Luftboden-Empfängerprogramm (Luftwaffe also known as GAF; Air - Ground receiver concept)

Telefunken catalogue on their new, revolutionary, receiver line, covering 7500 up to 2 m

Copy number 9, of 5 May 1941 (we may assume, that this copy is the only remaining)

(German language, pdf, 3.7 MB)



Köln E52 prototype V 1; Ulm E53; Leipzig E51; Kulm E54; F-Ulm E 55; Peilvorsatz; DF adapter; receiver-remote-control by means of a telephone-link; binary data transfer; preliminary prototype selectivity, state of the art of 1941; micro film scale; Filmskala; Fernübertragung; binary servo system; Siemens & Halske; Telefunken; AEG; Quartz-Filter; quartz filter; Rheinberg DF system; Gr.-U-Adcock concept;


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