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Fuellop Josef

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Fullep , Fuellop , Fülöp ...

makes sense in regard to the Karl Heinz Kraemer (Krämer) case,

the Luft Attaché in Stockholm

between Autumn 1942 up to about 15 or 19 April 1945


The intriguing clue was: that Kraemer claimed that he obtained most delicate information via the Hungarian Secret Service Organisation.

Where almost all information was gathered via the Iberian Peninsula, conveyed by a courier, within a diplomatic bag, using the regular airline system between Spain and Berlin (which operated even in March/April 1945), and via a diplomat in the Berlin Hungarian Legation

named: Janos Horvath,

so far without knowledge of the German Foreign Office (Auswertiges Amt or simply called AA), again per diplomatic mail to Stockholm. Up to somewhere in Spring 1944, the mail was formerly addressed to Kraemer's friend Grundböck; who distributed it onto Japanese Military Attaché Onodera and Kraemer.

Kraemer absorbed what did make sense to him, and routed it: via the "Auswertiges Amt"   further onto the Abwehr later - to Amt VI / Mil Amt; both in Berlin)

A critical moment arose - about the time Grundböck passed away.

Because - he lacked the necessary contacts himself, so essential for his acting in Scandinavia.

Grundböck was Hungarian albeit, that be obtained the Swedish citizenship after his arrival in Sweden.

Grundböck was born in the Donau-Monarchy era; after WW I he had to choose between Austrian- or Hungarian-citizenship; he chose the latter.

But Grundböck was a business man with widespread contacts, as he possessed very good relations to the Baltic States, including Finland.

Kraemer was an extremely well-informed special agent, very intelligent and - surpassing most of his military ordinates; he - a graduated academic - versus a military education (career). 

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Miss McCollum, did a comprehensive research on the Kraemer case.

She refers to the Fullep/Fuellop file without passing-on the adequate reference.

Likely originating from the fact - that no one then, could ever have expected that three decades later, all would have been made public.

Without, my foregoing commitment with the Kraemer  case, I never would have considered the Fullep case of relevance.