E51 - E53 Ersatzteilkiste

Ln 30723 (GAF* stock-number)


E51 bis 53 Ersatzteile (spare part box for the receiver types: E51 - E53)

Type E51 was code-named Leipzig (a long wave double super-heterodyne receiver), which never was produced, E52 is the well known Köln E52 (Koeln) and the E53 is known Ulm which was actually employed, albeit, in lower quantities compared to the Köln E52 (please remember, that the photo quality can be enhanced, by copying it onto your clipboard and then pasting it into a Word, WordPerfect or another program)

Consider for more details the Telefunken Catalogue of 1941, also known as: Luftboden-Programm



The two aluminium devices are spare vibrator units, when 12 volt operation was used. The tools are also shown  on pictures of the Köln restoration project. The 4 glass bulbs (type OB120/4) are especially meant for the microfilm projection system (filament placed off-centre towards the first projection lens). The label in the background gives the content of the spare-part box. The empty hole down the left-hand side vibrator should hold a spare motor (type Z30spez.) to the E52a - a1 - a2 tuning control. This means, that this box does belong to the so-called E52b versions, as these weren't fit with motor-controlled tuning.  See also Köln restoration project Part I (see photo 18) and Köln restoration Part II (see photo 28)



Top view of the spare part box to the Köln E52

The early receivers might all have had metal spare-part boxes, whereas later in the war cardboard boxes were used, sometimes fit with far less parts. This is understandable, why should you need, for instance, a full set of spare RV12P2000 valves*, as these are very reliable components, with a rather long life cycle? * notice that the Köln employed 10 and the Ulm even 12 'P2000s'; note, that only one valve type throughout the entire receiver is used! (neglecting, of course, the power supply)


Acknowledgement: I have to thank my friend Richard Walker very much, for giving me this nice rare Köln/Ulm spare-part box.

*GAF = German Air Force = Luftwaffe




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