Kurt Wieland files


KV 2/400 - KV 2/402


"Operation Atlas"  was an RSHA Amt Mil operation


 parachuting men

over Palestine territories.

They ultimately landed, after technical problems, on 5/6 October 1944 near to Jericho, in Palestine.


The men dropped had strong links with the area and spoke the languages fluently, because they had been born- and grown-up there.




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                                                                                                                       (photo KV 2/402, Crown Copyright)

Kurt Wieland   POW, photo taken in Palestine, likely Autumn 1944

Please look for his hands.

German military personnel did always keep their hand like this; when in: Ruhestellung .

There exist good photos of this phenomenon, for instance, of Rommel.


Unternehmen Atlas (Operation Atlas)

Maintained in the night of 5-6 October 1944







By Arthur O. Bauer