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SIGESO stands for: SubCommittee for the Investigation of German Electronic and Scientific Organisation


Victor Abramowicz was so kind taking the burden photographing a tremendous number of SIGESO file pages. His first approach just missed his target as its photo perspective was chosen wrong. The upper page section becoming unreadable for most of you. He most kindly undertook a second approach far more successfully, which is now in such  quality that it can be used easily. Please don't forget, that in Archives it is often not allowed to use a photo-copying machine and a photographic means, often without the allowance of using even a tripod! Using a chair instead is then the only solution. Of course, using a flash is an offence which may provide you with a life long ban. Thus please have mercy for Victor's great achievements!

Starting up this page was done with some constrains, as the files are of its graphic nature huge. Victor had to use all trick in the box possible as to restricts its data content. The files are, nevertheless, not quite small, but in modern days, where most of you will have fast access to the web it is passing the maximum limits. Do not download the files when your access is being strangled by the limits of your internet access.


Please read also Victor's text carefully, especially the notice on the limitation of reproducing these files for commercial purposes! 


I would appreciate a small note of recognition, along the lines of

'Thanks to Victor Abramowicz from Australia for providing the SIGESO files'.


"These documents are provided under a Creative Commons Attribution, Non-commercial, No-derivatives licence: they may be copied, distributed and displayed freely, but any such activity must (a) give credit to the file's licensor (Britain's The National Archives); (b) be done for non-commercial purposes; and (c) the files must copied, distributed or displayed verbatim (the files may not be modified or any derivatives made)". 


The basis of using these words is that, before I received the SIGESO files I sought advice from the Imperial War Museum, who directed me to approach Britain's The National Archives (TNA). I contacted TNA on 21 September 2012 proposing to put the SIGESO files online under the Creative Commons Baseline licence I mentioned above (further information on this is at and asked TNA to let me know within a fortnight if this was inappropriate, otherwise I would take silence as agreement. As it's now November and I haven't heard from them, I think it's safe to put the files online with those caveats I mentioned.


SIGESO Volume 1 part 1    The interesting section starts more or less from page 86 onwards. The index and scientific report list should, nevertheless, also be considered

SIGESO Volume 1 part 2

SIGESO Volume 2 part 1    Consider first the index

SIGESO Volume 2 part 2

SIGESO Volume 3 part 1    (new)

SIGESO Volume 3 part 2    (new)

SIGESO Volume 3 part 3    (new)

SIGESO Volume 4 part 1    (new)

SIGESO Volume 4 part 2    (new)

SIGESO Volume 4 part 3-final    (new)


Helwig Schmied and his colleague have kindly provided their first SIGESO transcript

To the: SIGESO Transcription page



Victor Abramowicz told me that this is what is available in Australia

Dear Victor, I would like to thank you very much for your great commitment!



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