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Dr. Walter Friedrich Schellenberg



Status:  4 June 2019



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Dr. Walter Friedrich Schellenberg

once R.S.H.A. Leiter Amt VI / Mil Amt


Part I


Part_II    (28 May 2019)


Part III   (4 June 2019)



 It has to be noticed, that currently we have to deal with the conversion of the German military Abwehr into the S.S. controlled Amt VI into Mil. Amt.   The triggering event was the defection of the couple Vermehren to the British in Istanbul, on 7-8 February 1944.  Hitler responded (on 12 February) furiously and ordered:- that from-now-on the Abwehr should become headed by the R.S.H.A.   Admiral Canaris was instantly dismissed, and a merging period being initiated.    The big blow was the failed assassination attempt on Hitler, on 20 July 1944.  Because the Abwehr was heavily involved in this plot against Hitler, its leadership was liquidated.        Now considering my current ethic dilemmaWe encounter quite trustworthy statements. Though, some men have been, in a period of their lives, more or less, engaged in atrocities; or at least being responsible for it.  For whatever reasons, they (often) have become involved in so-called “Einsatz-Gruppen” in Russia.   Their doings have been well documented.  Though, my problem:- they constitute, quite often, the only reliable source of eyewitnesses information; in the fields we are currently dealing with. Astonishing, quite many of these men were in the possession of an University Degree and often received a PhD as well;  we have to bear this always in mind.      Which, by the way, being much easier - than to step-down at crucial moments in life; of which’s implications they might not have been aware of, when it actually occurred. Albeit, that the sphere in which it all happened - should have triggered deep moral considerations.  Ignorance? Are they the only ones to be blamed?     On the other hand, there were also (some) personalities concerned in this bleak environment, whom, for what ever circumstance, weren’t directly involved in crimes against humanity; for instance:- Schellenberg and Wirsing; but they bore, nevertheless, responsibility.      Therefore:   our engagement - in unrevealing dark aspects of history - does still make sense.    


What has been reproduced, is my selection, out-off the huge pile of pages!


I have added, on places where, in my perception, it is essential, comments. These are always recognisable by, for instance: (xxx) or (AOB, xxx); albeit that sometimes I use red or green text colours.


In my perception: the value of this new contribution is the very fact that what is dealt with,  can hardly be found elsewhere. Because my sources are based on the genuine British interrogation reports of mid 1945, thus recorded only a couple months after the end of hostilities on 8/9 May 1945, in Europe.    Secondly: it does make sense to get also diverse information on Amt VI/Mil Amt. As well as some inside vision the human person Dr. Walter Schellenberg.

As to the fact that the British files of about mid 1945 accumulate to > 2,000 pages, it is necessary to divide it into series of partitions.


It is essential to get an idea as to how Amt VI, and in some respect, thereafter, Mil Amt was oraganised.


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The next contribution is a bit different from what you regularly encounter. We follow, among other matters, what happened between 29 April (Hitler, together with his partner Eva Braun, both committed suicide in the Reichskanzleibunker) we consider aspects of what occurred between Lübeck - Flensburg-Mürwick where the temporary Reichsregierung seated for some weeks.   In my perception, at least an episode that hardly one knows about.  I always thought, that Schellenberg went to Count Bernadotte for direct humanitarian reasons, but the the real reason had been to negotiate a quick German military surrender in Denmark and Norway.  Though the military events went faster then expected, and the Germans accepted an "Unconditional Surrender" in Holland - Denmark and Norway effected on 5th May, and finally the entire Surrender took place on 8th May 1945 in Reims; and as to please the Russians it was repeated in Berlin-Karlshorst, on 9 May. 





This final chapter III engendered in a different way as was previously expected. Two subjects of some significance are: on Hansen and Canaris, leaving out here their military status. Maybe some not yet really known facts are noticed through the memories of Schellenberg; as well as on Canaris. In my perception, new is the description on Canaris' arrest at his private house in Berlin Schlachtensee (whether rented or otherwise). Never expected to be confronted with 'von Foelkersam's' appearance. What in my vision is striking: is, noticing that about early June 1944 Hansen has hinted that changes might stay before. From it Schellenberg at least concluded that some kind of coup stood before, and which was not against Himmler though Hitler.  Known, but Schhellenberg in this context mixes up the succession of events. Himmler's remark that Hansen's promotion to a "General-Major" stood likely before, was, at least for me, noticed aurally before, but now confirmed in a written recollection. 



By Arthur O. Bauer