Schaltuhr M32 (fog)

This electric clock is to delay a command in the time domain.

'fog' is the German military production manufacturing code for: Benzig, Friedrich Ernst, Kontrollapparate, Schweningen / Neckar

Its exact purpose is unknown to me.

Remarkable is, its very neat and highly complicated construction. A miniature motor is driving (or winding-up?) the clock work. Also several switching contacts are available at the connection block of this device.

It is not known to me, weather this device should delay 200 minutes or hours.


The delay time is set at 30 minutes, or is it 30 hours?


The switching contacts and connection block (Anschlussleiste)


A view at the impressive clock mechanism

Noticeable is, that this timer should be very accurate


Of interest is the use of a miniature electric motor


Those who can give (add) information, please let me know it:

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