Klaas Robers very kindly did convert Volume 1 of Klaas Dijkstra's intriguing book into a format that is adopted for E-readers particularly.

This was an experiment, but it necessitated an enormous amount of effort, as volume 1 is containing very many photos. He had to put the pictures right where these belong into the text, whilst in the published book version these are kept at the far end of each volume!

Such a document carries generally the extension .epub


Please download first this E-reader document.

Please notice, this E-reader book version is only for non commercial utilisation!

Maybe your computer is having some build-in provisions. I guess, that 'tablets' and that like might have a build-in provision.

When not, please access the following hyperlink and get the download.



Please click on this link as to download the calibre program version fitting on to your computer

This program demands some space (about 52 MB), but modern computers provide nowadays huge storage space.

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Please also notice: The introduction page to Klaas Dijkstra's engagement to the Radio Malabar and associated projects in former Dutch East Indies