron type LMS10 (G). LMS10 versus CV64 (May 1945, signed by Brian Callick)     and

Berlin A manual:  g. 4119/1, of June 1944


For those interested in a briefed version of this paper please consider my PowerPoint presentation, which contains two not in my paper dealt with photos

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Bournemouth presentation held on 20 April 2010 for the CAVMAG Conference




Yves Blanchard's PowerPoint contribution on French early magnetron developments:

Maurice Ponte and Henri Gutton

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