This text was worded about April 2011

It is meant as my introduction to a Colloquium to be held in Bournemouth September 2011



 Some aspects of German radar calibration


Since the end of the Second World War countless numbers of books and papers on radar and its technology reached daylight. In the beginning it was all Allied achievements that counted. In my perception very little has been published on radar calibration, not to mention on aspects of German solutions.


For this occasion I would like to explain two unique technologies that solely had been commenced in Germany; followed by two aspects of a more applied nature.


I strongly believe though, that it still makes sense to deal with technical historical aspects. Today’s technical evolution is advancing very rapidly and - state of the art - is having a life cycle of, say, two up to five years. What to think of technology of seventy years ago? Measurement and instrumentation is nowadays mainly relying on sophisticated embedded software, where one is hardly be able to guess the purpose of systems from viewing the in-or-outside of boxes or frames. Will the next generation be in the position to explain - and understanding - how problems were being solved some seventy years ago? You may think - they are most likely not interested in these obsolete aspects at all. One has to accept this opinion; but as long as there is still knowledge around – this Symposium is a good opportunity to preserve virtually hidden information, before it might be vanished.


Diemen, April 2011

Arthur O. Bauer



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