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Worldwide is the knowledge, and understanding, as to how communications really had been maintained, rather limited.

One may know the names of some of the main wireless centres, but the real networks being kept a mystery.

Thanks to the British file HW 19-332 we at least have got a basic frame what this once had been about.

However, I first did copy the map content and re-fashioned it a bit. Then I mailed its content to my very good friend Rudolf Staritz (becoming this year 97!) and his response was: that only central Europe had been covered, though, nothing about the "Iberian Peninsula" communication, which had become so crucial in our



I therefore approached the map again and extended it westwards.

During the course of my survey I myself extended my fields of interests too.

Such as about: Franz Mayr and and Schulze-Holthus case eventualy cs;

(from this page the Dr. Julius Bernhardt Schulze case can be approached) unexpectedly commencing in Persia (Iran).

They also have had, for some time, W/T communications with Berlin, in 1943.

Again the ominous map had to be extended eastwards.

Recently I had the opportunity to approach a strange file series on


KV 2/2638


more significant

KV 2/2639

From this file I was pointed at the reference onto the "Trompke" file series

KV 2/757 - 768

the latter covering about 1000 pages.

Trompke was the Consul-General in Portuguese East Africa, stationed in

Lourenco Marques.

But it covers hardly Trompke though, actually Werz, the Vice-Consul, who, although diplomat, dealt meanly with espionage in:

The South African Union.

My commitments since April 2015 commenced a huge pile of files covering currently > 37,000 pages!

However, on KV 2/757 page 10, I found a new W/T line from Berlin to South Africa, where Sittig was W/T communicating with Berlin; apparently on the line designation: 14/58

Again our curious map had to be extended, but now southwards.

Maybe for some of you of interest, the Germans relied partially on broadcastings meant for Germans abroad, be it naval or, such as in the Franz Mayr case, on the so-called Kamaradschaftsdienst Marine or similar broadcasting programs.

These services provided vital information, some with secret contents some did it in another way. These broadcasts were maintained by the Germans by their Foreign Office, using the Beelitz transmitter services.

Regarding the communication link numbering: I am not yet sure whether its designation originates from German organisation structure or that it is a particularly British product.

However, the new line number does fit within an existing scheme that hardly might have been foreseen in Britain (I suppose R.S.S.) before 1943.

I therefore tend to believe it is of genuine German origin, but I cannot guarantee it.

The South African affairs are quite intriguing, because here of the Afrikaner (Boer) aspect. These people still possessed strong animosities against Britain.

A curious organisation once was known as: Ossewa Brandwag (incorrectly spelled within M.I.5 as the converted the a into: Brandweg).

In my perception of interest, when Kraizizek escaped again from an Interment Camp, he looked for names related to the Afrikaner (Boer) aspect, as such person quite likely willing to support him in hiding for the South African Police. His estimation proved to be quite true!

Maybe my intriguing Kraizizek extract will be made accessible, in due course, as well.



Deutsche Abwehr Funklinen (German Intelligence W/T networks)

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By Arthur O. Bauer