Some Cryptographic patents

During my survey at British archives, such as the Patent Office, I came across patents related to coding machines.

The first page created was on Enigma related patents, which is a quite extensive one.


Albeit not as big, we have, nevertheless, decided to add some curious patents


In progress

Created on 11 November 2011

Status: 15 November 2011











I do not fully understand how the drawings should fit together













Please notice that the next patent drawing is what has been left-out on the right









Please notice that the pages have been cut into a series of 5 separate pages. We may thus assume, that the original patent drawing is having a size of about A3 or A2





























Please, always bear in mind that like these drawings, patent drawings are often being divided as to keep its content fitted to an A4 size paper sheet





















Please be aware, that the succession of the patent drawing is not always logical









We may assume that the following C. Lorenz patent applications directly or indirectly are being linked to their famous Schlüsselzusätze SZ40 and SZ42 (SZ40/42).  To understand the nature, as well as difference, between the Siemens G-Schreiber and the Lorenz secret telex system, we have to notice how these had been employed.     Siemens built complete telex systems which were very expencive apparatus, but could handle both clear as well as secret messages. The Lorenz system was based on widely available regular telex apparatus (thus much cheaper than the combined Siemens apparatus). The codeing unit known as "Schlüsselzusatz" (auxiliarly module) was a separate unit and doesn't necessarily have to be in the vicinity of the actual telex (Fernschreiber) apparatus location.













This This is certainly used in the SZ40 as well as SZ42 Schlüsselzusatz (Tunny machine)









To be continued in due course




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