Query on: Heinrich Mannheim’s son: Günther Mannheim

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In the course of my research on Christian Hülsmeyer and his business partner Heinrich Mannheim, concerning their mutual "Telemobiloskop-Gesellschaft", who had tried to commercialize world’s first "Radar like apparatus", known as the "Telemobiloskop (Telemobiloscope)" between late 1903 up to about late 1905; I have recently discovered (13 January 2006) that: Heinrich Mannheim has, sadly, died on 15 January 1923, in Köln-Braunsfeld (in the suburb of Cologne, Germany), at an age of, only, 48 years old*.

We would like to find out: whether his son Günther Mannheim and/or his relatives, have survived the turmoil of the 1930s and 1940s in Germany (and if so, about their whereabouts). Günther Mannheim must have been, in 1923, up to 25 years old.

*) Heinrich Mannheim had been married to Elisabeth Becker

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