Sites visited about May 19 the 1945




Keywords:     Stassfurt C 5/180 - Heiligenrode 26/79 - Mittelwerk 5/64 - Eisenach 26/79 - Dr. Schaaf managing director of the whole organisation at Eisenach - Dr. Stoffregen director in charge of engine production at Stassfurt - Dr. Bruckmann 26/1 Director in charge of the all development work now presumed to be in Munich - Dr. Oestrich Engineer in charge of jet engine development, now at Stassfurt  - Dr. Ulsamer formerly concerned with development, now working on the production side. Presumed to be in Munich - Oberst Knemayer in charge of jet engine development at R.L.M. (GAF); Dr. Oestrich was the most valuable witness and it is suggested that he be brought over to U.K. for more detailed interrogation than was possible in the course of this examination (Being done by A.D.I. (K)(Felkin!);  caves at Wittringen near Saarbrücken ... finally brought the experimental centre to Kalag  Shaft 6 and 7 Neu Stassfurt. This is a disused salt mine ... Züldorf near Oranienburg .. Heiligenroda near Dorndorf Eisenach .. Abterrode .. Ploemintz .. Bad Salzungen .. Mittelwerk Nordhausen there is an assembly line in the main tunnel B ...;  Apart from some experimantal blade manufacture at Stassfurt all blades for compressor and turbine are obtained from "Würtembergische Metallwarenfabrik near Stuttgart:" .. 003 engine .. First flight a jet propelled aircraft using a power plant by Heinkel-Hirth was achieved in 1937 ... ; Design and performance 003 .. ; hollow rotor blades have an internal sleeve to direct cooling cooling air .. ; about 6 to 700 003 engines have been made, all at Zülsdorf and all Mark I design 003 (A1) ... ; Arado 234 the use of 4 x 003 engines on the Arado 234 was expected to produce an aircraft performance with a top speed of 880 km/hour at 10,000 meters and a range of 1400 km.Flight tests at Lünnewitz ..; Ju 287 .. Ju 88 .. 018 - 028 engines .. ; hollow blades throughout .. ; orders for the destruction of secret and top secret papers had been carried out, but searches .. ; TL = Turbine - Luftstrahl .... ; Daimler Benz ZTL Triebwerk Z.T.L. means Zweikreis Turbine Luftstrahl or turbo-jet engine with augmentor ... ; Turbines developed by Junkers . Dr. A. Franz head of technical development at Junkers at his home in Allanstadt Harz  .. Frans joined Junkers in 1936, The firm was at that time considering variants of the piston free (Pescara) engine ... Dessau 5/13 ... History of the 004 engine At the end of 1939 ... hollow air coolded turbine blades ... The engine requires overhaul after 25 hours for metallurgical test on the turbine .. 012 engine was intended for a fast bomber specification (Ju 287) ... ; 022 engine .. contra rotating propeller ...