Radio Mentor

Diese Sender des Mittel- und Langwellenbereiches dürfen in Deutschland abgehört werden

Heft 12, Dezember 1941
(December 1941)

page 528

(German language, pdf)
However, this register is self-explaining

List of authorized broadcasting stations, which German citizens may listen to (1941/42).
Listening to not authorized Radio stations was a criminal offence and caused a capital punishment.

“Alle in dieser Zusammenstellung nicht enthaltene Sender auf dem Mittel- und Langwellenbereich unterliegen dem Abhörverbot”.

Incorporated in this list are stations by Germans occupied territories, such as, for example, Riga; Belgrad; Paris; Rennes; Oslo; Hilversum I & II; ... Norddeutsche Gleichwelle; Ostdeutsche Gleichwell; Schlesische Gleichwelle;...

Why they have not incorporated a list of shortwave stations is not clear. Interesting is also, that, for instance, Italian broadcast stations had been excluded from this list notwithstanding, that Rome was a German ally.


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