Secret Communications 3

Photos made


23 November 2019

the second Secret Communications 3 day


Arthur O. Bauer

Status 26 November 2019



In the centre stands: Bernard Terlingen



Hans Goulooze; our indispensable technical assistant/friend



In front Marianne and my wife Karin, without their commitments there would have been no catering today; not visible but also indispensable Dick Zijlmans



Dick Zijlmans

Clearly photographed at the opening of this day.






Paul explains to Phil



Different perspective



Harm Geert



Jan Rijnders and Carsten in discussion



Bernard received, totally unexpected for him, a present on behave of Dick Zijlmans and me

He was totally surprised by it; which had been planned for some time ago.

It contains a box with 22 CDs made on behave of the Berliner Philharmoniker.

It contains most of the RRG broadcasted concerts - given over the period of 1939 - 1945

What makes it so unique, is, that it has been derived from the genuine tapes of the RRG. These tapes had once been captured by the Russians and brought to Moscow.

Though, returned nearly all in the early 1990s. Albeit, that some tapes still remain in Moscow.

In those days the German RRG was using the best recording facilities in the world.

Not some time after the war ended, the Americans started to introduce (magnetic) tape recordings themselves.

please view also the their video introduction film on YouTube



It is certain that Bernard was totally confused



Bernard is speaking to Dick

Jos is watching.


Without words



Phil is using the seat and table where last week Rudolf Staritz was seated



Peter in conversation with French guests



Peter, I suppose, wanted to know detail on the "Pocket Telex" from Raymond



 Raymond explaining Peter



Jos searching for information on some equipment used in the Lancaster Bomber

Jos is engaged with a huge comprehensive project in making a full replica of the Lancaster Cockpit including all navigation gear, for many years.

Who else should he approach than Phil?



The advantage of our exhibition concepts are: that people stay long and this creates the environment for discussions



Jos is still discussing



No comment



Kept behind glass the collection of bugs ( miniature microphones including tiny transmitters) some times build in furniture, bureaus, walls etc.

This room displays various equipment for detecting and destroying those bugs.



Raymond and his pocket Telex devices



Typically Paul



No comments



Unexpectedly, time and again, reading, or at least viewing books, is attracting attention



The person in front came from France



Towards closure time, no comments

On 14 January 2020, I received the following e-mail from Marc:  Van Oberman, de zoon van de uitvinder van de Ecolex, kreeg ik een e-mail:  Helemaal links, Paul, rechts daarvan, kleinzoon Oberman, de man rechts met blauwe trui: Maarten Oberman, de zoon van grote Oberman die de Colex en Ecolex I/II heeft uitgevonden (AOB: bedacht).

Thus: from left to right:  Paul,  Oberman's grandson and on the far right Maarten, Oberman's son.

 Oberman was the famous inventor of the Colex and Ecolex I/II coding machines, once employed in NATO communications.



On the right Frans de Haan



Time and again, showing that after closure, all Enigmas have been removed