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KV 2/526

Major Wolfgang von Abshagen

PF 600724


The above shown jacket is suggesting that this file originated from April 1963, which wasn't actually the case.


KV 2/526, page 3  

                                                                                                                                                                            Crown Copyright

Minute Sheet


18.4.42.    Extracts from Part I (Abwehr of Report on Information obtained from Lt. Kiefer and Fwb. (Feldwebel; Uffz. = N.C.O.), Risch, mentioning Hauptman (Captain.) Abshagen.                    1a.

(AOB: thus a file existed already in early 1942. I suppose already much earlier a file did exist, as we will, almost certainly will learn about)

18.9.42.    Extract from Report on Abwehr Preparations in France, forwarded by R.S.S. (Radio Security Service), mentioning Major von Abshagen,                    2a.

Nov./42.B.1.c (M.I.5) (undated) on Activities of Abteilung II (Sabotage and Special Operations) during August, September and October 1942,                    3a.

29.6.43.    Extracts from S.I.S. (AOB: Secret Intelligence Service; later M.I.6. operations abroad) letter d/d/ 29.6.32 (AOB: likely a typo-error, or when valid - it may have concerned Wolfgang's brother Karl-Heinz von Abshagen. He arrived about 1930 as a journalist in London. Thus before the Hitler era, but hunted upon on an excessive way)   Notes re General Intelligence U.35 (=AOB:  Mr. Ustinov not the smartest guy around, but he was cheating friendship with Germans living or stationed in London. Playing friendship, but cheating them on daily bases. He was favoured in particular by Dick G. White of M.I.5.) (AOB: one of the reasons, very curiously, was, that almost no-one, at M.I.5 and M.I.6, possessed the skill of speaking- or reading the German language. Everything went through additional translations!) Report re talks with Major Wurmann (alias, M.I.5/M.I.6 cover-name Harlequin) (His real name was Dr. Weiss!) d.d. 4.2.43, all from Harlequin file, mentioning Major Abshagen (re identity).                    4a.

27.1.44.    Extracts from re Muller Müller (or Mueller), dating between 31.8.43 / 27.1.44, all from Müller*/Konieszny/Ramxi/Hoffman file, giving information on Major von Abshagen.                    5a.

* (KV 2/1734 ... KV 2/1737  Müller Irak)  

KV 2/526, page 4

                                                                                                                                                                                Crown Copyright

10.9.44.    Extract from Jigger (= Herbert J.W. Bechthold, Uffz = N.C.O.) Report on Abwehrleitstelle II (situated at Hotel Lutetia, Boulevard Raspail) Paris, with information on Major Wolfgang Abshagen, (Andergast) (and quite more cover-names, like was Duett),                    6a.

13.9.44.    Extract from Jigger information on General Salland, mentioning Major Abshagin (instead of Abshagen),                    7a.

21.9.44    M.S.S. (= Most Secret Source - concerned German decrypts, such as obtained from decrypted communications/intercepts)  History Sheet for Abshagen                    7b.

23.10.44    Extracts from Reports on Schagen  (KV 2/161; PF 600294) dating between 5.10.44 / 23.10.43, mentioning Major Abshagen @ Andergast, (AOB: Major von Abshagen had been discharged from Office then already on 12 August 1944 due to his engagements in supplying the British S.O.E. explosives used during the failed assassination attempt on Hitler on 20 July 1944)                   8a. 

8.6.45.    Extract from Field report on (Hauptsturmführer = Hptm. = Capt.) Radl (Adjutant to Otto Skorzeny) ment. von Abshagen.                    9a.

11.5.50.    Extract from letter from Int. Div. BAOR (= British Army over the Rhine)                    9b.

28.1.57.    Note for file.                    10a.

29.1.57.    Telegram to BSSO       

KV 2/526, page 7   (minute 14a)

                                                                                                                                                            Crown Copyright

Telegram Received.

Precedence            Routine                    Security Classification    Secret

From:    HQ BSSO (?)                    File Nos.    PF 600724                    Originator's No. S2/PF 45555

                                                                                                                Date of Origin   5/2/57.

                                                     Passed for D.2.                                 Date of Receipt   5/2/57


            1.    Your signal of 1st February

            2.    There is no repeat no record at Friedland Camp (in this Camp entered almost everyone from Russian held Europe into West Germany; up to the collapse of the Warsaw Pact in 1989) of the return of Wolfgang von Abshagen to Western Germany.

AOB: all was the consequence of an agreement between Khrushev (Chruschow / Chruschev)  and Konrad Adenauer in September 1955 that the remaining German P.o.W. could return to Western Germany, and this occurred mainly via Friedland 

(de: and en and: de (  and en:  

This card is thus the direct consequence of the changed relations between Russia and West-Germany.

KV 2/526, page 10      (minute 11a)

                                                                                                                                                                        Crown Copyright

Telegram for Despatch.

Precedence                Routine                                        Security Classification    Secret

To:   B.S.S.O.                                                                File Nos.    PF 600724                                    Section of Origin  D.2

                                                                                                                                                              Date 29.1.57


Reference your letter

Reference Int. Div. letter S4/WH/PF 45555  of 8 May 1950

Have you in your records any information to show that Wolfgang von Abshagen, arrested by Russians in 1945 and in 1950 believed still to be interned in Russia has been released.    If he has been released do you know where he is and what he is doing?    Preferable not to ask BfV (Bundesanstallt für Vertriebene / Vermissten ?) at this stage.    Please telegraph reply.

In case you cannot connect letter quoted above Wolfgang is the younger brother of Karl Heinz von Abshagen, journalist and a former espionage suspect. (

KV 2/526, page 12    (minute 9b)

                                                                                                                                                                    Crown Copyright


Extract for File No.    :            PF 600724                            Name : Wolfgang von Abshagen

Original in File No.    :    PF39611 (= KV 2/388 ... KV 2/390; PF 39611  The fault apparently existed already before the start of WW II, when Karl-Heinz von Abshagen lived in London as a correspondence and some files being linked to Wolfgang's alias Andergast.) (AOB: This may well being the result of the ill conclusions once drawn by the quite 'untalented' U.35 in casu: Klop (Jonah) Ustinov. This men, born from a German mother and a Russian father in Palestine, represented after WW I, in London, a German Press Agency.  He made regularly 'friendship' with Germans in London, but reported all to M.I.5. from the early 1920s onwards.  But he wasn't smart and made arrogant faults, as, for example, to give his opinion: declaring that Wolfgang von Abshagen was actually identical to his brother Karl-Heinz, whom resided in London in the 1930s as a journalist.  Just before WW II started, the latter left England and from the British perspective he disappeared. But factually became engaged in China as a broadcast journalist. Due to the actual circumstances he became soon stuck in Japanese held spheres)   

Extract from letter re von Abshagen Karl Heinz.


8.    Subject's brother Wolfgang von Abshagen (the husband of Frau Irmgard von Abshagen, born 17th November 1897 in Stralsund, was Head of the Abwehrstelle at the OKH (Oberkommando des Heeres) in Berlin (in those days an alias was Duett) and was arrested by the Russians in 1945.    He was reported to have been sentenced to death by a Russian Military Tribunal but, according to a statement made by a returned P.W. (Prisoner of War), he is still believed to be interned in Russia.

KV 2/526, page 13     (minute 9a)

                                                                                                                                                                            Crown Copyright


Extract for File No.    :    PF 600724                                                                Name    :     von Abshagen

Original in File No. 600544    (= KV 2/403)                                                Serial    :    49c                    Dated    :    8.6.45.

            Original from    :    The Field

            Extracted on    :    4.9.45

Field report on Sturmbannführer Karl Radl, Adjutant to Otto Skorzeny head of Amt VI/S.       

Radl gives the following information:-

Von Abshagen, Major.    Abwehr II    Formerly Leitstelle II West. (Paris)

                            Summer 1944 was arrested on suspicion of corruption but released and transferred to the Forces. (AOB: Wolfgang von Abshagen was the one who supplied to Abwehr II in Berlin, Leiter Wessel von Freitag-Loringhoven *, the crucial British S.O.E. explosives used during the failed assassination attempt on Hitler of 20 July 1944)

*    de  and en

 KV 2/526, page 14    (minute 8a?)

                                                                                                                                                                        Crown Copyright

Original in PF 600294 (= KV 2/161 on Peter Schagen, ...

Schagen, Peter,

Extract taken from translation of statements by Schagen, Officer of the German Army (Brandenburg Regt.) who contacted the Americans in Paris and had given some valuable information on the Abwehr.    (Forwarded by Camp 020 5.10.44).


            On my arrival in Madrid I heard from Lt. Vaillant who had been transferred there from Berlin, that mi Chief, Major von Abshagen, had been arrested (August 1944) under suspicion of having participated or having been 'in the know'.    I am a friend of von Abshagen, whose family lives in my apartment in Berlin, as they themselves have been bombed out.    Throughout the whole war, von Abshagen has held the key position in the Group controlling Abwehr II Office.    After the structural alterations of the Abwehr, or taking over by the S.D. (Sicherheitsdienst), he was at once removed from the Berlin Office and took over the Abwehr II, West Paris.    von Abshagen is a 'pukka' officer of the old school, and no friend of the Third Reich.    It was through him that in February of this year (1944), I was recommended to the Abwehr from field service. (von Abshagen is concerned with the western theatre  of operations).  The new of his arrest contributed to my decision, no longer to work for the Hitler Government.    I am unable to say whether there are real grounds for his arrest.


Description.        Major von Abshagen  @ Andergast.  

                            German;  age 50;  slender build;  height 1.75m;  weight 10 stones; grey hair; grey eyes;  regular features; cleanshaven; appearance of a diplomat; well-cut clothes; regular voice; speaks a little French and English'; seen OKW Berlin and European countries; chief of Abwehr II,  France (Arrested as suspect implicated in Hitler plot);  in civilian life employed in the Film Industry. Wares both uniform and civilian clothes.


Extract from Interim Report forwarded 23.10.44.

                            Extract from Interim Report forwarded 23.10.44.

                            Schagen stated that in September 1939 he was introduced to Obst. Lahousen (Chief of Referat II in Berlin), at the time in control of Abwehr II in Berlin.    Lahousen, at that time in control of Abwehr II in Berlin.    Lahousen had Oblt. (now Major) von Abshagen as his Adjutant.    Later von Abshagen was transferred to Paris as O.C. (Officer in Command) (= Leiter) Abwehr II - West.;   he replaced Obstlt. Eschwege in April 1944.


Extract from Jigger (= Herbert J.W. Bechthold) Report d.d 18.10.44.

                            Jigger states that Lt. Schagen's flat is in the Eberschenallee 8,  in the home of Major Tannen.    He has lent it to Major von Abshagen, whose wife is also living there,




AOB: RSS (Radio Security Service intercepts) their "outcome' often formed the core of the Most Secret Source (M.S.S.) information.



Reconstruction of the major German Abwehr communications lines in Western Europe (excluding Russia)

Please click at the above drawing as to open it in pdf; RSS allowing you to print it in very size you like (when appropriate).

Sometimes, there existed more circuit designations, implying that more services had their parallel W/T channels.

KV 2/526, page 15    (minute 7b)

                                                                                                                                                                                Crown Copyright

"U" = indicating that it concerns "Ultra" or M.S.S. derived mainly from decrypted German W/T communications

II/1026         AOB: II / 2 were indicating that it concerned communications with Abwehr Berlin. in 1941 mainly handled by Stahnsdorf ( though, there were exceptions. However, it is not certain for me - whether the line designations were of German origin or these were British designations.

However, the application of Roman way numbering might point at a German origin.

II/1026        (concerned a line also operated between Berlin and Buenos Aires)

II/56            Berlin - sometimes also operated to Buenos Aires

XIV/39       Havelinstitut /Mil Amt/R.S.H.A. Berlin - Wiesbaden (cover-name Sonja); but was also used in connection with Berlin 'Havelinstitut' and Buenos Aires; but also Havelinstitut - Madrid (Sabine) but since about 1943

II/375        Berlin - ?

II/374        Berlin - ?

II/3105      Berlin - ?

VII/2        Wien (Vienna) - Bucharest

VII/3          "                              "

II/669      Berlin - ?

VII/78     Wien controlled Saloniki - Mitylene

II/1         Berlin - Madrid and likely sometimes also Madrid - Lisbon  (Lisa)

II/120     Berlin - ?

II/13       Berlin - ?

II/1136   Berlin - ?

XIV/38   Havelinstitut / Sofia - Istambul (Istanbul) XIV is certainly indicating a R.S.H.A. Amt Mil / Milamt

II/1113    Berlin - ?

II/1183    Berlin - ?

XIV/28    Havelinstitut - Istambul (Istanbul)   

II/1531    Berlin - ?

II/3          Berlin - ALST (Abwehrleitstelle Paris France) (since 1942 the main Abwehr W/T station of Berlin was Belzig, since succeeding Stahnsdorf)

II/3322    Berlin - ?

Abshagen, Major Von.

alias Andergast ( also Duett), Oberregierungsrat*

* AOB: such state-administrative function was used for diplomatic journeys, often combined with a cover-name in someone's passport.

? id/w Abshagen, Hptm, (Being one rank lower than Major)

Ppt. No. 11.    9222/42  born 1897

Of Amt Ausland Abwehr (Referatsleiter) II/1

ABWW II Berlin. Liaison with Brandenburg Regiment. (Special operations)

2.5.41.    (11267  Isos?)  Leaving Wien on 5.5.41 for assignments.    Can be contacted by way of Ast Wien.

27.5.41.  (5967 Isk?)      Abshagen (Wien) tot Bob (Bucharest) for Tuemmler: Ref. Todays' assignment from Dr. Richter for Filip (Philipp?).    Vogler is to carry out the assignment instead of Filip.    For this purpose he is to call on Aurel Vlaicu 166 App 13.

10.9.41.  (10662 Isos or Isk?)   Tuemmler (Rumania) to Grulei (= Gruppenleiter) (Wien) : Schwanzer has not come to Roland (this network disbanded 11.9.41) as originally planned, but has been employed in the Lehr-Regiment (= z.b.V. 800 = Brandenburg Division related).    Suggest you enquire of Hptm. von Abshagen as to Schwarzer's whereabouts.

15.9.45.    (10790 Isos or Isk?)   Schwanzer is unknown to Hptm. (= Capt.) von Abshagen. More detailed report wanted.

24.9.41.   (11288  Isos or Isk?)  Tuemmler (Rumania) to Grulei (= Gruppenleiter) (Wien) informs Oblt. Meissner (Meisner?), Baden, that Lt. Matz will bring the dispatch case to Hptm. von Abshagen in Wien on his way to Wien by Lufthansa (flight).

17.11.41.  (14372 Isos or Isk?)  Is congratulated by Abwehrstelle Bucharest, Untergruppe II on his birthday.

10.8.42.    (35456 Isos or Isk?)  Major von Abshagen (via Warsau Warschau = Walli I) to Russian front: for Abwehr Kdo. 201, Major Arnold (siehe Rudi Staritz 1944!)

                1)    Lange transport completed on 9/8. (AOB: was he one of the four Abwehr men receiving a "Ritterkreuz"?)(Lt. Lange, Foelkersam, Hein Garbers and Gartenfeld)

                2)    Transport Bergmann 4th company on 11/8

                3)    Gartenfeld's (Führer KG 200, chief pilot) flight with Oberlaender not yet known.

                4)    Useful load on Mittel and Ost operation for Ju 290 2,000 to 2,500 Kg. Depth of penetration 600 km (flight took 1200 km) according to Gartenfeld.    Operational aerodrome Krasnodar.  →


                                                                                                                                                                    Copyright Google map

Krasnodar a bit west of the Caucasus region; about the farthest region the German Army gained, during their astonishing advances in 1942

→    The machine has a device for dropping weapon container

                5)    Ju 52 DEFS (registration designation) started from Cracow (Krakau) via Shitomir for Stalino on 10/8.

                6)    According to LT 251 parachutes for dropping men and 168 for luggage was sent.    Today's requisition passed to LT.

12.8.42.    (35460 Isos or Isk) Major von Abshagen (via Warsaw (Warschau/Walli I) to Abwehrkommando 201 (later Rudolf Staritz joined this unit later) for Major Arnold to be passed on to you to send him off without delay to Abwehrkommando 203 (Gegenspionage?) in Smolensk.   Date of despatch is to be reported through T/P (telephone?) or W/T..

15.8.42.    (35860 Isos or Isk)    Major von Abshagen (via Warsaw (Warschau / Walli I) to Abwehrkommando 201 Major Arnold.    Gefreiter Kamjanki of Zug Eher promoted to Uffz. (= N.C.O.) w.e.f. (with effect from; mit Eingang von) von 1/8/42 Inform man promoted.

4.9.42 .     (38796 Isos or Isk)    Paris - Nantes.    Major von Abshagen seconded to ALST (= Abwehrleitstelle) Frankreich for 4 weeks is to be transferred to the Aussenstelle Nantes for a short time in order to acquaint himself with the conditions at the Channel (Pas de la Manche) and especially with the 2 Nantes Aussenstellen.    Secure quarters, arrange meeting and help Major von Abshagen in every way.    Arrival will be reported. Sgd. von Brandenstein.

15.9.42.    (39044 Isos or Isk)    Paris - St. Jean de Luz.    Major von Abshagen, seconded for 4 weeks to Alst France Gruppe II, will be transferred to Sonderstelle St. Jean de Luz.    He will make himself acquainted with conditions on the Spanish frontier and especially with the "slipping through" possibilities for Gruppe II. (AOB: Gruppe II was engaged in special operations, like in sabotage; where it is convenient that personnel could enter and leave a country uncontrolled)  Major von Abshagen will live at the Sonderstelle and is to be given every assistance. Biarritz and Bordeaux will be informed by Feldwebel (= Uffz. / N.C.O.) Herdani sho has received higher instructions from L. II (?).        Sgd. von Brandenstein.

16.9.42.    (38966 Isos or Isk)   Nantes - Paris.    Uffz. (Unteroffizier) reports of Rttm. (Rittmeister is an older cavalry rank Hptm.) von Groening, Major von Abshagen and Uffz. Praetorius for St. Malo via Rennes.

17.9.42.    (39080 Isos or Isk)    Nantes - Paris.    Major von Abshagen will leave 0243 hrs. Friday.  Will arrive St. Jean de Luz in the evening. Willa (Wilja?? this would imply Ast Wiesbaden which was often concerned with France) has been informed.    Sgd. von Groening.

17.9.42.    (?)                              Nantes - Paris.    Daily Report.    Major von Abshagen Rittmeister von Groening returned from duty journey Rennes - St. Malo.    Satisfactory negotiations with new V-Lt. (?) Fritzchen now appears perfectly able to operate the English transmitter set. Toni (Nantes).    Sgd. von Groening.

17.9.42.    (39230 Isos or Isk)    Nantes - St Jean de Luz.    Major von Abshagen arrives St. Jean de Luz at 2114 hrs on Friday.    Sgd. von Groening.


KV 2/526, page 16

                                                                                                                                                                        Crown Copyright

18.9.42.    (?)        St. Jean de Luz - Paris.    Daily Report .....  The arrival of Major von Abshagen was announced.    Major Fuchs places himself willingly at his disposal ... Villa (St. Jean de Luz).    Herdani Feldwebel (Uffz. = N.C.O.).

19.9.42.    (?)       Paris - Nantes.    Major von Abshagen has arrived according to schedule. Villa (St. Jean de Luz) Herdani Feldwebel. (Fwb.)

22.9.42.    (40225 Isos or Isk)    Salonika - Mytilene (on W/T line VII/78)    From Sonja (= Siegmaringen sub. of Stuttgart).  Meister to Junkers.    Suggest suitability of Feldwebel Bunz as an officer to Heerespersonalamt, Berlin, informing Leiter ALST and Locker at the same time.    I have discussed this matter with the Deputy (Stellvertretender) Gruppenleiter, Rittmeister Spiess, Major von Abshagen is on leave at present and so is Oblt. Putz. Leave could not begin until 16/9 as delays arose by luggage being taken.   Despite leaks in several drums and great  difficulties on the railway, I got everything to its destination.    Distribution at OKW (Oberkommando der Wehrmacht was the Highest Military Command)  is their own affair, on which I must report later.    When my leave expires on 7/10 I am going to Berlin again for discussions with Obstlt. Putz and Hptm. Dr. Eisenberg, and shall return from there with the empty containers.

21.9.42.    (?)    St. jean de Luz - Paris.    Daily report ½(?) 0830 hrs: disposal of current business.  0930 hrs. Major von Abshagen inspects Dienststelle.    he visits the office and W/T room and looks over the files of the Sendestelle.    1030 hrs; Major von Abshagen calls at Kreiskommandantur.    Kreis Kommandant Hptm. Wortmann not present .... Villa (St. Jean de Luz).

22.9.42.    (?)    St. Jean de Luz - Paris.    Daily report    0830 routine work V. Loos called ? the Dienststelle.    He hands over a Communist pamphlet, and he will probably be in a position to unearth  a secret Communist printing press in Bayonee.    1100 Major von Abshagen called on Major Fuchs at ANST (Abwehrnebenstelle) Biarritz. Uffz. Stoetzner took over the completed Simoa ... Villa (St. Jean de Luz)

23.9.42.    (39881 Isos or Isk)    St. Jean de Luz - Paris.    Major Abshagen asks for two sleepers reservations Henday/Berlin (Henday is at the French/Spanish train border town, in Spain was Irun there is a bridge to be crossed as well) for 8th October. Departure Henday 1800 hrs.    He requests you to get into touch with Mitropa (train couchette company/ travelling agency) immediately about this matter, so that the berths can be reserved in good time.  Major Abshagen further informs you that he will travel from here (St. Jean-de Luz) direct to Berlin without stopping in Paris and Brussels.        Villa (= Nantes)   Herdani (Feldwebel)(= Uffz. = N.C.O.)

(2)   (since 11 April 2024)


The location of St. Jean de Luz

South of Biarritz and in the vicinity of Hendaye and the French - Spanish border.

23.9.42.    (39880 Isos or Isk)    St. Jean de Luz.    Major von Abshagen begs you to inform Major Tannen (AOB: Wolfgang's wife and maybe children as well, were living in Tannen's home in Berlin, as their own residence had been destroyed owing to bombardments, on Berlin) at the German Beschaffungsamt (AOB: the 'service' was concerned with purchasing all sorts of products, on behalf of the German military and economic demands, in France. Whether on the legal- or black-market didn't matter much!) in Paris:     1)    that Minister Le Hideux is not at St. Jean de Luz but 150 km, away and therefore cannot be visited. (AOB: The French Minister might be a Minister on behalf of the Vichy-French Government. However, after 10th November 1942, the Germans invaded Vichy - France, as a response on the American invasion of Oran (Algeria) and the Germans responded swiftly)    2)    That he will not stop in Paris in Paris on his return journey (to Berlin), but will travel through to Berlin.    Sgd. Major von Abshagen.

23.9.42.    (39955 Isos or Isk)    St. Jean de Luz - Paris.    Major von Abshagen to Obstlt. Freiherr von Brandenstein. (= Leiter II at Nantes (sabotage). alias @ Brandy @ Brandl)    Accommodation food and other services and my stay as a whole were in every way more than satisfactory. (AOB: apparently he had been there and is expressing his gratitude, afterwards)  Sgd. Major von Abshagen.

23.9.42.    (39958 Isos or Isk)    St. Jean de Luz - Paris.    Referring to consultation between Major von Abshagen and Feldwebel Herdani, the latter will report to L.2. (Leiter II) early on Saturday 26/9 to deliver his report.

25.9.42.    (40772 - 40199 Isos or Isk)    Rittmeister (= old cavalry rank; Capt.) Spies asks on behalf of Obstlt. Stolzer whether the objections raised against employment of Oblt. (Lt. first class) Flaemer by Major von Abshagen  on the occasion of the introduction of Oblt. Franke, Brussels, might still be maintained, otherwise Oblt. Stolzer would would be ready to employ him for Abwehrtruppe in the east (Russian front).    Sgd. Von Brandenstein. (Leiter II in Nantes)

27.9.42.    (40152 Isos or Isk)    Paris - St Jean de Luz.    Obstlt. von Brandenstein has been ordered to Berlin to report.    He will arrange his journey there so that he will travel with Major von Abshagen.    Feldwebel Herdani will give more detailed information on his return.    Erna (Paris?)   von Brandenstein Obstlt.

28..9.42.    (40298 Isos or Isk)    St. Jean de Luz - Paris.    Major von Abshagen and Feldwebel Herdani inspect (frontier) crossing post between Henday and Biriatout. (AOB: on the Spanish side was the major role managed by (cover-name) Fuente (real name Uffz. Fritz Fursch)

29.9.42.    (40457 Isos or Isk)    Paris - St. Jean de Luz.    Advise Major von Abshagen that  Chef (von Abshagen was Chef II in Berlin) Abwehr II will be in Paris on Wednesday (= 30th September)  , Thursday 1st  October) and probably Friday (2nd).   He is staying in Lutetia (AOB: Hotel Lutetia was the Head Quarters of the Abwehr in Paris, situated at Boulevard Raspail)    Sgd. von Brandenstein.

30.9.42.    (40458 Isos or Isk)    St Jean de Luz - Paris (ALST).    Major von Abshagen  desired to convey his respects to Chief Abw. II (Obst. von Lahousen, in Berlin)    If the Chef wishes to speak to Major von Abshagen should be available by telephone here.    Sgd. Major von Abshagen.

30.9.42.    (40607 Isos or Isk)    Paris - St. Jean de Luz.    Major von Abshagen is requested to Ring up Leiter Abw II, Obst von Lahousen on Thursday morning early, before 8.30 at the hotel known in Paris, ext. 265 (= Hotel Lutetia, at Boulevard Raspail, the HQ of Abwehr in France)                    Sgd. von Brandenstein.

KV 2/526, page 17

                                                                                                                                                                Crown Copyright

30.9.42.    (40638 Isos or Isk)    St. Jean de Luz - Paris.    Daily report. Major von Abshagen inspected the Dienststelle.    9.30 departure of Major von Abshagen and Fdw. (Feldwebel) Herdani for Cambo.    The route for "slipping through" (illicit crossing from France into Spain vice versa) over the Col de Lizarrieta is being examined, and it is certain that there is no supervision of any kind on the German side. Fdw. Herdani reports to Major von Abshagen that he has not been held up ever by the German frontier control on the "slipping through" route so far.    The maintenance of the roads of approach is especially evidence.    11 arrival in Cambo. Major von Abshagen examines the place of contact Les Lauriers.        Sgd. Herdani.

1.10.42.    (40651 Isos or Isk)    St. Jean de Luz - Paris.    1400 hrs.    Major von Abshagen  goes at the suggestion of Major (Uffz.) Fuchs Furch  (alias Fuente, the station Leiter in San Sebastian) to San Sebastian with some Group 3 (Abwehr III, the most well known is designated III-F counter-espionage)   Return at 20 hrs.

2.10.42.    (40818 Isos or Isk)    St. Jean de Luz - Paris.    Major Fuchs?? enquired of Uffz. Stoetzner about Major von Abshagen's departure.    Major von Abshagen  informed of the imminent visit of Obst. Waldemar and will receive Obstlt. Waldemar ? privately if the latter so desires, tomorrow morning.

3.10.42.    (40935 Isos or Isk)    Paris - St. Jean de Luz.    To be delivered to Major von Abshagen .    Leiter II greatly regrets that he will be unable to find the time to visit you owing to the Sabotage course at present when the train leaves Henday (not too far from St Jean de Luz; train-border town between France and Spain) the sleeping car conductor should be informed that Leiter II will enter the prepared sleeping car compartment at Austerlitz station on 9/10.    Sgd. Von Brandenstein.

3.10.42.    (40936 Isos or Isk)    St. Jean de Luz - Paris.     1014 arrival of Obstlt. Waldemar.    Major von Abshagen  was informed of the arrival by telephone.    As there was nothing on hand, Major von Abshagen dispensed with visit of Oblt. Waldemar.

3.10.42.    (40985 Isos or Isk)    Paris - St. Jean de Luz.    Sum for paying sleeper Leiter II to Hendaye is to be taken out of the amount of francs for personal use for purchase coffee (Kasse). Under no circumstances is Major von Abshagen  to de debited with the sum.

5.10.42.    (41228 Isos or Isk)    St. Jean de Luz - Paris.    For Feldwebel Herani.    If a decent pocket knife as a present (Geschenk) is obtainable in Paris, please get one for me.    Sgd. von Abshagen, Major.

5.10.42.    (41277 Isos or Isk)    St. Jean de Luz - Paris.    Stoetzner reports inspection by Major von Abshagen, Sdf. (AOB: Sonderführer, concerned mainly experts in a certain field or quality, whom got a certain military rank without a military training, for example: Sdf. (K) was Hptm. = Cpt; and Sdf. (Z) (Zugführer = Lt.) As to be able to function within a military hierarchy) Protzig of the new place of contact Villa Leihora in Ciboure.

5.10.42.    (41313 Isos or Isk)    St Jean de Luz - Paris.    Kreiskommandantur telephones on instructions of the Abschnittbefehlshaber for intermediate release of the hitherto existing place of contact, to accommodate there a Befehlshaber for tactical reasons, and provides substitute in a favourable secluded position in Ciboure.    Sonderstelle has applied for postponement of change of quarters if possible to Friday 9/10.    Final decision still pending.    Sgd. Major von Abshagen.

6.10.45.    (41307 Isos or Isk)     St. Jean de Luz - Paris.    Stoetzner reports telephone call to transport officer Hendaye regarding payment sleeper for Leiter II.    Payment can only be made on departure.    As Major von Abshagen leaves from henday, there is sufficient time available to pay for the sleeper before departure.

8.10.42.    (41387 Isos or Isk)    St. Jean de Luz - Paris.    1030 hrs. Kraftfahrer (= chauffeur) Frank drove Major von Abshagen  to Biarritz. Major von Abshagen called to take leave of  (at?) Anst (= Abwehrnebenstelle) Biarritz, Major Fuchs? was present.    On his return, Major von Abshagen called on Hptm. Wortmann at the Kreiskommandatur.

8.10.42.    (41443 Isos or Isk)    St. Jean de Luz - Paris.    Major von Abshagen will leave Hendaye at 18.00 hrs. Sgd. Stoetzner.

9.10.45.    (41513 Isos or Isk)    St.  Jean de Luz - Paris.    driver Frank went to Hendaye to pay for the sleepers.    It was ascertained that the sleepers had already been paid for by Bordeaux. Settlement of payment will be made on the bill for travelling expenses.    In the afternoon preparation for the departure of Major von Abshagen . 1800 hrs. departure according to plan of Major von Abshagen from Hendaye.

14.10.42..  (41893 Isos or Isk)   Stoetzner to Kral.    Notify Major von Abshagen by telephone that the housekeeper of Villa Albicin (likely the residence where von Abshagen lives in St. Jean de Luz) had forgotten to hand over the soap. It will be forwarded on from the Field Post. (AOB: than it likely will arrive when von Hagen is already back in France; per regular mail would have been more realistic)

9.2.43.       (30810 likely Isk)    Berlin - Madrid. For Humberto (= K.O. Spain in Madrid likely dedicated to Abwehr II maters)    Most heartfelt congratulations on the occasion of Humberto's birthday. Chef Duett (= Major von Abshagen) Dr. Richter, Dr. Andergast (= Major von Abshagen), Walldorf, Bellmann?, Korf(f)? and all other colleagues. (AOB: what might have happened here, is, that in the Abwehr the alias or cover-names we so strictly employed, that some knew someone only on his alias and not on their real name!) (AOB: Major von Abshagen operated vividly from Spain and with Spanish ruled North Africa partially now Moroccan territories. Notice also: )

22.2.43.    (32695 Isk)    Madrid - Berlin. Humberto (K.O. Spain Abw. II) to Erizo (= Kleyenstueber Leiter I-L in Berlin)  for Duett (= Major von Abshagen).    Ref. your Fernschreiben (= message) no. 616/2/43 or 19/2/43.    Sleeping car ticket and pesetas will be left with the station master at Hendaye for Dr. Andergast (= Major von Abshagen).

KV 2/526, page 18

                                                                                                                                                                                                    Crown Copyright

23.2.43.    (53407 Isos)    Paris - St. Jean de Luz (Horst).     At our end there is talk of dismantling.    Decision is shortly to be taken. Who, has not yet been disclosed. Major von Abshagen is at this end, is to deal with the matter.    Regards. Otherwise all quit.

???            (53405 Isos)   St. Jean de Luz (Horst) - Paris.    The old man (Canaris?) has some absurd plans, but it does not look like dismantling yet; on the contrary.    Still we must wait and see.

5.3.43.     (34410 Isk)    Berlin - Madrid.    from Chef Duett (= Major von Abshagen) to Somoza (= alias of Leiter K.O. Spain Leissner) for Humberto (has to be forwarded to the section Humberto K.O. Spain Section II)    Andergast (= Major von Abshagen) must leave Metro (= Madrid) on Monday 8/3 at the latest. He is to return to Berlin by the swiftest. (AOB: thus by a regular Lufthansa flight)

5.3.43.    (54159 Isos)    Paris - St. Jean de Luz (Villa = the British information is incorrect, as Villa stood for Nantes; it should be Horst, in stead)   Please procure (reserviere /bestelle) sleeper Hendaye - Paris for 10/3/43 leaving Hendaye at (um) 1800 hrs. (curious is, in my perception, how easily the British adopted the convenient German way of designating the time in 2400 hrs!) in the name of Oberregierungsrat Dr. Andergast (= an alias of Major von Abshagen).    The ticket is to be deposited with the Bahnhofsoffizier in Hendaye. Sgd Erna von Eschwege Obstlt.

6.3.43.    (54161 Isos)    St. Jean de Luz (Villa, Britsh addition) (Horst) - Paris.    Sleeper reserved for Dr. Andergast (= Major von Abshagen).    Ticket will be reserved from attendant. Bed No. 4 impossible to deposit with Bahnhofssoffizier. Sealed letter with this information.

(AOB: why do I know when it concerns Isos (manually coded) and Isk (machine codes, such as Enigma), concerned? The clue being the addressees. St. Jean de Luz, for instance was a quite remotely situated station; thus difficult to store Enigma "Schlüsselmaschinen" safely. Whereas, the next message exchange ↓ went from K.O. Spain, being then still an annex of the German Embassy in Madrid, to Berlin. There, most likely via the W/T station Belzig. Both sites were soundly under German military control)                         

 6.3.43.    (34590 Isk)    Madrid - Berlin.    Humberto (K.O. Spain in Madrid, Referat II) to Erizo (= Kleyenstueber Leiter I-L, in Berlin; KV 2/1494; PF 601503) for Duett (= Major Wolfgang von Abshagen; PF 600724).     Dr. Andergast (thus is = also: Major Wolfgang von Abshagen; PF 600724) is leaving Madrid for Paris on the evening of Sunday 7/3. Paris is to be instructed to try and book a sleeper from Paris for the morning of 10/3.

8.3.42.    (34871 Isk)    Madrid - Paris.     To Alst (= Abwehrleitstelle) Paris for Obstlt. von Eschwege.    Dr. Andergast (thus is = also: Major Wolfgang von Abshagen; PF 600724)  arrives by train from Hendaye on the evening of 8/3, or the morning of 9/3.    Please meet at either time on account of heavy courier luggage.   Sgd.  Humberto. (= K.O. Spain, Referat II)   

14.3.43.    (35909 Isk)    Berlin - Lisbon. (likely conveyed on line II/54)    Duett - Andergast to Bodo (= Baumann/Blaum @ Bodo KV 3/174)    Hearty congratulations (Herzliche Glückwünsche) on 14th th day day in the name of the Chief and all personnel.

25.6.43.    (51857 Isk)    Madrid - Merlin.    To Duett (= Major von Abshagen)     Kruse (AOB: only trace found in respect to Tetuan and Tanger/Tangier; though within the context Referat II) reports with reference to your FS (Fernschreiben) 810/6/43. Comments were given in (mail) letter of 18.6.43 to Dr. Andergast (Major von Abshagen). Despatching of Helga (?) not possible before arrival of substitute (Nachfolger).    Sgd. KO. Sp 25.

2.9.43.    (63108 Isk)    Madrid - Berlin.    To Duett (by then likely Leiter II in Berlin). Dr. Andergast (= Major von Abshagen) Lore (?) without news after 23rd August. Radio signal (Funknachricht) requested. Humberto=Korff. No. 148 Somoza (= alias of Leiter K.O. Spain in Madrid

4.9.43.    (63386 Isk)    Berlin - Rome, Duett, Andergast (both concerning Major von Abshagen) , for Faber (?). By order of Abteilungschef the member of the Abwehrtrupp at your end who have been posted to course K are all to be sent off in in such a manner that they report to Praga (= Hptm. Partl) and Bolzano (near to Merano/Meran in South-Tyrol) on 6/943.

8.9.43.   (63382 Isk)    Berlin - Madrid.    For Buergi (?) Lenz (an alias of Leissner Leiter K.O. Spain in Madrid, carrying also Sommer, Somoza ...) For Humberto (current Referatsleiter II, of K.O. Spain in Madrid).    The leave of the Angestellten at your end is extended by way of an exception, until 30/11.   Sgd. Duett Andergast (= Major von Abshagen) 59.

10.9.43.    (63868 Isk)  Madrid - Berlin.    Humberto (K.O. Spain Referat II in Madrid) to Duett (= then Leiter II in Berlin).    After discussion with Marine Attaché we request information as tp whether we can get at Italian ships in Spanish harbours. (AOB: the Italians did change side, supported by Marshal Badoglio de: and en: the changed over to the Allied side and Hitler decided to occupy Italy and to intern Italians abroad and make Italian troops, as long not on the side of Mussolini), in order to prevent them going over to the enemy.    The plan would be to bribe the crews to open the valves (so that the ship will sink)  The Spanish have certainly promised the Marine Attaché that they will not allow ships to leave.    Sgd. Humberto (K.O. Spain Referat II).  Somoza (= Leiter K.O. Spain; Wilhelm Leissner) KO. Spain 267.

11.9.43.    (64048 Isk)    Berlin - Madrid.    Andergast Duett (both being Major von Abshagen) to Somoza (alias of Leiter K.O. Spain in Madrid)  Humberto (K.O. Spain Referat II).    Reference your message 248 (Isk 63869 d.d. 10.9.43).    After substituting to Guillermo (= Admiral Canaris the Commander of the entire Abwehr) ( and discussion with SKL (= Seekriegsleitung) the carrying out of the proposed measures are of the the utmost military importance. It is sanctioned however only the means of bribery proposed at your end.    Also this sanction is upon the condition that the German organisators cannot be proved have anything.    Marine Attaché must be informed.

12.9.43. 13.9.43.    (64788 Isk)    Berlin - Rome.    Chef Duett (Major von Abshagen) for C.O. (Commanding officer) Andergast (= Major von Abshagen) for Faber. There is a camouflaged Stelle of the Italian I (G) (AOB: G could stood for I (I = intelligence) Geheim (AOB: for Geheim, but I G was the internal section dedicated to false documents, passports, visas, driver-licenses, every paper necessary), Obstlt. Castalgi in Rome.    Via Torino no.7.    Abwehr I (= military intelligence) places great value on securing the material of this Stelle for the purpose of I G (AOB: as to fabric false documents, one need at least examples as to how the genuine document looks like).    Subject to the agreement of I c (operational intelligence on the enemy) of Oberbefehlshaber Süd Faber is commissioned to secure the material and to send it on to Bolzano (Bozen) (AOB: in 1944 this was Merano (code-named Jakob)  to be forwarded to Hptm. (= Captain) Berger, Innsbruck.

13.9.43.    (64215 Isk)    Berlin - Madrid.    Duett Andergast (both Major von Abshagen) to Buero (= Büro = Office) Lenz (another alias of Leiter K.O. Spain in Madrid) for Somoza (AOB: Lenz = Somoza = Wilhelm Leissner)  for Humberto (= K.O. Spain Referat II). Oldo (?) was transferred to Dienststelle w.e.f. (mit Eingang von) 26.8.43.    Sgd. Duett Andergast 1228.

13.9.43.    (64293 Isk)    Berlin - Rome (Frascati?).    Chef Duett i.v. Andergast (both men being identical Major von Abshagen)  1260 for Faber.    Conditional upon sanction from I c of OB = Oberbefehlshaber Süd and and provided other duties permit of it, Trupp 253 (FAT 253 (2 = section II, '45' could indicate where in Europe it belonged to FAT = Front Aufklärungs Trupp; there existed also FAK Fontaufklärungskommando) → will be ordered to secure in accordance with instructions to be sought from German Marinekommando in Italy, the material of the Italian Ministry of Marine and of the headquarters staff in Santa Rosa, pending the arrival of Abwehr I's representative Korvetten-Kapitän von Wettstein, now on the way.

14.9.43.    (64418 Isk)    Rome - Berlin.    Faber for Chef Duett (At that time Major von Abshagen was Leiter II Berlin)    Reference W/T message, Andergast (Major von Abshagen) 1227 of 13/9 no. 78 (not received by RSS) By order (= Befehl) of the Wehrmachtkommandant in Rome within the sphere of a large operation, Faber today secured the Castalgi material which was available; files and index had already been removed.    It will only be possible to send them onto Bolzano by lorries from there as there are no vehicles (available) here.    Heide II (AOB: Heide = Obstl. Heidschuch, whom escaped - as one of the lucky-ones, just before the Germans surrendered on 13th May 1943 from the Tunis area; as an 'Abwehr officer' he could not be left behind!) has been informed accordingly.

14.9.43.    (64443 Isk)    Bolzano - Berlin.    Duett (= Major von Abshagen) Duett Leiter Bolzano for Chef Duett and Leiter West. Duett Dienststelle Bolzano now has a direct to Bolzano exchange. Calls only for priority conversations, as all lines are overloaded. We cannot yet justify our calls as priority, so we cannot ring Berlin. (AOB: the Wehrmacht trunk to Germany passes through Austria via the Adige route from Verona and the Brenner into German territory.)

KV 2/526, page 19

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15.9.43.    (64535 Isk)    Berlin - Madrid.    Duett Andergast (both are Major von Abshagen) to Somoza (alias of Leiter K.O. Spain in Madrid).    For Humberto (K.O. Spain Referat II).    Date on which Olod's (?) promotion took effect is not yet known.    Will be communicated after it has been announced.                Sgd.  Duett Andegast (Both Major von Abshagen)  1287.

16.9.43.    (64609 Isk)    Berlin - Madrid.    Duett Andegast to Somoza for Humberto/    Oldo promoted w.e.f. (with effect from) and with seniority from 1.6.43.  Sgd.  Duett Andergast 1317

24.9.43.    (65821 Isk)    Madrid - Berlin.    604.    Humberto (K.O. Spain Referat II) to Duett (Major von Abshagen).    New crews have arrived for the 3 Danish ships lying at Nemo (Las Palmas) as Spanish ban on sailing has been withdrawn.  Only Duett work can prevent their sailing.    Only the placing of the charges (sabotage) in their hold to be set off by means of UZ (= clockwork fuse) in the harbour promises any prospect of success.    Diplomatic reaction possible (AOB: quite likely), however, decision requested.    Humberto (Referat II at K.O. Spain)    Humberto/.  162.

25.9.43.    (65904 Isk)    Berlin - Madrid.   263.    Chef Duett (Major von Abshagen) to Humberto (Referat II at K.O. Spain in Madrid).    Ref. your W/T message 604 (24.9.43)  Humberti (= Humberto?) 162 (Isk 65821) of 24/9.    Measures permissible only if explosion takes place for certain outside of Spanish territorial waters.    Otherwise the proposals are not to be carried out.    Chef Duett for C.O. (Commanding Officer) Andergast (= Major von Abshagen). 

2.10.43.    (66722 Isk)    Merano (cover-name Jakob) - Berlin.    3.    Koebes to Andergast and Walldorf (?).    Urgently request that Sdf. (Sonderführer) Bogner be allowed to remain with FAK (Frontauklährungskommando) 212 for the time being, i view of the following:    1) Continual operational preparatory work of considerable importance.    2) Contents of our message no. 93 to Walldorf (Isk 66103; not contained in our series).    3)    Present pressure of work caused by separation of Feri and Heide (= Obstl. Heidschuch) and the continually changing official channels in Northern Italy.   (AOB: caused by the German military occupation of the Italian Government) de ( and en (

(3)   (since 17 April 2024)

20.10.43.    (69172 Isk)    Merano (situated west of Bolzano/Bozen) - Berlin.  94.    To Chef Duett via Andergast (both being Major von Abshagen).    (13 corrupt and missing) Guillermo (= Leiter O.K.W. Amt Ausland/Abwehr Admiral Wilhelm Canaris) (8 characters missing) on the urgent wish (42 corrupt) ordered Abwehr Trupps (FAT) with Kommando Praga (= Hptm. Partl).    The only proven expert on the country and operational leader is Oblt. Pfannenstiel.    You are most urgently requested to commission Oblt. Pfannenstiel with the establishment (?) of a new Abwehr Trupp , withdrawing another officer if necessary.  Letter book 651/43. (AOB: About Autumn 1943 the German Abwehr was in a transition period, and among it was also the establishment of FAT (Frontaufklärungstrupp) and FAK (Frontaufklärungskommando)   Most Secret Praga and Texas (??)

28.10.43.    (70167 Isk)    Berlin - Merano.  Message 98.    To Texas.    According to order HPA    AG PL/6 Abteilung (0) (?)   No. 1900/43 secret (Geheim) of 30/9/43 (not received). Rittmeister (Hptm.) Graf Thun Hohenstein is promoted Major (the logical next career step) with effect and seniority from 1/8/43.    Heartiest congratulations from Abteilungschef and Abteilung.  Sgd.  Duett Andergast (= Major von Abshagen) No. 1640.

29.10.43.    (70276 Isk)    Berlin - Madrid.    257 For Humberto (Referat II of K.O. Spain in Madrid).    The proposal with regard to promotion of Seff (?), discussed between Humberto and Andergast (= Major von Abshagen) and required in writing, has not yet arrived.    It will be dealt with after receipt in accordance with our arrangements.            Sgd. Duett, Andergast. (= Both Major von Abshagen)  1991.

1.11.43.     (71073 Isk)    Berlin - Sofia.    From Zwilling (= Obst. von Lahousen; but he left Berlin II, but sometimes returned, in his former occupation) (or was it Obst. Bentivegni?) for Cara II (= a cover-name of K.O. Bulgaria).    On instructions from the department Chef 1000 cigarettes are to be provided from Abwehr funds (obtained from the black-market in Bulgaria or Turkey) for distribution among V-men (= Vertrauens-Mann): they are to be sent to Zwilling by courier at the next opportunity.            Sgd.   Zwilling Andergast 1003.

23.11.43.    (73697 Isk)    Berlin - Merano (Meran).    Message 67.    To Koebes (?).    Period of Hptm. Kutschke's service journey extended 2 days.            Duett Andergast (both Major von Abshagen) 1461.

26.11.43.    (74134 Isk)    To Texas (?)    Ref. your no 805/43 secret of 16/11/43 (not received or decrypted).    It is only possible to deal with proposal for award of decoration to (Graf?) Borghese if precise data are given about date and nature of the acts of bravery (AOB: the latter's special Naval operations) for which application for an award is made. The following data are also necessary:- Christian name, place of birth.            Sgd. Duett Andergast (both names are concerning Major von Abshagen). 1533.

27.11.43.    (74303 Isk)    Merano - Berlin 109. To Burg (= Berlin, likely received by "Belzig") for Duett for Andergast (= both Major von Abshagen) and Klaus and (Referat) IIA (IIa)    Ref. the discussion in our most secret 741/43 for 5/11/43 (not by RSS received, but see Isk 71207??) paragraph 16a and b, I request that Uffz. Engelke and Urschitz be transferred to Lehrgang Kurfuerst (related to Brandenburg Division), according to the agreement with Oblt. Buettner (Büttner), and that they be seconded to Kdo 212 (= FAK 212).  2 other men will be named for the same procedure.    Koebes.  867/43  Secret.   N.B. See also Isk 71811:  both messages on Abw. II Italy.

27.11.43.    (74304 Isk)    Merano - Berlin.    To Duett (Major von Abshagen) for Andergast (Major von Abshagen) and Klaus and IVa.    Please give ruling on letter in re billeting and ration allowance of the 14th October '43.    Our letter book 54/43 (not received) Koebes. 195/43

27.11.43    (74341 Isk)    Merano - Berlin 117. To Duett for Andergast (both being Major von Abshagen)  and Klauss (Klaus?) and IVA (IVa).    Ref our W/T message 195/43 of 26/11/43 (Isk 74304 (of 27.11.43). Request advance information by W/T concerning subsistence money for Trupp (= FAT) 254.    Koebes 197/43 Open.

1.12.43.    (75064 Isk)     Berlin - Madrid.    9.    For Humberto (= Referat II at K.O. Spain, in Madrid)    Supplementary leave of 5 days for Gefreiter Michael is sanctioned.    Duett Andergast (= Major von Abshagen) 33.

30.11.43.   (75093 Isk)    Merano - Rome.    message 61.    To Feder (AOB: the only realistic reference to Feder I have is the cover-name to Hans Ballhorn in Lisbon, which link I consider being most unlikely) for Texas (?), for Bellman has confiscated for the OKW the torpedo apparatus which is stored in Ferrari's garage in Desenzano.    The OKW requests it to be placed at disposal  and dispatched to the Torpedo arsenal Mitte in Rudolfstadt.    Please state whether apparatus is of importance to us or can it be handed over.    2)    possible to work. (Isk 74343) (not collected in our series) Duett Andergast (both being Major von Abshagen).    Koebes 881/43 Secret.

KV 2/526, page 20

                                                                                                                                                                        Crown Copyright

8.12.43.    (75911 Isk)    Berlin - Merano. 16(22)    To Texas.    report to what establishment vacancy Uffz. Unterlechner is to be transferred.    Duett Andergast (= Major von Abshagen) (Isk 75882 not in our possession)

16.12.43.   (76873 Isk)    Berlin - Madrid.    156.    For Somoza (an alias of Leiter K.O. Spain, in Madrid)    Loven is to be informed that everything is well at home.  (AOB: this was often related to occurrences at home. Such as a bombardment of someone's home, or that of nearby family. Or the health of a close relative. In clear cases, someone could apply for a special leave, and this was often sanctioned. When someone's home had been bombed out, quite some had to re-arranged for new living places.) (AOB: sometimes, you see photos of older men, whom are wearing different kind of uniforms. In most cases, these were fathers (Familienvater) with an extensive family. It should, generally, be prevented to disrupt their entire family life, unnecessary;  these men often were engaged as a security guard or that like) Duett Andergast (= Major von Abshagen) 41.

16.12.43.    (76884 Isk)    Berlin - Merano. 49.    To Texas.    Texas application 956 secret (Isk 76552) (not in our series)  for provision of M/T drivers from Trupp FAT 104 for employment at the Kommando at your end must be declined.    Duett Andergast (= Major von Abshagen) 435.

18.12.43.    (77178 Isk)    Berlin - Madrid.    177.    For Humberto (Referat II at K.O. Spain in Madrid)    Please as Loven whether Christmas greetings are to be conveyed to Dienststellen and personalities in his name.

20.12.43.    (77462 Isk)    Berlin - Madrid.    184.    For Humberto (Referat II at K.O. Spain in Madrid)    Please inform Loven that training and reserve unit refuses to employ cossack colonel CH.    What is to be done with CH?            Duett Andergast (= Major von Abshagen) 534.

20.12.43.    (77491 Isk)    Madrid - Berlin.    489.    To Duett Zeppelin (Zeppelin was the secret cover-name for a bunker complex particularly used by the Abwehr)    Ref. your message.    Andergast (= Major von Abshagen) 503. (Isk 77178) (of 18.12.43). Carry out as customary hitherto.    Loven. Humberto (Referat II at K.O.Sp.)       

20.12.43.    (77494 Isk)    Madrid - Berlin. 489.    To Duett Zeppelin (AOB: Major von Abshagen worked apparently at the Secret Abwehr HQ. bunker).    Ref. your message. Andergast (= Major von Abshagen) 534.    (Isk 77462 (message of 20.12.43).    There is therefore no longer any possibility of employing CH (= Cossack Colonel) at VIII.    According to the wish expressed by him he is to be handed over to Lyons.    Loven is leaving Madrid for Paris today.    Arthur is leaving Madrid for (Ast) Stuttgart tomorrow by air on account of passport difficulties.    Loven. Humberto (Referat II at K.O. Spain in Madrid). 234.    KOSp.

27.12.43.    (78284 Isk)    Berlin - Madrid.    250.    For Elcono (Elcano) (= real name Freg.-Kapt. Wilhelm Leissner; Leiter K.O.Spain) for Pizarro (he might have been Obstlt. Kleyenstueber) for Kruse (= Hans Krüger, Nebenstelle Tanger /Tangier)   In the name of Chef Duett (= Major von Abshagen) and all staff hearty congratulations for 28/12.  Andergast (= Major von Abshagen) 878.

31.12.43.    (78616 Isk)    Berlin - Madrid.    292.    For Elcano (one of the cover-names of Leissner Leiter K.O.Spain) for Kruse (= Hans Krueger, Nebenstelle Tanger/Tangier).    According to Chef's decision a substitute for Hefter is out of the question.    Kraus who was intended, is to be employed elsewhere.    If return of Hefter is brought about, service at your end must be carried on with the personnel already there.    Duet Andergast (= Major von Abshagen) 764.

2.1.44.    (79024 Isk)    Berlin - Merano.    1.    To Texas.    Ref. your No. 168/43 Secret (Geheim) of 27/12 (not received).    Visit of Chief not possible before 20/1.    Duett Andergast (= Major von Abshagen) No.1.

3.1.44.    (79162 Isk)    Berlin - Morlupo (= Togo, Feldmarschall Kesselring's W/T site about Frascati South-East of Rome). 3.    To Obst. Helfferich Helfrich (Leiter Abwehr in Italy, situated in Rome).    Please ascertain discreetly for Chef Abteilung II (Major von Abshagen) if Wilhelm Sturz still occupies house of Contessa Pesone (or Pedone) Via Piave 14, tel. 480355..    If references to him available, please send over.    Duett Andergast (Major von Abshagen).

4.1.44.    (79067 Isk)    Berlin - Merano.   6.    To Texas.    Send us all documents connected with application for marriage- leave for Hugo (Major Sandel?), which are at your end (eure Stelle).   Duett Andergast (= Major von Abshagen)  44.   

4.1.44.    (79123 Isk)    Berlin - Merano.   *.    To texas.    Secret. Trupp (FAT) 257  field post number (FPN) 24757.    Post office from which mail is collected is to be reported.  Duett Andergast (Major von Abshagen)   No: 47.

4.1.44.    (79189 Isk)    Berlin - Merano.    7.    To Texas.    from now on N.C.O.'s (Uffz.) and men with the Kommandos (FAKs) and FATs  may no longer be kept surplus to establishment over and ??? the existing complement.    Exceptions are Fahnenjunker and Soldaten who have? been attached to a unit to prove themselves in the field, Ambulance ranks, W/T operators, Sonderführer on loan, extra to establishment and secondings within the Kommando (FAK).    The Abwehrkommandoes will check up on the strengths for themselves and their subordinate units.    N.C.O. (= Uffz.) and men seconded over an? above the complement are to be dispatched to their parent units before 20/1/44.    No objections to the exchange of seconded men against depot - personnel in the progress of carrying out this measure.    The substitute thus provided for a seconded man is accordingly to be dispatched to the base detachment of the exchanged man.    Before 25/1/44 the Kommandos (FAKs) will report for themselves and the subordinates unit the completion of this measure submitting at the same time the new appointments.    The secondings to Kommando (FAK) announced by Lehr Regt. Kurfürst (Brandenburg Division) are cancelled w.e.f. (mit Eingang von)  20/1/44.    Applications for the conversion into a transfer, as far as there are vacancies available on the establishment must be handed in separately.    Orders regarding Z Stellen can be given only in agreement with Abwehr Abt. II.     Duett Andergast. (Major von Abshagen)  45.

5.1.44.    (79263 Isk)    Berlin - Marupo  (= Togo, Feldmarschall Kesselring's W/T site about Frascati South-East of Rome) 6. To Feder (AOB: I only know that Feder was the cover-name of Hans Brandes, whom live in Portugal and the was in winter/spring 1944 definitely in Lisbon as he was involved with the tragic Johann Jebsen case! This is one of the most comprehensive reconstruction, I hardly accomplished before!)   From 17th to 19th January there will be a conference with Chef II (Major von Abshagen and/or Obst. Wessel Freiherr Freytag von Loringhoven)* and LW in Salzburg.    Oblt. Dr. Schmidtburck of your Dienststelle will take part.    Arrival in Salzburg evening 16th Ast Salzburg will arrange quarters.    Duett Andergast.    92.       

* The latter committed suicide after the failed assassination attempt on Hitler of 20 July 1944.  He delivered the explosive, but actually Freytag von Loringhoven applied these explosives by calling Major Wolfgang von Abshagen for British dropped (SOE) explosives and, as von Abshagen by then was Leiter II in Paris, he actually organised the delivery onto Berlin.  The Gestapo discovered soon the signature of Freytag von Loringhoven and he committed suicide; but it could not be proven that Major Wolfgang von Abshagen knew wherefore these explosives were actually meant for. He was therefore dishonoured discharged from the Wehrmacht, and likely as was Obstlt. Kuebart, losing all his civil rights.    But Kuebart was charged at the "Volksgerichtshof".

 6.1.44.    (79231 Isk)    Berlin - Madrid.    43.    For Elcano (an alias of Leiter K.O. Spain in Madrid) for Pizarro (Obstlt. Kleyenstüber?).    Head of department has ordered the relief of clerks as follows: Dallmer will be relieved by Heise, Krisch by Gericke.    The intended date of the seconding of Heise is the 1st Feb. of Gericke, 1st March.            Duett Andergast (Major von Abshagen) 127.

5.1.44.    (79270 Isk)    Berlin - Merano.    11.    To Texas.    There will be a conference with Chef II and LW in Salzburg from 17th to 19th January.    Major Graf Thun and Hptm. Neitzert of your Dienststelle will take part.    Arrival Salzburg evening of 16th. Ast Salzburg will prepare quarters,    Duett Andergast (Major von Abshagen) 88.

KV 2/526, page 21

                                                                                                                                                                Crown Copyright

6.1.44.    (79311 Isk)    Marlupo (Kesselring's W/T centre Togo situated about Frascati) - Berlin. 56    To Burg (= Berlin) for Duett Andergast. (= Major von Abshagen).    ref. your 92 (Isk 79263  W/T 5.1.44) Feder has gone on leave to Jena (7 corrupt) Neutor 3.    Notification took place today. Please arrange communications to be sent again to his home address from your end.    Lorenz Lt.  

8.1.44.    (79567 Isk)    Berlin - Morlupo. 15.    To Feder Oberfähnrich Fadrus, because of exemption (release, exclusion) issued, no longer need participate in any other course.    Recommendation as officer is now very soon possible, if he proves himself as Oberfähnrich.    For this purpose it is suggested that a detailed appreciation be handed in on return of Trupp- (FAT) Führer.    No. 180/44.    (Referat) II A  Duett Andergast (= Major von Abshagen).

11.1.44.    (80004 Isk)    Berlin - Merano (AOB: that the Abwehr had an office in Merano could also have been due to the Residence of Mussolini at Salo (sometimes known as the Salo Republic).  24.    Texas.    In re permission of marriage for Hugo (Major Sandel?).     Papers received to day by courier.    Particulars from Gestapo and NSDAP (= Nazi-Party) will be collected by us.    Pitschmann Hugo us to be instructed to submit immediately a copy of his fiancée's divorce decree (decree nisi ?).    Duett Andergast (Major von Abshagen).

13.1.44.    (81048 Isk)    Berlin - Istambul (Istanbul).    Nadergast to Poster for Lindner.    No. 44.    Visit of Chef Zwilling (Obst. Erwin von Lahousen, or was it Obst. Bentivegni? Leiter Abteilung II in Berlin) (KV 2/173; PF 603251) no longer possible in January. (AOB: Obst. von Lahousen decided already about 1942, that he favoured to become a General. Albeit, that for various reasons, he temporarily returned in taking charge of Abteilung II in Berlin)     Projected probably for February.    For the time being fresh visit of Dr. Pauli is not planned.    Andergast (Major von Abshagen).

13.1.44.    (80200 Isk)    Berlin - Nerano.    32.    To Flieder (?) for Texas.    Amtschef (= Admiral Canaris Head of all Abwehr Services) ( is taking part in conference at Salzburg and intends to continue flight to Florence on 19/1 along with Chef II LW (von Lahousen or was it Major von Abshagen?) and II B.    Arrangements are to be made for him to be met by two cars of Kommando (FAK) 212 there; to enable them to continue their journey to the Ic (intelligence on the enemy) of Heeresgruppe C and quarters for 3 officers and accommodation for the crew of the aircraft should be made ready.    Arrange for the return to Florence and departure by air from there for Verona, probably arriving on 21st in Verona - car for visit Gamma camp, also local quartering of crew of machine.    Return flight from Verona probably 22nd.    Final orders will be issued only in Salzburg.    Duett Andergast (= Major von Abshagen)

14.1.44.    (80324 Isk)    Berlin - Merano.    34.    To Texas.    Plans for journey of Amtschef changed.    After Salzburg conference he will go on by car, not by 'plane.    Thus preparations previously order ed for accommodation are cancelled.    Duett Andergast (= Major von Abshagen). 397.

19.1.44.    (81241 Isk)    Berlin - Merano.    51.    Secret.    To Texas.    Please transmit at once to Bellmann for passing to Amtschef (AOB: Canaris was not yet aware, that about three weeks to come he will be dismissed and the O.K.W. Amt Ausland/Abwehr being forced to merge with the SS controlled R.S.H.A. Amt VI and Amt Mil).    In the affair reported by telephone yesterday evening by Obst. Jenks, Chef OKW has decided by W/T message that the officer concerned will be released from the official duties until further notice, and is to report at once to him at his H.Q. in order to render (reducing) an account.    Question of a duty has been settled in accordance with proposal of the officer in question, by the deputy Amtschef (?), Officer courier with detailed report had not yet arrived.    Further information follows immediately on arrival.        Duett Andergast (= Major von Abshagen)  533.

26? 1.44.    (81957 Isk)    Madrid - Berlin/    705.    Pizarro (Obstlt. Kleyenstüber?) to Duett Zeppelin (Bunker HQ complex of the Abwehr). Duett Belinde (= smaller Abwehr barracks about 15 north of Zeppelin) with statement of addresses.    Dallmer claims to have applied at L CH for release from detachment when term of present seconding expires, because she wishes to marry as soon as possible in Madrid and live with her husband in Spain.    Through PA O she has applied at ZF (ZF = Oberzahlmeister or Paymaster, in Madrid was code-named Pago) for transfer to K.O. Spain.    ZF before making a decision, now demands written application, which is being despatched today to ZF.    Because of haste please settle directly at ZF and send decision with all speed.    Please send Dallmer's private papers which are Anklag (or Anklium) with Fräulein Heise (Frl. Gutrud Heise, Secretary).        Pizarro.    260. K.O.Spain.

28.1.44.    (82050 Isk)    Berlin - Madrid 309.    Duett Andergast to Elcano for Pizarro (?).    ref. message 705 of 26/1 (Isk 81956 not in this summary) yesterday's answer was garbled by an oversight.    Dallmer definitely leaves Gruppe II at your end on 15/2.    It rests with ZF (= Pago, Paymaster in Madrid) to decide whether he (?) is to be recalled to Germany at this date, or discharged, or found other employment at another K.O. Stelle.    The last is (pending on) general consent of the Abteilung is doubtful in view of the general measures of recall (text obscure).    As soon as decision is made (24 corrupt).    Duett Andergast (Major von Abshagen) 8717.

1.2.44.    (82850 Isk)    Berlin - Merano.    To Texas von Wurzian, No. 66.    Promoted to Oberfähnrich d.R. (= der Reserve?) from 1/1.44.    Publication has yet to take place. Duett Andergast (= Major von Abshagen)  759

1.2.44.    (82382 Isk)    Merano - Berlin.    From Perlmutt No. 36. for Duett/Andergast. ref. your 488/Secret (Geheim).    Post-office for collection of 46857 and 05482 is the branch of the Feldpost Office 801 in Civita Catellana.    Ruprecht 190/44 Secret (Geheim)

4.2.44.    (84008 Isk)    Berlin - Madrid.    48.    Duett Andergast (= Major von Abshagen) to Elcano (an alias of Leiter K.O. Spain, Freg.-Kapt. Wilhelm Leissner, up to August 1944, when he was succeeded by Obstlt. Kleyenstueber; but Leissner remained in the office, but no longer as Leiter K.O. Spain) for Pizarro. (AOB: I doubt a bit whether Pizarro is Kleyenstueber personally, but maybe representing the office related to his current function in Berlin: Referatsleiter I L in Madrid??)   Dallmer can, in agreement with ZF (Pago) (Paymaster = Oberzahlmeister Finanzen?), remain in Spain as from the 16th Feb as a private individual.    Final settlement still requires the consent of WV (Wehrmachtverwaltung?) but this does not appear in doubt.    Condition is that ??? signed by Dallmer immediately.        Duett Andergast (Major von Abshagen).

KV 2/526, page 22

                                                                                                                                                                            Crown Copyright

4.2.44.    (82559 Isk)    Madrid - Berlin.    157.    Elcano (= an alias of Freg.-Kapt. Wilhelm Leissner, Leiter K.O. Spain, in Madrid) to Chef Duett (Major von Abshagen) Z.    Ref. message Duett Andergast (= Major von Abshagen) to Pizarro (AOB: sometimes referred to: Büro Pizarro; thus an Referat Office, like was Humberto as well) 48 (Isk 84006, not included in this document).    After studying exchange of telegrams with Pizarro concerning Dallmer, I object the view of the present difficult situation, to having a bearer of secrets like Dallmer, who has such extensive knowledge living in Spain as a private individual.    III (III -F is Referat counter-espionage) man at this end (Büro Pizarro?) shares this view.    I therefore request you to order her (Frl. Gutrud Heise, Secretary?) return to Germany, as there otherwise always the danger of her being arrested as a private individual.        Elcano (= alias of Leiter K.O. Spain) 2245.

5.2.44.    (82551 Isk)    Berlin - Lisbon.    No. 31.    Duett Andergast (Major von Abshagen) to Ludovico (= alias of Leiter K.O. Portugal) for Bodo (= Bodo @ Blaum Dr. Leiter of Referat II, at K.O. Lisbon) (KV 3/174).    Chef Duett expects Bodo for urgent discussion on Wednesday evening 9/2/44 in Bordeaux.    Duett Andergast (Major von Abshagen) No. 175.

5.2.44.    (82536 Isk)    Berlin - Madrid.  66.    Duett Andergast to Elcano for Pizarro.    Chef Duett (= Major von Abshagen) will expect Pizarro in Bordeaux in the evening of Wednesday 9.2.44 for an urgent discussion. 

6.2.44.    (82873 Isk)    Berlin - Madrid.    69.    Duett Andergast (Major von Abshagen) to Elcano (alias of Leissner K.O. Leiter in Madrid) for (Büro) Pizarro.  Not the meeting place stated yesterday (Bordeaux), but Biarritz (AOB: more convenient quite near by the Spanish Border).    Duett Andergast (Major von Abshagen)           . 184.

10.2.44.   (83211 Isk)    Madrid - Berlin.    322.    (Büro) Pizarro to Duett Andergast Zeppelin (= Abwehr HQ situated in Bunker Zeppelin as part of the HQ of the O.K.W. near to Zossen)  Dallmer is leaving on 16/2 as marriage cannot take place before 15th is arriving on 19th in Berlin at Potsdammer Bahnhof at 9.16 hrs.    Please meet if possible.    Pizarro 272 K.O.Spain.




(AOB: I thought it was a bit more to the north-east, but we know now at least better)

From the Bunker Zeppelin - there existed a wide communication network (telephone and telex) with nearly all German occupied territories.

14.2.44.    (91170 Isk)    Sofia - Berlin.    71, Duett Andergast. (= Major von Abshagen).    Ref. your 365 of 13/2 (not received) B has not yet been sent.    1) Cara (= W/T station of K.O. Bulgaria) Leiter (Obstlt. Otto Wagner his often used alias: Dr. Delius) defuses seconding.    2) Dr. Pitschmann has withdrawn application for seconding in accordance with letter to Cara Leiter (Dr. Delius) .        Cara 592B

14.2.44.    (84033-84690 Isk)    Merano - Morlupo. (= Togo, Kesselruing's W/T station at Frascati south-east of Rome)    No. 9    For Perlmutt.    From Perlmutt(??).    From Burg (W/T station, by then still likely, Belzig of Berlin) No. 30 for Texas.    Hans Prouhe, born 4/9/1887 speaks fluent Italian, formerly with Major Partl (alias Praga), in Rome, is available.    State whether there is employment for him at your end as an office-interpreter (Büro-Übersetzer).    Duett Andergast (Major von Abshagen).  380.

15.2.44.    (84064-84678 Isk)    Merano - Morlupo.    10.    To Perlmutt from Burg (= W/T station of Berlin).    To Texas.    When was appreciation of Engelke sent off in accordance with our 761/43 of 16/11/43?  Duett Andergast (Major von Abshagen) 395.

17.2.44.    (83972 - 75785 Isk)    Merano - Berlin.    43.    From Perlmutt 43.    To Duett Andergast (Major von Abshagen).    ref. your signal 395 (Isk 84064 = 15.2.44).    Estimation of Engelke sent off on 14/2/44 under letter book no. 176/44.            Texas 186/44.

17.2.44.    (84019 - 75780 Isk)    Merano - Berlin.    From Perlmutter. 42.    to Duett Andergast (Major von Abshagen) Ref. your 3 380 (Isk 84033 (= 14.2.44).    There is no employment at this end for Hans Proche (Oblt. Dr. Hans Proche had alias Praga I), born 4/9/1887..            Texas 373/44 Secret.   

(4(since 20 April 2024)

19.2.44.    (85042 Isk)    Berlin - Merano.    55    To Stichling  for Texas.    Chef Duett (Major von Abshagen) urgently requires set of 6 tyres Topolino 400-15 (AOB: likely for an Italian made car), for service purposes.    Texas will report whether and when this is possible.    No. 1545/44. Duett Andergast (= Major von Abshagen). 544.

22.2.44.    (84569 Isk)    Berlin Madrid.    265    Duett Andergast (Major von Abshagen)  to Elcano (an alias of Leiter K.O. Spain)   for (Büro) Pizzaro.    Pizarro ? been appointed Rat.?? by the Kommissar.    Duett Andergast (Major von Abshagen).  858/2/44.

24.2.44.    (85251 Isk)    Morlupo (AOB: Togo, W/T station of Kesselring at Frascati south-east of Rome) - Berlin.    Texas to Duett (Major von Abshagen) 67.    For Dr. Andergast (= Major von Abshagen)    In accordance with W/T message Saphir (?) of 19/2/44 (not received) Uffz. Rudolf Engelke born 13/9/1904

 has been recommended to be officer aspirant.    Has not yet attended the course for candidates for a war-time commission Text AOXOBXOL(??) = ? Offizier - Anwärter.    2 months competence in the field certified. Uffz. Engelke indispensable at present at Kommando 212 (FAK) owing to changing of officers.    Please call up for later course.

25.2.44.    (85010 Isk)    Berlin - Madrid. 326.    Duett/Andergast for (Büro) Pizarro.    Zimmermann called up on 18th January '44.        Duett Andergast (Major von Abshagen).    No. 701.

26.2.44.    (86094) Isk)    Berlin - Morlupo. 77. For Feder (?).    In our W/T message of 19/2 (Isk 85049)(not on our intercepts) the dispatch of Leutnant Lorenz to Belinde (Special Abwehr barracks site, near to Schloss Baruth) was commended (Befohlen).    Whenwas he despatched?

29.2.44.    (85303 Isk)    Istambul (Istanbul) - Berlin.    Meister to Zwilling (AOB: most likely Obst. Bentivegni)   de: ( It is quite sad that no comprehensive and/or serious obituary in English language is existing.  for Andergast (Major von Abshagen)  for Andergast (= Major von Abshagen),    127 Ref. dispatch of Kranz.

(AOB: the latter might have been implicated in the Vermehren case, where about 6 February the Vermehren couple changed over to the British side. However, the British Secret Service Crown Servants handled the Vermehren couple on a scandalous  and disgusting way. Please notice my quite comprehensive approach:   This direct implication was: that Hitler decided that the Military Abwehr should amalgamate with the SS controlling R.S.H.A. Amt VI and in the to be newly created Amt Mil (Milamt).      

Your most secret (Geheim) no. 213/44 of 9/2 not received until 26/2.    Proceeding with winding-up of Kranz affair immediately.    Exact date of journey follows.    We take it you can allow 14 days operational leave to wind up affairs in Germany.    Please radio information.    Meister  (AOB: = Dr. Paul Leverkuehn Leiter KONO (K.O. Naher-Osten) in Istambul (Istanbul) 19. (AOB: Leverkuehn was soon dismissed due to the devastating Vermehren affair; even his mother was arrested and was sent to the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp)

2.3.44.    (85442 Isk)    Berlin - Istambul (Istanbul).    Duett Andergast (Major von Abshagen) to Parker for Meister (= KONO Leiter Dr. Paul Leverkuehn).    o. 8 In agreement with Meister's signal of 29/2 concerning Kranz.    Duett Andergast (= Major von Abshagen) No. 30.

3.3.44.    (85809 - 76465 Isk?)    Merano - Berlin.    From Perlmutt.    4. For Duett Andergast (Major von Abshagen).    Tyres for Topolino will be available in about a fortnight.    Texas.  204/44.

8.3.44.    (86366 Isk)    Berlin - Madrid.    76.    For Elcano (an alias of K.O. Leiter Spain Freg.-Kapt. Wilhelm Leissner) for (Büro) Pizarro.    Ref. Helga.    Ref. your 297. (Isk 86103 not found in this summary) of 7/3.    Agree to your proposals.    Duett Andergast. (Major von Abshagen) 181.

29.3.44.    (89324 Isk)    Madrid - Berlin.    852.    Korff (Büro) Pizarro to Duett Z. for Dr. Andergast (= Major von Abshagen).    Please resume action in affair of Sonderführer (Sdf.) Bolero, as matter appears urgent in view of changed situation with regard to Büro Pizarro. (AOB: might Büro Pizarro have been implicated in the Vermehren affairs? Which will imply that the O.K.W. Amt Ausland/Abwehr will be dissolved, and a new, SS controlled, Amt Mil, or Milamt is due to be established; ultimately maturing about August 1944)    Korff (Korf?) (certainly a cover-name) (Büro) Pizarro.  316. KOSp.

KV 2/526, page 23

                                                                                                                                                            Crown Copyright

29.3.44.    (89397 Isk)    Paris - Madrid. (AOB: please notice that about this moment Major von Abshagen was designated Leiter II France in Paris)  Igel Andergast (AOB: new cover-name of Major von Abshagen?) to (Büro) Pizarro No. 15.    Ref. your FS (Fernschreiben, meaning your message) 518 (not received).    The bag bore the No. 5 and has not since been returned to your end by the German Embassy.    The contents were  forwarded by the Paris Embassy in accordance with address.    Order been issued to Bergmann (cover-name) as desired.    Igel Andergast (I suppose: Major von Abshagen, now acting in Paris).

31.3.44.    (77272 Isk)    Paris - St. Jean-de-Luz.    That is the supreme order of your Kommano (FAK).    But I carried through plan today in presence of the new Leiter 2 (= Major von Abshagen)    We remain in contact.    Regards (Grüße).→ Ref. 103

8.4.44.    (90986 Isk)     Madrid - Berlin.    211.    (Büro) Pizarro to Duett for Walldorff →

(AOB: Madrid might not well have been informed that Major von Abshagen (Duett) was no longer employed at Berlin (Zeppelin/Belinde) but has become Leiter II of France in Paris. We may assume that his rank might soon had been improved, though, because of the misfortune of the failed assassination attempt on Hitler on 20 July 1944, he was unconditionally dismissed honourless from the German Wehrmacht, including the loss of his civil-rights, but not captivated)                

→ Ref. 103 (not received). Did Seifert (?) travel direct to Andalusia ? KOSp.  (Büro) Pizarro. 320.

13.4.44.    (91777 Isk)    Berlin - Madrid.    108.    Duett Walldorf (AOB: Walldorf might have been Major von Abshagen's former Berlin Office, or someone whom took over Duett's function in Berlin/Belinde) to Elcano (an alias of Leiter K.O.Spain) for (Büro) Pizarro.    Ref your W/T message 320 (Isk 90986 (8.4.44)  Seifert direct to Seville.    They will live in private houses ... Dr. XEL has up till now not replied to telegram.    Are we to write to him?    Has Dr. Hesse been informed in accordance with W/T message 104.    Duett Walldorf. 224 (AOB: the latter name may well representing the successor in Berlin of Major von Abshagen - whom is now situated at Hotel Lutetia (HQ of Abwehr France) in Paris)

23.4.44.    (78814 Isk)    Merano - Salzburg.  25.    From Perlmutt No. 31   To Siegfried (AOB: Leiter Alst (Abwehrleitstelle) France or was meant Leiter Alst Paris Obst. Rudolf or his deputy Dr. Waag?) for Igel for Andergast (= Major von Abshagen).    Arrival 22/4.    Material not at hand at Trupp (FAT?).    22/4 interview with Ic AO (Armee-Oberkommando?)    Probably will get assistance through other front units in carrying out out assignment,    Perlmutt-Oswald (?)  120/44 Secret (Geheim).

28.4.44.    (79336 Isk)    Rignano (Perlmutt) - Merano.    41.    To Igel for Andergast (both being Major von Abshagen), via Saphir Siegfried. From Ic now further recommendation to bridge head units.    Am hoping for speedy dispatch.    LT has sent a similar Kommando (FAK) to this end.    Only possible to obtain against exchange.    Perlmutt-Oswald.    120/44 Secret (Geheim).

10.5.44.    (96071 Isk)    Madrid - Berlin.    To Duett Zeppelin and Belinde (some barracks near to Schloss Baruth).    Ref.  patriots. (AOB: might this point at a group opposing Hitler?)  Our Most Secret (British or German?). Nos. 173 and 179 with enclosures and receipt chits are to be passed to Andergast (Major von Abshagen) for Iberia,    (Büro) Pizarro 334 K.O.Sp.

12.5.44.    (96219 Isk)    Madrid - Berlin.    425.    To Duett for Walldorf  (Major von Abshagen's successor?). Korff (Korf?) had chosen for (Büro) Pizarro office a particular man of whom Dr. Andergast (= Major von Abshagen) also had a high opinion.    The man concerned was sent with the 2nd V to Parkstadt (cover-name of Paris) for discussion. Andergast (Major von Abshagen) wished to decide whether F or V remain with him.    Korff (Korf?) is agreed (to have) any of the two, however an early decision is urgent.       KO.Sp, (Büro) Pizarro 336.

13.5.44.    (96487 Isk)    Madrid - Lisbon.    24.    (Büro) Pizarro to Bodo (alias of Leiter II in Lisbon) (= Sdf. Dr. Blaum), Andergast (Major von Abshagen) urgently requests regular delivery of American weeklies and newspapers, preferably Life and Saturday Evening Post, for a special undertaking.

14.5.44.    (96527 Isk)    (Same text as Isk 96487 (13.5.44) above, but Lifeline instead of Life.)

15.5.44.    (96889 Isk)    Berlin - Madrid.    i72. To Elcano (an alias of Leiter K.O. Spain for (Büro) Pizarro ...    Ref. 336.  (Isk 66219 (12.5.44).    Decision will be made as speedily as possible.    Walldorf however is away until middle of the week.    Ref. 334 Most Secret (streng Geheim) (Isk 96071 (10.5.44)    173 is being dispatched to Andergast (Major von Abshagen) together with enclosures.    What, however, is Most Secret (streng Geheim) 179? Receipt chit?? has not yet arrived at this end.            Duett-Walldorf (= likely Major von Abshagen's successor or representative, in Berlin) 281.

20.5.44    (98126 Isk)    Berlin - Madrid. 232. Secret (Geheim)    To Elcano (an alias of Leiter K.O.Spain) for (Büro) Pizarro.    Ref. your FS (Fernschreiben, not telex related, but ment were W/T messages) 319 (not intercepted by R.S.S.) The first Bolivar (?) letter to the address issued willleave in the next few days.    Contents are of a purely private nature.    Secret text is not used.    This for information Car - papers received from Landrat (both not repeated).    Is triptych (Triptik car related documents) not to be obtained until July or car can an application be made now?    Identification slips for Patrioten people (AOB: Who were they?) received and passed on to Andergast. Pieces of metal are mentioned in Most Secret (streng Geheim) and 173/44.    The identification marks sent are of paper.    How do you explain this?  Duett Walldorf (likely Duett's successor or representative in Berlin (Belinde).

17.6.44.    (102774 Isk) Berlin - Madrid. (AOB: D-Day occurred on 6th June some 11 days before)    206.    For Elcano (an alias of Leiter K.O. Spain Freg.-Kapt. Wilhelm Leissner)  for (Büro) Pizarro.    Ref. your W/T message 336 (Isk 96219 (12.5.44).    Dr. Andergast (= Major von Abshagen) has meanwhile decided in favour of F so that V can be considered for your end.    The latter is at present on a course known to you which, after consultation with IIA is not to be interrupted, but will be finished in about 10 days. (AOB: I would not wonder when it concerned a trainings course held at 'Seedorf' in 'The Hague' in the Netherlands. Where the agents for operations abroad were trained in wide fields of sabotage and communications)    Then he will be interviewed at Walldorf's end (Berlin?) and. if suitable, take further action as you wish.        Duett Walldorf (likely Major von Abshagen's representative in Berlin) 312.

KV 2/526, page 24

                                                                                                                                                                            Crown Copyright

18.6.44.    (1157 Isk or Isba??)    From Berlin ...    To Abwehrstelle II West for the attention of Major von Abshagen or deputy ...Subject:    Abwehr field formations (front reconnaisance troop = FAT Front Aufklärungstrupp).    All the field formations (front reconnaisance troops of the Abweht abteilung I, II, III of the former Amt Ausland/Abwehr still remain subordinate to the Wehrmacht according to the terms of the reorganisation ordered in accordance with Chef OKW/Wfst (Wehrmachtführungsstab) Ic. Nr. 005639/44 Most Secret (= streng Geheim) of 22/5/44 and are to be grouped together under the designation "Front Reconnaisance".

AOB: Meant are: Front Aufklärungstrupp known as FAT.  This all being the long-term consequence of the defection of the Vermehren couple in Istambul (Istanbul) about 6th February 1944 to the British side.

Hitler thereupon decided: that the Abwehr should merge with the SS controlled R.S.H.A. Amt VI and the newly to be established Amt Mil.    However, matters were a bit more complicated at this is what it is about: Those Abwehr section which information had only a durance of hours or a few days, those sections remained part of the Wehrmacht. However, for W/T communications these sections had mainly to communicated via the SS controlled channels. These line were using, designations X/ ... XV/ ... . Another aspect which sounds curious: most men remained on the pay-list of the Wehrmacht. Why? Because military service men do have some career-planning end they decided in favour of them that they remained on the pay-roll of the Wehrmacht and mainly kept their ranking system. My late best friend Rudolf Staritz told me: that many weren't aware that they were no longer belonging to the Wehrmacht at all. Let us now follow the rest of this message:

The former conditions of subordinations of subordinations under various Commanding authorities are not affected by this.    A statement of the Kommandos and Trupps (FAT) subordinated, giving leaders and present locations, is to be submitted in duplicate (Zweifach) (one copy to be forwarded to the Mil Amt (Amt Mil) in the R.S.H.A.) on the 10th of every month, first report on 10.7.44 to OKW/Wfst/IcI (= Wehrmachtführungsstab).    Leitstellen and Kommandos (FAK) are to inform their subordinate Kommandos and Trupps of the present order and see to the subordination follow.    Sgd. Suesskind-Schwend.    Obst. d. G. OKW/Wfst/Ic.    Wehrmacht Nr. 006399/44 Most Secret (streng Geheim. Signed (Signature).

 20.6.44.    (103161 Isk)    Berlin - Madrid.    258 Duett-Walldorf  (Major von Abshagen's representative or successor in Berlin Belinde) to Elcano (an alias of Leiter K.O. Spain) for (Büro) Pizarro.    Dr. Andergast (Major von Abshagen) writes as follows:-    To avoid disposal elsewhere of the car held by HK?? Stelle Bergmann for Korff (Korf?) it is requested, in agreement with the Stelle, that it be collected by FAT 263 for Kommando (FAK) 210.    End Please radio comments (11 corrupt ..and lost)        Duett-Walldorf. 383.

(5)    (since 23 April 2024)

15.7.44.    (107021 Isk)    Berlin - Paris.    27.    For Leitstelle (Alst = Abwehrleitstelle later likely K.d.M. for a short while) Paris for Major von Abshagen.    V Eric arrives in Paris in next few days.    Please meet him there at Gare de l'Est and obtain accommodation at Hotel Reynold, Avenue du Parc Monceau.    Date will be given later by Major Krehl.         Sgd. Hptm. Krisch.

27.7.44.    (108807 Isk)    Berlin - Paris. 39. (AOB: please be aware that in the meantime, the failed assassination attempt upon Hitler of 20 July happened; in which our Major von Abshagen was in someway or another implicated. He was responsible, for supplying captured British SOE explosives. He quite soon hereafter he had been arrested, but survived - as not could have been proven that he possessed knowledge for what purpose it should be used) (AOB: some expect he could have known this, but I would like to object this, as, for instance in the Pheiffer case (KV 2/267; PF 46696) (  (AOB: where weapons were simply conveyed as part of a visit journey between Paris and Berlin, by train!)    From Amt Mil. A I A No. 534/44 Most Secret (streng Geheim) to Kommando Meldegebiet (= K.d.M) Leistelle I, II and III (Counter-Espionage mainly) West.    Lists of personnel in triplicate are to be sent immediately to R.S.H.A. Mil. Amt A containing the total personnel which is at present at the Dienststellen.    The following is to be reported: name, Christian name, place of birth and date, present residence and employment.

27.7.44.    (108843 Isk)    Berlin - Paris 38. Most Secret (streng Geheim) To KDO (K.d.M. Leitstelle I, II and III West . report at once by teleprint  (Fernschreiber /Telex) all cover passports still valid issued in your areas, giving possessor, cover-name, passport number, date of issue, Stelle and place.    Nil return required. (AOB: this quite urgently wanted information may be considered also in relation to the assassination attempt on Hitler of 20 July 1944)

2.8.44.    (109560 Isk)    Berlin - Paris 1.    To Leitstelle I, II and III West.    Most Secret (streng Geheim)

1)    With immediate effect the issue passports of Amtschef of Amt Mil. (= was up to 22 July 1944 Obst. i.G. Georg Hansen, whom was succeeded by Schellenberg; since the latter was Chef Amt VI as well as Amt Mil.) 00116.

2)    Orders for the future handling of the whole passport administration are in preparation and will be issued shortly C.d.S.u.D. SD Mil. Amt.    A/1 730/44    Sgd. Schellenberg 00116.

3.8.44.    (109665 Isk)    Madrid - Paris. 33. To Westerwald (= Alst or Leitstelle K.d.M. Paris) ref. your message 2 of 1/8 from Andergast (Major von Abshagen?) (not received)  Kruse ? Vertauensmann-Leute have been found again and instructions given them as in message Burg (W/T Berlin).    184 of 20/7 (the day of the assassination attempt on Hitler) and Burg (= W/T Berlin) 168 of 18/7 (Isk 107728 and 107498) (not in our series available). V-Leute refuse to leave unless they are previously given details explanation of the nature of their employment.    They state that they have got into touch with Stelle in Palais (= Berlin) direct, refuse to give information about details.    Awaiting at present reply from Palais (= Berlin) Stelle concerned.    Please inform us what is to be done with the Leute.    K.d.M. Spain in Madrid 2341.    For reference see cards for V 1913 and V 1914

5.8.44.    (110097 Isk)    Paris - Berlin.    16.    To Mil. Amt.    Despatch Registry. Altered conditions make it necessary from now on to divide up mail according Leitstelle I, II and III in separate envelopes.    Von Kleist.

10.8.44.    (10892 Isk)    Berlin - Paris. 21    To Leitstelle II West for Frontaufklärungskommando (FAK) Paris, to Major von Abshagen or deputy.    The following report which has been reported in recent weeks, especially after Moscow (Moskau) declaration of the 23rd ult?, of strong dissatisfaction in Polish Army formations, especially those of the Eighth Army in Italy.    Likewise senior RAF commands report dissatisfaction with Polish Flying formations in England. (fragmentary)

                                        Reichsführer SS. RSHA Mil. Amt D. No. 2348/44 Most Secret (streng Geheim)    Sgd. Gambke Oblt. (KV 2/3015; PF 601616

KV 2/3015

                                                                                                                                                                                Crown Copyright

Gotthard Gambke

KV 2/3015; PF 601616


                                                                                                                                                                                        Crown Copyright

Organisation structure of Amt Mil. section D. (where apparently Oblt. Gotthard Gambke was employed)


(AOB: By the way: Rudi Staritz, my late best friend, was in late Autumn engaged at FAK 202 as an W/T operator)

KV 2/526, page 25

                                                                                                                                                                            Crown Copyright

10.8.44    (110932 Isk)    Madrid - Berlin.    (8 corrupt) Sport  (AOB: likely Berlin Mil.Amt), Duett - Walldorf (AOB: likely Major von Abshagen's successor or deputy in Berlin?).    Ref. your message 7374 of 8/8 (Isk 110308; not within our series)    1)    Report on Kruse V-Leute 1913 and 1914, who had been found again, as well as their continued refusal to leave, was sent to Westerwald (= Abwehrleitstelle Paris) for Andergast (= Major von Abshagen; whether he was still in function I cannot yet say) in our message 2341 of 2/8 (Isk 109665 = 3.8.44).

2)    Contents of your message 519 of 20/7 and Sport (AOB: likely Berlin Mil.Amt) 564 of 18/7 (not received).

3)    V-Leute had changed their rooms in Metro (= Madrid) without stating their address and were not at the rendez-vouz otherwise arranged,    K.d.M.Spain 2895.

For full reference, please see cards for V 1913 and 1914.

11.8.44.    (3274 ISBA?)    Berlin - Furnovo.    Paris. For Major von Abshagen or authorised deputy. F.A.K.202 with Heeres Grouppe Nord Ukraine. Ic/AO (Armee-Oberkommando) via FS (Fernschreiber = Telex) Cracow (Krakau)/    For Hptm. Dirn 9corrupt) 203 via FS (Fernschreiber Atlas (Atlas was the Abwehr HQ at Nikolaiken near to Hitler's HQ Wolfsschanze in East Prussia) Obstlt, Arnold (Rudolf Staritz told me once: about Christmas 1944 he (Arnold) was the commander of FAK 202; though he was dismissed as he tried to escape combat for himself whereas his FAK 202 was forced to defend themselves) Obstlt. or authorised deputy (corrupt) (FAK)  ..????for PI. Sonderstad? 212. For Hptm. Reuter. Your attention is drawn to the following report which has reached this end. (Passage corrupt) from military sources during the last few weeks, but especially after the Moscow (Moskau)  declaration of 23rd inst. considerabel discord in Polish Army formations, especially of the 8th Army (few word corrupt) H.Q.s of renewed discord within Polish Air Force formations in England.    Special value is to be attached to the latter (text d'ful) in view of the relatively strong Polish Air formations in England and of their special popularity not only with the command and men of the RAF, but also among the English populance.    During the last few days the Polish Exile Government has been vainly trying to prevail upon the Foreign Office to induce the Soviet Union to yield.    Against this, the Foreign Office is pressing for the immediate recall of the Polish Foreign Minister Romer and the War Minister Sosnowski.       

                    Reichsführer S.S. R.S.H.A. Mil Amt. No. 2348/44.   Most Secret (streng Geheim) (eventually: gKdos .... ../..) Sgd. Gamske Gambke  Oblt.

11.8.44.    (3277  ISBA?)    Berlin - Fornovo.    To OBSW/Ic (Oberbefehlshaber Süd-West/Ic = intelligence officer enemy intelligence) For Pi.    Sonderstab 212 for Hptm. Reuter or deputy.    Some text to Leitstelle II Ost of Frontaufklärung for Oblt. Ernst zu Eikern or deputy: (AOB: my late best friend Rudolf Staritz told me about him about Western Germany in Springtime 1945!) or deputy: Leitstelle II West for Frontaufklärung, Paris, for Major von Abshagen (AOB: I am not certain whether Wolfgang von Abshagen had not yet been captivated as a suspect to the failed  assassination attempt on Hitler of 20 July 1944) for Major von Abshagen of deputy F.A.K. 202 with Heeres Gruppe Nord Ukraine Ic/AO via Cracow (Krakau) for Hptm. Kirn or deputy: F.A.K. 203 via Atlas 2 (AOB: Abwehr HQ at Nikolaiken in East Prussia quite in the vicinity of Hitler's HQ Wolfschanze) for Obstlt. Arnold or deputy.    Ic OBSW (Oberbefehlshaber-Süd-West) for Pi (Pionier) Sonderstab 212 for Hptm. Reuter or deputy.

11.8.44.    (110793 Isk)    Berlin - Paris.    24.    Please pass at once to Major von Abshagen and Oblt. Laue.    With consent of Oblt. Laue traffic (16 missing) will be discontinued after 14/8, Burg (= W/T Berlin) send all messages for Igel (= Major von Abshagen's new cover-name at Abwehr Leitstelle Paris)  to Westerwald (= Paris Leitstelle)/    Obltn. Laue is investigating courier link between Westerwald (= Alst Paris).    Oblt. Laue is investigating courier link between Westerwald (= Paris) and Dienststelle Major von Abshagen at your end.            Isis 126.      

????.44.    (111009 Isk)    Berlin - Paris.    27. From Grau for Dr. Andergast Paris.    From Saphir No. 5. Send of V Erik at once.

12.8.44.    (111594 Isk)    Paris ? (Rhoen). 70. Most Secret (streng Geheim).    To Hptm. Traeger, Avignon. Major Hollmann VO-OB VO? (Oberbefehlshaber?) West and Führer der Streifkorps Frankreich Division Brandenburg (Kurfürst?), has arrived in Paris.    Address Hotel Washington, Rue Washington 43, telephone Bal (l=Luftwaffe Verbindungen?) 1754.    Radio (Sende/Vermittle) daily report every day (täglich) through Leitstelle II (situated at Hotel Lutetia, Boulevard Raspail 43, Paris) West for Frontaufklärung VO.    100legionaires are being brought in as soon as possible ? Division Brandenburg VO Stab OB (Oberbefehlshaber) West I A 2/44 Most Secret (streng Geheim).

16.9.44.    (115693 Isk)    Berlin - Madrid, For Elcano (AOB: an alias of the former Leiter K.O. Spain; but since August 1944 succeeded by Obstlt. Kleyenstueber) (KV 2/1494; PF 601503) for (Büro) Pizarro.    From Sport (AOB: might this concern R.S.H.A. Amt Mil (Mil.Amt) located in the Bekaerstrasse in Berlin?) 160.    If sick guest has proposals for getting work in his country or origin agreement with Bolero and report by FS (AOB: =Fernschreiben; as France was mostly liberated - the only means of communication left were W/T - or mail - and/or by airline connection) to this end requested (gefragt).    Duett Palmstroem (AOB: this new designation Duett Palmstroem might indicate that the former Duett-Walldorf was likely the Major von Abshagen's representative. As in the meantime Major Wolfgang was dismissed or likely to be trialled, a new name for a well-known Leiter II office was chosen. We know that Major Wolfgang was honourless dismissed from the Wehrmacht and lost his civil rights; like was the case with Obstlt. Kuebart (KV 2/410; PF601833) (    (AOB: in KV 2/161, page 64 on Peter Schagen noticed:  Hptm Neumann zu Koeningsbrück @ Palmstroem)        548/9

18.9.44.    (116185 Isk)    Madrid - Berlin.    To Duett for Palmstroem.  (AOB: in KV 2/161, page 64 on Peter Schagen noticed:  Hptm Neumann zu Koeningsbrück @ Palmstroem)  Your message 548 (Isk 115693 (16.9.44) incomprehensible.    No proposals received. Is Andergast the same one as the (? old Pizarro)    Sgd. (Büro) Pizarro 341. K.d.M. Spain)  

21.9.44.    (116596 Isk)    Berlin - Madrid.    313 From Sport 214 (Mil.Amt - D?).  For Elcano (AOB: incorrect as Kleyenstüber cover-names Anzo and? succeeded Elcano actually Freg.-Kapt. Wilhelm Leissner in August 1944) (Büro) Pizarro.    Your W/T message (Bericht) 341 (Isk 116185 (18.9.44) SCH (AOB: = Peter Schagen KV 2/161; PF 600294) is meant in accordance with your W/T message 383 of 31.8.44 (Isk 113667 not in our series; of 29/8) Duett-Walldorf 548/9 secret (Geheim)

Closure of this selectively reproduced R.S.S. summary.


KV 2/526, page 26    (minute 7a)

                                                                                                                                                        Crown Copyright

Original in PF 600324 1a

Salland, General.

Extract taken from Information received from Jigger (Uffz. Herbert J.W. Bechthold (Abw. II) employed at Alst H.Q. in Hotel Lutetia, Boulevard Raspail 43) on General Salland, who has been in close touch with General von Lahousen (KV 2/173; PF 603251), former chief of Abw. II, Nerlin Berlin (Date of information 13.9.44) (AOB: in those days, Paris was already safely in French possession again)

                    In July 1944, Major von Abshagen, Chief of Alst Abwehr II in Paris, paid the General a visit in the name of Colonel General Lahousen, whose aid-de-camp he was at that time.


KV 2/526, page 27a +28b   (minute 6a)

                                                                                                                                                                        Crown Copyright


Original in S.F. 52/4/14 (2)   9a.                                                                                                                                                                                PF 600724.

Abwehr, Abteilung II:

                    Extract taken from report on Abwehrleitstelle (Alst) II Paris, (Leitstelle II West für Frontaufklärung,), Personnel and Employees. (Source, Jigger (Uffz. Herbert J.W. Bechthold), d.d 10.9.44).

Chief:    Major Wolfgang von Abshagen (Andergast).

Reservist (der Reserve);    since May 1938, in Abwehr II,  especially in Berlin.    First he was Ia (aide) to Colonel (Obst.) Lahousen, then to Colonel (Obst. Freytag von Loringhoven              

de   (; sadly briefly: en ( It was upon von Abshagen fell of distributing the the officers throughout the Absehr system in Europe.    It was in March 1944 that he took charge of Abwehr II in Paris.    His principal accomplishment there was the organisation of the system of Abwehr trupps (FAT). He pais frequent visits in various centres (AOB: mostly in Spain).

                    He is a very intelligent man, and a prudent one.    He knows the Abwehr in all it ramifications from top to bottom.    As to political opinion, he is rather Rightist, but has never revealed his real opinion.    He was arrested on 12 August for his former activities with Obst. Freytag von Loringhoven. 

                    Height, 1,75m;    thin, ascetic type; grey-white hair, hawk nosed; blue eyes. 50 years old.

                   Was general director of a film company in Berlin but lost his position.

                    He lives in Berlin at Eschenallee 8,  Berlin W., with his wife, in the home of a Major (von?) Tannen, his own home having been destroyed by a bombardment.

a.    Kapitän (Hptm.?) Dr. Wilhelm Gracert (Grimm)

      Chief of Abwehrcommando 210

                    After he held command in Russia he came, at the suggestion of Abshagen, to Paris.    He is Abshagen's nephew. ...

3.                Major Brandt (known in Brussels as Bernard)

......            He came to Paris in Nov/43, where he was in charge of the technical side of the establishment of the depots.    He took command after von Abshagen left. (12 August 1944)

.    .    .   

38.    Lt. Schagen.

            Resident of Berlin, Eschenallee 8 care of Major Abshagen ...


KV 2/526, page 29a = 30b    (minute 5a)

                                                                                                                                                                    Crown Copyright

Original in

PF 65930 (= KV 2/1734 ... KV 2/1938) (AOB: seemingly one of the poorest kept files, one gets the impression - that it had been stored underneath an railway carrage for 75 years or so!)

Müller/Konieczny/Ramzi/Hoffmann. (interrogated in Iraq and extremely poorly treated there)

                    Extract taken from interim Report on Müller (of the Mammut Expedition), forwarded from S.I.M.E. on 24.8.43 under Ref. SIME/005/I/241, and received 31.8.43.

Most Secret, Officers only.

.    .    .

Abw. II.            (i)    Chef-Gruppe.

No. 27.    Abshagen von, Major Now Zossen.    Adjutant of Colo. (Obst.) von Lahousen Ic personal matters of Abwehr II.

                (Personal description available. See Z.43/843/10 (para b.)

No. 28.    Dr. Novothik, Capt. (Hptm.)    Worjing with Major von Abshagen.    In Berlin. Did not move to Zossen (Bunker Zeppelin)

.    .    .

Most secret.

                Extract from S.I.S. letter from Major O'Brien to Mr. Kellar (A.J. Kellar M.I.5 B.1.b.) re substance of a telegram sent to S.I.S. Representative in Cairo for communication to S.I.M.E. (d.d. 17.10.43, Ref. CX/??/29/V.E.

.    .    .

                A unit of the Niedermayer Legion (Niedermayer played a rôle during WW I, in Persia.) is known to have been in Salonika on III work (counter-intelligence) in February this year.    We have gone further into the question of von Abshagen, and now beleave that he is identical with Werner Andergast, who occupies an important position in Abwehr II, possibly as the head of the Western section or head of the Chefgruppe of Abwehr II.    This man was first reported last February and is still frequently met with.

.    .    .

Most Secret.

                Extract from Result of Look-ups in M.I.5 and Section V (S.I.S. counter-espionage) Registries on characters listed in the Interim Report on Characters listed in 11th Interim Report on Müller. (Forwarded with letter to S.I.M.E.  d/d/ 27.10.43   Ref. PF 65930/ B.1.b./AJK (= A.J. Kellar of M.I.5 section B.I.b.)

27.            Abshagen, Major von.    See Section V (S.I.S. counter espionage)  telegrams of 17.9.43 and 15.10.43.    There is some doubt whether he is identical with Dr. Karl Heinz von Abshagen.   ( , born 14.5.1895, in Stralsund; a journalist  by profession who served in the German Army in the last war (1914-1918), and in 1930 was was collaborating with Friedrich Baumeister in the English section of German I.S.

(AOB: Bullshit, they weren't well informed. It was the dubious U.35 whom spied upon all Germans staying in England. U.35 internally Klop Ustinov was born in Palestine from a Russian father and a German mother. He served in the German Army in WW I. But after 1918 he was employed at a German Press agency in London. As he spoke English and German language he became the protégé of Dick G. White. Maybe already before Dick entered M.I.5.. He simulated friendship to his German country men and spoke freely with them; but he briefed every conversation over to the British Secret Services.   He drew the ill conclusion that Wolfgang von Abshagen was equal to Karl Heinz von Abshagen. Confusion was also energised - because Karl Heinz von Abshagen nowhere showed up after August 1939. The reason was, that Karl Heinz von Abshagen became engaged as a journalist in China, especially in the broadcast services. He was virtually trapped there as he could not return from China to Europe again)

   ... He lived in the U.K. from May 1931 - August 1939.    This question of identity can perhaps be settled by showing Müller the attached photograph of Karl Heinz von Abshagen. (probably taken about 1931).

                                                                                                                    Crown Copyright

Photo of Dr. Karl Heinz von Abshagen.

We sadly do not possess a copy of Wolfgang von Abshagen


                Extract taken from S.I.M.E. Report No.1 d/d/ 29.11.43 - 3.1.44, on Müller, forwarded from S.I.M.E. on 12.1.44. under ref. SIME/005/I/CIO., and received 27.1.44.

8.            Major von Abshagen  (description)

please digest this yourself

KV 2/526 page 31a

                                                                                                                                                        Crown Copyright

Original in PF 66314 (= KV 2/275 .. KV 2/277) (AOB: The file name is on Harlequin British cover-name; German cover-name or German Tarnname Wurmann, though the man's real name was: Dr. Weiss!)

Most Secret.

Extract taken drom report re talks with Major Wurmann, d.d. 4.2.43.

.    .    .

24.    The daughter of von Abshagen who, according to Wurmann, has lived for many years in London, was secretary in Ast Paris to Major Waag (AOB: deputy of Leiter Alst France Rudolf) Referat I H.    She was married in spring of 1942 in Paris to a man called Haag (?), who is now at the German Legaton in Budapest.    Haag lived in Canada for a long time and intends to return there with his wife after the war.    Wurmann says that Abshagen lived in London as a business man, and not, as I maintained, a journalist. (AOB: nonsense! He was mainly a journalist please read his extensive file: (

.    .    .

Extract taken from Notes. Source Harlequin Wurmann real name Dr. Weiss!

Re: General Intelligence. d.d. 18.3.43 (U.35 Report. (AOB: our not so smart guy, whom cheated his fellow Germans as he briefed every conversation to M.I.5 especially in touch with Dick G. White (D.G.)

.    .    .   


        Harlequin maintains. that there lived in London for a number of years as director of the Deutsche Überseebank" (this certainly was not Wolfgang's brother Karl Heinz) one Abshagen. the father of the woman, who now works in the Abwehr (nonsense!) only know of the journalist, whom at a later stage, before the invasion of Holland, was stationed in Amsterdam. Harlequin does not connect the journalist with Abw. work, but says that there is another Abshagen in the Abwehr Berlin. Could you please enlighten me on the subject?

.    .    .

Extract from letter from S.I.S.    name deleted to Mr. Milmo (H.P. Milmo M.I.5 B.1.b), d.d. 29.6.43 Ref. CX/11620(likely)/1213/V

.    .    .

    Although presumably you know the answers to a good many of U.35's queries (our not too smart Klop Ustinov), here are our own comments:- (AOB: entirely incorrect conclusions, this is what happens when British Intelligence personnel couldn't communicate in German language themselves, they had to rely on various sorts of translators)

1)    Abshagen is almost certainly identical with Major von Abshagen of Abwehr II, and Liaison Officer with the Brandenburg Regiment.    In the autumn of 1942 he visited the out-stations of Nantes and St. Jean- de-Luz and returned to Berlin towards the middle of October 1942. (AOB: actually Karl Heinz von Abshagen lived then in China)



AOB: I would like to terminate this intriguing document of only 34 (document) pages!



To be continued in due course.

By Arthur O. Bauer