Secret Communications 3

My wife


has designed an invitation

for our

Secret Communication 3


which, Deo volente,

has been scheduled for autumn

this year.

It may be duplicated for private use only.





The bulk of the shown displays aren't ours, but owned by the Crypto museum in Eindhoven

Though, the German set in the centre with


Feind Hört Mit

Is our second


Speech inverter (Invertierer)

which will arrive tomorrow

My aim is to build up a two-way communications by two sets each one at one end of our Museum premises; on both ends communicating through genuine field-telephone type FF 33

I would like to attach a loudspeaker and de-tuned de-scrambler as to so the weakness of such system (generally)


However, the bulk of shown devices aren't ours, but in the possession of the

Crypto Museum Eindhoven


Secret Communications 3 Flyer



By Arthur O. Bauer