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Part 1

We would not have copied such a document, when it does not show a dimension of the psychological warfare which is different from what one would expect. Being engaged in technical aspects of the V 1, the one who possessed previously our V 1 gyro platform, told me when I visited him a week later, that he also possesses a special V 1 flyer. Looking at it I was intrigued of its content. It might enhance your understanding of the context in which this aspect once took place.  


This document was gathered by a young Dutch citizen (by the way not my friend) about June 1945. It was taken from a crashed V 1 about the Posbank near to Arnhem.


In late 1944, maybe early 1945, Britain was already far beyond the tactical range of a V 1. From the area just inside Germany or in the eastern part of Holland, Antwerp was still in its operational range. We all know, that quite some V 1s never reached their targets due to technical failures. This leaflet, as well as our V 1 gyro platform, is confirming the fact that the built-in self destroying mechanism must have failed quite often too.    

Please consider especially the three illustrations on the final page of the PDF version. The flyer originally was folded as to get four pages size A5. For this occasion, however, the four pages being copied as these have been printed once (size A 4).


German propaganda flyer named: The Other Side. It was meant for the Antwerp area


A good friend of mine told me that some V 1s were fit with a special compartment containing a bunch of flyers. These were released shortly before these V 1s should hit the target.

Please click on the illustration as to open its full PDF content

We have reproduced it in a reasonable good quality.


Its content is rather curious, as it is being worded in a different way than one normally  would expect from German wartime propaganda.

In my vision, it is reflecting the mood of a dying entity.




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