KV 2/3573 & KV 2/2654


The Reith & Recke

related files.

Some part of Reith's file once took place on the North- and South-American continent

and then proceeding onto North Africa; where he became the Consul General (Minister) in Tangier (Tanger)

 The second file is on Rudolf; alias Recke and Moruno

His role mainly covered Abwehr operations

from Tetuan on the North African Continent ( now Morocco).


It is quite sad, that the reproduction quality is so poor, that photo's are not usable for reproduction. One gets really the impression: as if the micro-film reels had been once stored for many decades under the undercarriage of a train, though without proper protection!


KV 2/3573 and KV 2/2654 Case

On the one hand the results are a bit meagre, but this might have been caused by the very facts, that those involved never have been really interrogated by British Services. However, I trust that no one among those visiting today this webpage, has ever seen indications into this  field or direction.

 KV 2/3573 & KV 2/2654


By Arthur O. Bauer