Salaam Kondor (Condor) (mp4)


The mysterious German expedition:



 German secret agents

Eppler and Sandstede



and in



Status: 25 July 2020



Two of the major players

The Germans: Gerd Sandstede and Hans Eppler in Libya



The British: Major Samsom in Egypt


This event still is, in my perception, a most intriguing story;

this expedition on itself - had been guided by the most experienced

Libyan and Egyptian - desert and north Sahara -  explorer of the 1920 and 1930s:

Lásló Almásy


He lived there for more than a decade; and spoke quite many local languages, as well.

He was the best man the Germans ever could have chosen!


Salaam - Kondor - (Condor) - mp4


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Salaam-Condor Operation 1942


By Arthur O. Bauer