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Status: 8 February 2013


Film 47     We first should take care of the lubrication of the G-Schreiber central gear box. As to access it it is necessary first to take off the apparatus cover. Then tilting the code-wheel section rearwards as to allow accessing the gear box. I did this for the last time in 1989/1990. So I know what to expect.  (00119)


Film 48    Viewing inside the gearing box. Shown the worm-wheels and the three friction clutches. These clutches should be kept lavishly dipped with oil, as regularly it has to carry (withstanding) the full motor load. Only when a single axis rotation is to be carried out, it absorbs no mechanical energy. The felt-disk clutches should be handled with care!  (00117)



To be continued in due course


By Arthur O. Bauer



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