Vorläufiges Entwicklungsprogramm

(German language, pdf)

This information might show the state of developments about 1943

Not every artefact had actually been used in GAF (German Air Force) apparatus. It, nevertheless, shows interesting projects which had been commenced, during World War Two, by the Dutch Philips company, who heavily had been involved in new valves (tube) design. In my opinion, the “Rimlock” valves (40 series) which had been introduced shortly after the end of WW II, originally goes back to German sponsored development projects. The Germans demanded a thorough redesign of miniature valves. Philips, in coordination with German procurement offices, introduced an entirely new group of valve-holders. Such as, for instance, the “Nasenkolben Größe B 2 (or A 1...C1...)". We can, however, notice that also Lorenz and, of course, Telefunken had been engaged in this project as well.
The Rectron company mentioned in this paper, was a subsidiary of the Dutch Philips Company, as was the Valvo Company in Hamburg, who represented the Philips Radio Valve Industry in Germany.


LB10, LD15, LG5, LG6, LG7, LG8, LG9, LG10, LG12, LG14, LG20, LG21, LS4, LS300(=RV340), LV4, LV9, LV10, LV11, LV12, LV13, LV14


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