A few days ago Mike Dean from England did send me very kindly a copy of some pages of the above German K.M. periodical of 1943

The main subject of this paper is on the Seehund IR apparatus. This code-name might be confusing because there existed also a Seehund type 127 midget submarine (two-man U-boat).


Viewing the Seehund IR apparatus


Viewing the cross section of a Seehund infra-red vision apparatus


The complete Sehund infrared vision apparatus including the IR source


Original German text source

Einiges über die Ultrarot-Nachrichtengeräte der K.M

(Eine Einführung)

von Dr. Haase

On 25 January 1945 a British abridgement came available

Introduction notes on German Naval Infra-Red Communication Equipment

Like all abridgements its content is quite brief


Please consider also the integral Na-stock number list

(in construction)