nach Bauvorschrift der Kriegsmarine


mit Telefunken-Peilüberlagerungsempfänger T8PL39

N.V.K. Beschreibung Nr. 8

Code-name: Martin

The manual including the many line drawings and photos is incorporating 110 pages

PDF 4.5 MB


The receiver schematic is too large (size A2 landscape) as to be integrated in the manual, as this would seriously misbalance the size of the general text and the receiver schematic; I had to cut it into 6 x A4 pages instead. And, I have put them together again and this finally is being converted into a complete schematic.

Schaltbild des Peilüberlagerungsempfängers T8PL39 

Integral schematic

(Bild 20)

Please notice, that Acrobat-Reader offers you the option by which means you can fully print what you have selected at your screen. Thus as long as a schematic is completely visible at your screen you can print any page size at your, say A4 or other paper size. Translated the option is "print what you see".


Shown is the DF set up

On the left we see the slides holder and its projection mechanism. The drum on the right is incorporating the gonimeter. The aim was that distortion due to short comings of the DF loop as well as due to environment, like fans or masts or buildings or a combination of those.



The cross loop. One for E-W and one for DFing at N-S


The pictures shown below originate from our collection

Front panel of T8PL39 (code-name Martin)


Type number plate of our Telefunken receiver T8PL39


This modified table shows that the T8PL39 frequency range had been changed

The next photos will proof that this must have been accomplished by Telefunken. Who else would have had so much skill that they could engrave the scale-dial so properly?


The new engraving has been done by professionals!

What they did is, they left out two of the two lowest frequency ranges (Band I and II) and expanded these two toward 2000 kHz. I guess that this implied a post war modification.


This range has not been converted, as can be seen when we compare the scale background colour with the previous one. The previous one is showing the typical Al background colour which is the result of milling the scale surface as to mill off the old scale numbers. As was done with the Band indication as well (please, notice the previous photo for: 850 - 1320)


The principle of this DF installation (NVK GL/39) was patented on behalf of Maximilian Wächtler since 1936. This patent might have been one of the reasons why Maximilian Wächtler later became engaged to the C.Plath Company in Hamburg (still a respected company, although no longer fully in German hands). He later became its director and main share holder.




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