Communications 4

Second Weekend

2 - 3 December 2023

I took my first series on

Saturday 2 December

When we closed Saturday at about 17.00 hours - we counted this day: 111 visitors.

Please notice:- that far most of them remained for quite many hours, where three, four or even many more hours is custom.

Current status: 5 December 2023



Donald Prins in his wheel-chair is a regular guest, whom I know already from the 1970s



The aim of today's photographic series - is to pass-on my impression of what the 'atmosphere' was today.



Today we also enjoyed professional visitors



We may suppose that you nowhere in the world will find such a unique collection of various Enigma machine types' of which the oldest goes back to 1927 and adjacent to it is the commercial type of 1928

Next to it the compact and rare Abwehr machine type G

Such a type G - was once stolen, at Bletchley Park in the UK; by by late Dennis Yates.


(T2127   ↓↓↓↓     T2127return) Notice the small and compact Enigma type G only used by the German Abwehr. The one with the handle.

In the background Karsten Haucke is photographing with his smart phone



On the far left-hand side we notice the standard U-boat transmitter type S-406 S

About 1976-1978 I operated this transmitter from our attic at home for my Ham station PA 0 AOB, particularly in Hellschreiber-mode



The top display is showing a so-called: Hülsmeyer radar receiver replica

Below of it is shown a 'stereo map-image' viewer



On the far left-hand side we notice our Nachtfee Console prepared for repair later this month



In my perception, without any need for an explanation



Paul (viewing him from the rear) and Marc where mainly concerned with explaining about their own collection



Today I was asked about the average age of the visitors I answered between 20 and 55 years

As to indicate that not only 'grey coloured visitors' were visiting our exhibition series.



In the far back-ground on the right-hand side, the three men were regular exhibition visitors of which two were from Italy and one came from France



Taking care of our catering is Dick Zijlman's great concern, since ca. 2008



The man in the middle towards the German small portable wireless sets is Mr. Didier, from France.



Explanation isn't adding anything



Viewing towards our entrance; on the right-hand side our Nachtfee console mounted on a moveable table



Sometimes it was quite crowded



On the far right-hand side we see Bart, the one of the 3-D printed Enigma



Marc's favourite machine to explain is the Russian designed Fialka machine



Where in the world you can see such a variety in Enigma machine types?



Once Donald Prins suffered once, sadly, a fatal incident; some years ago. I know him for decades going back to the 1970s

He, a physicist, was dedicated to 'quartz' technology, also professionally.

Maybe, his drive sparked my penchant for quartz-crystal technology, as well.

He taught me a lot on the technical aspects of quartz - as well as the peculiarities on German, sometimes, unique quartz-crystal technical aspects. Also explaining why some constructions improved their specifications and performances.



Why should I provide comments?



Reading books is to be favoured instead of reading comprehensive matters from a laptop- or computer-screen



On the left-hand side of the 'acrylic' cube is my favoured "rariteiten cabinet"

Time and again being the basis of many of my explications.



Marc one of the founders of the Foundation "" is, of course, explaining aspects of Hagelin/Crypto A.G. manipulated gear (Operation Rubicon)



On the left-hand side is Mark Schutte; who's website shows, among other items, my so-called "Bauer Bakken"; which were High-end "Police receivers" which I commercially sold in the 1970s; mainly to the Dutch press (reporters and also directly to the various newspapers, in the Netherlands).

Albeit only showing some samples of what I have produced in the 1970

However, I would like to look what examples I possess in my private collection.

It might be a good idea adding pictures of new special items.



Among it very unique samples.

I knew about it, but never have met him before.

So this was a nice occasion (coincidence). 

I might even still have in our collection µP controlled interface-devices; once sold in the late 1970s and early 1980s.




The three art paintings, up on the wall, are, in my perception, very much adding to our exhibition

In the background, on the left-hand side of Bart: the mahogany box covers a high-class 1915 wave-meter made by Siemens (maybe also made by Telefunken)

on top of it the quite rare Siemens R IV receiver particularly used by the German Abwehr Communications.

Just behind Bart adjacent to the foregoing described devices we see a "Schwabenland" receiver.



On the right-hand side we see, the well-known Bernhard Grijpstra



This obligatory photo proofs, that all valuable Enigma related items have been removed before closing down the today's exposition.


There is now only a single exposition-day left,

on:    Sunday 17 December 2023.


By Arthur O. Bauer