Secret Communications

Passing on some impressions of the visitors attending

on 23 November 2013

Among the crypto exhibits are, of course, also some of our own exhibits; which also attracted attention. Although, this time not being switched on, Nachtfee is explained at least four times that day.

So far we counted on the first exhibition day on the 16th 92 visitors and on the second occasion on 23 November, 110 attendees


Without further notice, photos are very kindly provided by Peter van Kats


The chairman explaining the technical features of the German long distance wireless (aircraft) installation FuG 10P



At the same time Paul explains some details of the Enigma rotor wheels



We may hardly believe that elsewhere in the world visitors can come so close to Enigma machines!



Marc explains how the Russian Fyalka coding machine works and was operated



He is also showing the mechanical aspects of the uniquely complete Fyalka machine



Marc explains the Fyalka rotor section



Fortunately also the younger generation was present



A good sign is that when technique is sexy enough a wider public can be attracted



I guess, that most people will never have seen, how the Enigma rotor wheel are being taken out of the apparatus



Viewing the rotors of the mother of all Enigma Type D of the year 1926



We may guess, that they both know quite much of the KLB/7 machine



Paul certainly is having a lively conversation about the KW 7 apparatus



On 3.30 started Paul and Marc's lecture about the design of the Russian Fyalka machine

Accidently, something went wrong with one of the screen hangings and it had to be fixed in a temporarily manner. 



The audience

Towards the wall on the left are sitting both: on the left Tom Going and on the right Dick Green.


This weekend also a joined group of the DEHS and IEHG attended. On Friday and Saturday they visited our Klooster premises. The Friday morning session was dedicated to my Nachtfee talk and demonstrations and after lunch Tom Going and Bengt both gave their PowerPoint presentations.


David, John and Dick and myself discussing the V 1 gyro steering system

(Photo taken by my wife Karin)



Bengt, Joachim and Phil

(Photo taken by my wife Karin)



Paul being interviewed on 16 November by the VRZA (Photo taken by my wife Karin)


By Arthur O. Bauer