My reflections on Wirsing are an exception in the regular KV 2/xxx series. He operated in the Nazi environment, but later on he created his own more critical point of views. What is intriguing me, is, the fact that he acted within the highest circles of the Third Reich. Since September 1944, with Schellenberg’s backing, he published his “Egmont letters”. Schellenberg fed him with “Foreign Intelligence Information” on a weekly basis. As to make tracing back the origins - he worked from his Berlin home-address; and got envelopes with all the Mil Amt (R.S.H.A. Amt VI) has got knowledge of; especially brought by a trusted courier. The aim of the “letters” was to inform the upper circles of the Third Reich of the state of affair outside Germany. The way it had been worded was “soft but smart”, without too much offending. With some exceptions: Goering and Ribbentrop (not mentioned but surely also Goebbels) were not on the list of addressees. He painted the real state of World Affairs far more realistic than did Goebbels’ propaganda machine; on the other hand, Himmler received a copy, as did Kaltenbrunner even Keitel informed Hitler occasionally.

The situation becomes at the end of April 1945 “lunatic”. I am certain: - that no one of the readers have ever heard of this story. As to emphasise his role, who would ever encounter such most curious events? Please read it yourself.


By Arthur O. Bauer

Wirsing Giselher alias "Egmont"