The Obst. Rudolph


Count Joseph Ledebur - Wicheln



Status: 22 October 2018


 We will start with the Friedrich Rudolph case.

He once was the Alst Leiter of Abwehr (I) Stelle, in Paris

between roughly - June 1940 and spring 1944

The latter date is an estimation, as we will encounter different data from the various sources interrogated, just in 1945 - 1946.

Supplemented as usual with my additional comments, always recognisable as: (AOB, my comment)

Since 22 October a new document belonging to the same complex has been attached onto our website: Pheiffer KV 2/267 But this latter document makes more sense - when you first have digested the below noticed files: on Rudoph and Graf Joseph Ledebur.




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Photo taken during the time of his imprisonment  1945 - early 1946


Our contribution will, Deo volente, consist of two sections:

First, dealing with the history of Friedrich Rudolph, once Alst (Abwehrleitstelle) in Paris. Their famous location was, mainly, in Hotel Lutetia.


Of course, I have made a selection, as to pass-on to our readers the various bits-and-pieces in an optimal manner.

Nevertheless, some doublets, in various contexts are inevitable.


KV 2/266 Friedrich Rudolph, Leiter Alst Paris 1940 up to spring 1944




The next succession is about the Austrian:  Count Joseph Ledebur - Wicheln

who under-took subversive actions in Paris (and elsewhere), during his time he stayed there.


The Count Joseph Ledebur - Wicheln Case


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   Joseph Count Ledebur - Wicheln



KV 2/159 Graf Josef Ledebur - Wicheln 

(Count Josef Ledebur - Wicheln)

May I wonder?  British files aren't very accurate in regard to true names; a "Count" born certainly had been baptised with more names than a single one!


To be continued in due course



By Arthur O. Bauer