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Since almost three years, I am personally heavily engaged in studying German spying networks; 24/7.

It all once started with Rudolf Staritz's query:

Do you know who KLATT was?

This was triggering a huge endeavour,

together with my very good friend Phil Judkins.

Due to his health, he became not directly engaged within this project.


About February this year, Rudolf Staritz phoned me with the message that I "unbedingt" should notice the book:

Nazi Secret Warfare in Occupied Persia (Iran)

The failure of the German Intelligence Services, 1939-45

By Adrian O'Sullivan

ISBN: 978-1-349-49127-8

By the way, based on his dissertation.

On page 260 - among the references is a list of

KV 2/... file series.

Which I instantly checked against what is already available in my archive.

Remaining 26 files; culminating up to about 4000 file pages. Bringing our total > 34,000 pages!

An entire new world was "stepped into"

The considered series are:

KV 2/1477 - 1483

Luckily all downloadable from the British National Archives

Formerly known as Kew Gardens.

Let us be grateful for their services! Their copies are of superb quality, in colour!


Page initiated: 21 March 2018

Status: 4 May 2018


Please notice: that the following up webpage has been setup:

Schulze Case


Schulze was in the German Persian situation subordinated to Franz Mayr.

But operated far south within the Qashgai tribe area.


Studying files and at the same time finding my way in getting information within my "grey cells",  I, in most cases, transcribe the content of a copied file section; which often  consisting of bits-and-pieces.

This summary was originally only meant for private application - therefore the selection of papers are only following the lines of my instant interest. Thinking why I am engaging myself - I have drawn the conclusion that my main interest concerns the personalities involved; and on the second place the context of the German Secret Services.

But recently I came also to the conclusion:-  that other people should be brought in touch with this intriguing and dynamic subject as well.    


Nowhere else dealt within books - this contribution will enclose for most of you an entirely new world.


In the KLATT-OSTRO-JOSEPHINE cases, the German military Ausland/Abwehr was in charge; but in case of Mayr it mainly was a concern of the S.D. (SD). Don't think of concentration camps or so, but it clearly dealt with intelligence of so-called R.S.H.A. Amt VI; emphasising, in our case, on political matters. Just this latter aspect was what Mayr accomplished.

He felt himself being like a "Lawrence of Arabia". Indeed, to some extent this was true. He engaged himself in forming a political nucleus, in respect to "Fifth Column" in Persian politics.   In my perception he was a smart person and - given the circumstances within his context - he achieved quite much. After his arrest on 15th August 1943, between 125 - 150 Persians had been arrested as a consequence. 


Derived from KV 2/1481                Crown Copyright

Franz Mayr

@ Studer-Mayer

(The latter maybe sanctioned by Gehlen's organisation)

(born on 15-11-1914)

According to the backside of this photo originating from 1952

The SD intelligence service had, in 1940, not the slightest ideas about foreign intelligence and the state of affairs abroad; in particular in the Middle East.

Franz Mayr, together with Roman Gamotta, left Germany in October 1940, and arrived via Russia, on 8 November 1940, at Pavlevi in Persia. Without sufficient currency for long-time stay, lacking sound intelligence backgrounds; and more significant - without any means of communications between them and Berlin!

Even British intelligence personnel were, now and then, rather impressed by what Franz Mayr had achieved between his arrival in October 1940 and his capture on 15 August 1943. Mayr's was ultimately caught - not because of his failure, but he was betrayed by a Persian put under British pressure.

Some quite shocking aspect will be noticed - throwing a bleak light on some aspects. I have to admit, that I never could have imagined before that such aspect would cross my research!

In one of the reports was noticed a text written text by Mayr - but in Persian language; albeit in roman writing.     His great advantage: Germany did not belong to the occupants and never did so in the Middle East.

I always thought that Lenin was the nucleus of: The enemies of my enemy are my friends; but it proved to originate from the Koran.

Please bear the following historical constellation always in mind: in August 1941, the so-called Allied Forces occupied Iraq and Iran (Persian) territories; albeit not the land of the Gashgai tribes in the south, which was considered a hostile territory. But a good hiding ground for Germans. Schulze-Holthus stayed there until he was captured in spring 1944; by the way, the latter was headed by the regular Ausland/Abwehr. It has to be noticed, though, that both, SD and Abwehr, used the facilities of Gartenfeld's KG 200. 

However, the Allied occupation had been commenced with all the colonial-like down-sides.

What to think of a comment in one of the papers, where someone approached the (Persian) Premier - who the British just had brought to Office. This is the true environment were the main part of our history is taking place.


Please notice the fair rules: Use it only for studying purposes,  do not multiply my study-notes.

My comments, have to be understood being my own opinion. My added comments are always accompanied with (AOB, ....)

In most cases I correct the spelling when appropriate - German word-spelling is adequate; like Führer instead of Fuehrer.


These files are searchable, thus might prove to be of great help to those searching for related matters on the web, in due course. I truly hope that Google will soon possessing notice of these unique documents.

Please bear in mind: most file series are running reversed in time; thus continuing means going back in time. After some strange experiences you will become acquainted to this practice.

(Z1064 ↓↓↓↓↓↓  Z1064reurn)

KV 2/1477                Date: 21 March 2018        F810      F810return         open the KV 2/1477 PDF document and enter the search-word: Kamarad   Then this Kamaradschaftsdienst being dealt with too. ( P880  P880reurn

KV 2/1478                Date: 21 March 2018

KV 2/1479                Date: 21 March 2018

KV 2/1480                Date: 21 March 2018

Quite some new visions will be disclosed within the next document.     My second consideration:- bleak to notice sadly, time-and-again, that a rather civilised Nation like Great Britain, is (was) lacking an established "check-and-balance". Civil-servants judging about "unlimited imprisonments", what might have been sanctioned within a service branch, but it was against international Treatments (Conventions). And they indeed were aware of it, for an occasion: but don't notice it in the reply to the Swiss Legation (Mayr case)! These annoying facts are really upsetting me, because it is the bleak-side of human behaviour. Britain does not possess a so-called: Fundamental legislation - where all basic human rights being accounted (Grundgesetz, Gundrechte); but a system based upon jurisdiction. For example, during the war the appalling case of My Erikson (Swedish citizen).   That even Guy Liddell wasn't feeling well with it can be noticed on a occasion where he considered:- from my point of view - they may have My. (KV 2/535 - 539)

That it wasn't exceptional is proven by Helen Fry: the London Cage, The Secret History of Britain's World War II  Interrogation Centre. Yale University Press, 2017,                          ISBN 978-0-300-22193-0 


KV 2/1481                Date 23 March 2018

The next file, is , in my perception, a rather interesting document, because it concerns mainly Franz Mayr's (translated) diaries, once captured in November 1942, in Isfahan; albeit that Mayr himself wasn't caught yet. You will find my selection of notes, among it a quite intimate letter on behalf of Mayr's girlfriend (mistress) Lili Sanjari.    Mr. Vazari, a Persian partner of Franz Mayr, who apparently adored Hitler (apparently not the only one). Quoting makes sense, as it reflects the attitude and moods of the year 1942. But also expressing the constant danger of becoming caught and the according frequent change of hiding places.   Names mostly in code, which constituted still a mystery - until Mayr himself had been caught on 15 August 1943; after being betrayed by a Persian put under some pressure by - British  D.S.O. CICI - in Teheran. 

KV 2/1482                Date 2 April 2018

The final chapter of this Mayr series is dedicated onto Günther Blume; the trained sabotage agent of Mayr's group. The bulk of its content is dealing with explosive matters. As you know, not directly my piece of cake. Therefore I have skipped these matters.

KV 2/1483                       Date 26 April 2018

To be continued in due course

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However, Mayr, sent by Amt 6 (name it S.D.) didn't operate solely, but a smaller second group operated in Persia as well. Albeit, not guided by Amt VI but on behalf of the Ausland/Abwehr. There existed some kind of cooperation, and I therefore would like to create a new file series on: Schulze - Pirwanka - Harber and Kurmes.


KV 2/1484 PF 66,327 series    jacket


Schulze-Holthus was the most important man, and therefore I have decided to call this file the Schulze Case.

The operated mainly in the southern Persian territories, also known as the "tribes" country.



By Arthur O. Bauer