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Among Rudi's materials were also some peculiar documents

Shown in some kind of successive order:



Studierenden Ausweis

An Official document, proving that Rudolf Staritz was engaged at the: Deutsche Studentenschaft

I suppose, that he was obliged to possess such a (student) document.


An Official document proving that Rudolf Staritz was engaged as a member of the Deutsche Studentenschaft



The inside of this "Student-Passport"

An other aspect appeared shortly after the surrender of Germany, in May 1945

It is clear - that the first entrance took place at 27.3.1940 officially

But Rudi told be that he studied then for two "Semester" (Studienhalbjahr)

Would he have been in his third Semester, he then would have been allowed to continue up to his final examination.

But, he hardly would have had a chance becoming an Abwehr W/T operator!

He once, considered to become an officer, but he was told (informed) - that he then would have no chance to return to his foregoing service unit again!

And he therefore - kept his low profile - and remained a W/T operator through-out the rest of the war.


However, he was called up somewhere in 1940 for this regular military service, first in Wetzlar.

Due to Rudi's superb qualification in Morse code (a skill he possessed before he entered service), he was quite soon sent to the Abwehr Station in Stahnsdorf South of Berlin; cover-name Heeresneubauamt.



After the surrender of Germany, in May 1945, the occupying forces determined the daily life of the Germans in their occupied zones

(British zone; American zone, the French controlled zone and the Russian controlled zone; soon known as SBZ)


For everything one needed to proof that one was obliged to stay in a particular city or place.

He then hired a room for himself.

Don't forget, the Germans suffered enormously from the devastation of their country, and in particular the Hamburg area, after operation Gomorra of July 1943, in particular!



This, inner section, shows to us that:

Rudolf Staritz officially was engaged at the Fernsprechamt 2 (Telephone exchange service number 2) in Hamburg.

All the stamps incorporate only the aim showing to the British Occupying authorities, and their German executers, that Rudolf Staritz possessed a legal status to live in Hamburg; albeit, that his real commitments were to get his academic degree.

Which wasn't easy in the beginning, after the long-lasting break caused by the wartime years.

However, without an authorisation, it was impossible to live in Hamburg, as everyone, necessitated, access to official food and other ration cards.



For it I need to explain something fundamentally first:

Rudolf Staritz had the luck to obtain a special educational status - constituted by the Reichspost, in 1938; after he was selected out of some few happy ones (after special examination); to obtain an education on behalf of the German Reichspost.

In other words, he entered service within the German Reichspost (like the British GPO), but was kept mainly free as to pass all necessary examinations first.

These considerations of 1938 - were still valid after the end of the war; as he officially was still employed by the successor of the former Reichspost; later known as Bundespost.

Rudolf told me, that those employed at the German Reichspost, albeit that one was committed to military duties, that after someone's regular two years lasting military obligations, Reichspost personnel was thereafter regularly promoted even when someone was not currently within the Reichspost service. Because one's status was still being a: Civil Servant on behalf of the German Government.


Führerschein (driver licence)

In post war days, it became most essential to obtain a driver licence

Please notice: down on the left-hand side:

Ausgegeben auf Grund der Prüfung am 16.4.1945 auf Krafträder mit Verbrennungsmachine der Klasse IV vier.

This is an apparent falsification  - on behalf of the RSHA controlled Amt Mil; though executed by the local Council or even directly by the Police; under which control he was stationed in Lübeck, as he was designated to become a "Stay-behind" (R) W/T operator.

Rudolf necessitated a driver licence - as to be able to travel from Lübeck to Hamburg Wohldorf (vice versa), particularly to their W/T station "Domäne".

A rather curious document, where an official (wartime) falsification was still maintained, after all far more than three-quarter of a century!  


However: Manfred Bauriedel responded with additional information:

Zu der Geschichte von Rudis Motorrad-Führerschein kann ich anmerken, dass nach dem Krieg sehr häufig militärische  Führerscheine zum Umschreiben in einen zivilen Führerschein vorgelegt wurden. Und häufig waren das "vorläufige Dokumente", die während des Krieges vom Schirrmeister einer Kompanie ausgestellt worden waren, weil durch Kriegseinwirkungen die Anzahl der geprüften Militärkraftfahrer knapp wurde. Oft hatten diese "Fahrer" nur eine kurze Unterweisung zum Fahren eines Militärfahrzeuges durch den Kompanie-Schirrmeister und Bestätigung durch den Kompaniechef.
Mein eigener Vater hat seinen zivilen PKW-Führerschein durch Umschreibung einer "vorläufigen Militärfahrerlaubnis" erhalten; diese hat er während der Einschließung in der "Festung Lorient" (Juli 1944-Mai 1945) erhalten. Er hat also nie in seinem Leben eine Fahrschule und eine Fahrprüfung absolviert.
Das war aber kein Einzelfall; solche "vorläufigen Dokumente" wurden in der Nachkriegszeit häufig in richtige Dokumente der Bundesrepublik Deutschland" umgeschrieben.



The inner section of Rudolf Staritz's driver licence, he likely possessed already an earlier version

Also a miracle happened:


When Rudi called at the gate (end of April 1945), the guard said: mmm Staritz .... Staritz, we have another Staritz in the house.


It was Rudi's brother, whom just arrived from north Norway, where he was formerly an Abwehr W/T operator, as his brother Rudi was.

It was not difficult to bring his brother Karl legally to Lübeck.

As to maintain a legal status - both were engaged at a (the) Reichspost Fernamt, in Lübeck. Rudi was fit with papers making him a service technician; whereas his brother Karl was virtually engaged with the cable-network.

The British Forces soon arrived, and their planned "stay behind" endeavour did not work-out, as their scheduled controlling station did not respond.

Secondly, the British announced: that everyone in the possession of un-allowed means, will be instantly executed.

Therefore, Rudi and his brother Karl, dropped their dangerous belongings, after dusk, in the River Trave which is passing through Lübeck. It looked to end up in a catastrophe - as their suitcases didn't sunk, but floated down the river. However, ultimately the suitcases went down.

However, Rudi's commitment was not accepted, by the British Authorities, in contrast his brother's Karl could stay.

Rudi therefore was forced to move to Hamburg; where he encountered tremendous difficulties first!



Sende- und Empfangsgenehmigung

für eine Amateurfunkstelle



eine Amateurfunkstelle der Klasse B


Der Inhaber der Genehmigung war bisher ohne Unterbrechung im Besitz einer am 23.3.1949 ausgestellten "Vorläufigen Genehmigung".

The second licence was granted - as to permitting him to operate his 'transmitter rig' inside his personal car. 



Rudolf Staritz was also a member of the

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Raketentechnik und Raumfahrt

vormals Gesellschaft für Weltraumforschung E.V.


Nr. 1417



Very remarkable:

Vornamen: Rudolf O. F.

For the first time, we encounter here Rudolf O. F., albeit, that on his death certificate was noticed

Oskar Friendrich Rudolf

which he mixed-up, but at least all his initials being noticed, albeit, in a different succession.


To be continued in due course


By Arthur O. Bauer