KV 2/2068


Sukolov Victor

Better know as: Fritz Kent

Real name:

Anatoly Markovich Gurevich

(might be an Anglo-Saxon way of spelling)


In some way this file is a spin-off of the intriguing file



KV 2/1971

Like so often, when S.I.S. was lacking the contact with someone to be dealt with, they had to rely upon second class witnesses.


Anatoly Markovich Gurevich

alias: Fritz Kent

and many other cover-names.


This very file is partly based on French contributions, which are on its own too extensive for cooping with our new file


KV 2/2068


Marguerite Singer - Barcza

who was once Kent's mistress, is entering quite prominently. Albeit KV 2/ file has been found in the meantime.

It is not yet decided whether it is interesting enough to be dealt with

within our subject context.




By Arthur O. Bauer