Salaam Kondor (Condor) (mp4)


The mysterious German expedition:



 German secret agents

Eppler and Sandstede



and in



Status: 19 August 2020



Two of the major players

The Germans: Gerd Sandstede and Hans Eppler in Libya



The British: Major Samsom in Egypt


This event still is, in my perception, a most intriguing story;

this expedition on itself - had been guided by the most experienced

Libyan and Egyptian - desert and north Sahara -  explorer of the 1920 and 1930s:

Lásló Almásy


He lived there for more than a decade; and spoke quite many local languages, as well.

He was the best man the Germans ever could have chosen!


Please notice: that the mobile Wireless (W/T) type car, shown several times in my mp4 presentation, had been captured by the New-Zealanders  on 27th May 1942, thus just before Eppler and Sandstede started to transmit from Cairo. Therefore they weren't able to communicate by means of W/T at all.

Fore what ever reasons, the Germans decided to abandon further communications with the Kondor (Condor) group (Eppler and Sandstede).

This was in some respect understandable, because their enemies now possessed the code-book to be used.

However, what did the two men think of it?

Their only perception was: that their own transmitter was defect!

Their whole story in Cairo - remained about this only scope.

Who the hell - would have expected the possibility of a capture of the remote "Schildkröte" W/T station vehicle?

It was due to Rommel's order: that everybody should go forward into the direction of Rommel's approach to capture Tobruk; the latter he succeeded in: on 21st June 1942


Salaam - Kondor - (Condor) - mp4


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Salaam-Condor Operation 1942


By Arthur O. Bauer