Communications 3




Current status: 10 April 2019







As usually: Our collection of German Communication related artefacts will be "partially" moved to our depot, the space being made free will be used for displaying Paul and Marc's unique Crypto collection, which normally isn't available on display.

Though, the most relevant apparatus set-ups will  remain on display!

Among the usual Enigma series, unique newly acquired devices will be brought on display.

Among it, Deo volente, a series of secret telephones systems will be set up in a working order, so that it is possible to operate these.

We intend, Deo volente, also demonstrate the rather rare German wartime GK IIIb system in full working order, thus we have to operate two sets on either side of the strip; using genuine FF 33s (field-telephones).



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By Arthur O. Bauer