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Paul Georg Fidrmuc




KV 2/201




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KV 2/201

Fidrmuc Paul Georg

PF 64447


This chapter is mainly dedicated to the so-called:

RSS Intercepts (RSS = Radio Security Service)

Britain's most valuable assets during

World War Two!

These intercepts had been mainly decrypted

at Bletchley Park

and were noticed internally as

MSS (Most Secret Source)


However, there existed other intercept groups, like ADM Admiralty and, of course, others as well.

In my perception, these informations were most essential, as they provided inside vision in what was going on at Germany's decision making levels. 

Think of: directly being informed what Hitler's orders and/or responses were.

However, it provided direct inside-vision on all sorts of organisational levels; sometimes even trivial ones.

As long as Wireless Telegraphy (W/T) (or telex/teletype) was concerned.

As to increase the probability of German W/T communications, structural disruption being caused in the well organised German telephone-cable trunks and exchange structures. In particular in the in days after the D-Day (6 June 1944) landings on the European continent.

I hope to provide some understanding as to what the German Abwehr Communications (OKW Military Intelligence) was about.

It consisted mainly of three Sections:

Section I    (military espionage)

Section II (Small scale military operations support, known as: z.b.V. 800 - later Brandenburg Divisions (think of capturing bridges or forts and that like).

Not like British SOE, which were sometimes used to kill someone, but purely highly trained operational support efforts; like was considered in our Ostro-Fidrmuc case.

Section III (think mainly of counter-intelligence; well-known was Section/Referat III-F).


For the first time you will get a quite systematic inside vision, as to what it could be about; though, combined with a communication map.

It all started with a British map of some W/T links in the Balkans.

Discussing this with my late best friend Rudolf Staritz, whom during the war was an Abwehr signal operator.

Rudi suggested: wouldn't it be possible to extend this map?

His thoughts first was expending it towards the east (Russia).

But the British Services did not cover Russia well. I suppose due to the distance, and maybe also the so-called "skip" zones. Implying that signals reflected at the "Heaviside layer" (Think of F-,  E- and D-Layer an that kind) (  Maybe also from an organisational point of view.

Therefore, my map-reconstruction expanded mainly west-wards. For practical reasons, I only cover main W/T links; as otherwise it would become impossible to distinguish the main communication lines.

Another problem, is: the used line-numbering.

I tend to believe - that these were British designations, but I am not entirely sure about it.

The Germans coordinated all W/T call-signs and likely also communication routes and their according designations.

Let us, therefore, consider them a designation, maybe being given by their organisations.

How do I know these facts?

I am on merely daily bases engaged with studying the KV 2/xxxx serials since early 2015, and have come across quite many RSS intercept serials; providing, often, also the communication line designations - from which much information being derived.

The main lines were:

I/  = Hamburg

II/ = Berlin


VII/ was Vienna

(Roman prefix was a typical German designation method, but, also normal 'Arabic' numbers being used (1, 2, 3 ..)

After Amt VI / Amt Mil (Milamt) merged with most of the Abwehr, other serials were added

Like XIII/... and XIV/...  and that like.

The application of Roman figures, might have been an indication of a German origin, as it were the Germans rather often using them, in contrast to the British Services.

As to enhance your understanding - I have to explain in detail, especially in the beginning of our Survey.

I do expect that we later will become more acquainted with the subject.

However, I will add as comprehensive reference section, so that everyone can jump to this section and backwards. (Albeit that I am not yet clear as to how it has to be accomplished - keeping it as a "full proof" facility. It might therefore happen that I am being forced to change the way it is functioning, sometimes)

 (E2096   ↓↓↓↓↓↓     E2096return) Consider the links between Berlin and Stuttgart and Berlin Buenos Aires. For whatever reason, the Lisbon W/T station managed to convey via the Berlin transmitter link (likely Havelinstitut line) to establish communication, this time, also with Lisbon.    (XIV/39 = 14/39)

Reconstruction of the major German communication lines in Western Europe (excluding Russia)

Please click at the above drawing as to open it in pdf; allowing you to print it in every printer size you like (when appropriate).

Sometimes, there existed more circuit designations, implying that more services had their parallel W/T channels.

Sometimes, the cover-names for cities being noticed inside the circles:  Basta = Gibraltar; Hamburg = Hafen; Berlin = Burg, Schloss and Palais; Vienna (Wien) = Wera;   Paris = Parkstadt;    Madrid = Metro, Merkur and Media and (W/T station Sabine);   Lisbon = Lisa and Lina; Buenos Aires = Kurort (Argentine = Schlachthof);    Oslo = Otto;    Stuttgart = Sonja;    Wiesbaden =s Wilja;    Athens (Athen) = Adolf;    Bordeaux = Bordstadt;    Istambul = Ida;   Mitylene (Greece) = Berta;    Frascati (Italy) maybe also periodically Taormina at Sicily = Togo (Kesselring's H.Q. in Italy).   Countries were also designated in codes:              England = Golfplatz;    Portugal = Weinberg;    Hütte = Switzerland;    Spain = Garten - but later also known as Quadrat;    Belgium = Grube;    Tom's Hütte ; Samland = USA (likely also named: Farmland)    .....

HIOB is Heer (Army); Abwehr Referat I; Ost = East; B = Berlin;    Andreas   is (likely) Referatsleiter I   for the Iberian Peninsula); 




Next two photographs originating from some foregoing files


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In the background we notice Paul Georg Fidrmuc

and in front we see Dr. Beck (photo likely taken in 1941)



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Photo of Paul Georg Fidrmuc at a Portuguese beach, with his canoe


KV 2/201-1, page 2a

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"U" (= Ultra, one of the designation of MSS; Ultra was used in particular cases)

Fidrmuc  Paul.

@ Ostro

Agent in Lisbon

Born 28.6.1898


Address:-    Chalet Igloo,

                    Rua Alsfonso Henriques, (C2094      C2094return)

                    Estoril,  Lisbon

                    II/54        Lisbon-Berlin

                                                                                                                  II/1          Lisbon-Madrid via Nauen; (AOB, likely also via Stahnsdorf/Belzig)

                                                                                                          XIV          Amt VI link, likely via the Havelinstitut (sometimes used 14/39)

                                                         VII/205   Vienna (= Wien) code-name Wera    

         VII/205   Wera   

11/380    ??

14.1.42 ( no x.ref made = not yet providing an Isk reference) the Abwehr operated Enigma machines since Autumn 1941

14.1.42    Berlin→Rome.    Re. embarkation of English expeditionary Force for Middle or Far East.   Source Ostro. Give a long report re the embarkation (AOB: source Mos?)

17.1.42    Berlin→Rome.    Ostro reports on 1/1:    Up to date no withdrawals of R.A.F. but on the other hand the whole of the R.A.F. is being withdrawn and only one flight No. 2 remains. Transport to Alexandria has already been carried out.

24.1.42    Berlin-Madrid.    (Directed to Sabine at KO Spain, in Madrid) Ostro gives report re troop movements from England, formation and rout of convoy etc.

2.2.42     Berlin-Rome.        Ostro gives a long report re the Libyan campaign. (AOB: source likely Mos) 

25.2.42    Berlin-Rome. reports on 15/2 from Cairo (AOB: source Mos):  On grounds of insufficient forces and lack of supplies the infantry garrison on the island of Gozo near Malta has been withdrawn. Only covering forces and garrison in Forts Chambray and Casaldida.  Becker (AOB: the latter likely signed by)

4.3.42     Berlin-Lisbon. For Ludovico (AOB: cover-name of Ludovico von Karsthof(f) - real name Obstlt. (Major) d. Luftwaffe Ludwig Cremer von Auenrode) for Ostro. Wire (Telegrafiere .. sende) to Engler & Co Zuerich (Zürich), Stafthaus, G.7.,  the price of the navicert (ships assurance certificate) goods offered in the memorandum (coffee, sardines etc).    Engler is working with with the Stellen (Offices concerned) at this end,* but despite this is cautious.  Engler's partners i.e. Lang and Faermann (Fährmann) will get in touch with you from Zuerich (Zürich)    after offer has been made.  Payment to you from account (?) at Esprito Santo immediately possible.  Letter follows with ... (remainder corrupt could not be decrypted)   * Please bear always in mind - that the German communication system were transmitter in blocks of five digits; leaving out capitals en dots and commas. The descriptor/editor had by means of a pencil to separate words which were most frequently within a 5 digit figure block.

16.3.42    Berlin-Lisbon.    Receives a message. (Which one?)

18.3.42    Lisbon-Berlin.    Ref. message 16/3 No more precise details known since last (7 letters corrupt, not readable) report end of January.  Ostro is having a consultation and will then report by W/T (Funk).   Sgd. by    Ludovico (= alias of Head of the entire KO Portugal) and Ostro (Paul Fidrmuc)

18.3.43 42  Lisbon→Berlin    Ludwig (= I L). Martin (= I M) (Luftwaffe and Marine).  Ref message re American troops in Madagascar 16/3 (AOB: ?)  Nothing known at this end Ludovico has had an interview with Ostro (Paul Fidrmuc) at which this matter was discussed.  Ostro suggests that you should ask Andreas (?), as Ostro received a report of South Africa about 10 days ago.  Even in the last Q report there is no confirmation of departure not noteworthy troop formations towards Cape Town..  Ludovico (Leiter KO Portugal) Diaz (AOB = likely is Ii of KOP. Leiter of communications of KOP)   

23.3.42    Berlin-Lisbon    For Ludovico for Ostro (Leiter KOP to hand out to Fidrmuc)    Ostro is to report by W/T whether purchaser was made and money paid to him.  Ludovico (AOB: incorrect! as the name or his cover-designation of the one sending this message should be provided)

25.3.42    Lisbon-Berlin. Ref. (not given) message 23/3/42.  Ref purchase of truck load of coffee.  Ostro will telegraph via his firm (Brucker-Traus Ltdsa)   Ludovico  Ostro.

27.3.42    Berlin-Lisbon.    For Ludovico for Ostro.    Ref. courier letter.  50 tons agreed to, in principle.  We doubt possibility of transit through Spain. (AOB: The Allied were keen to restrict food or likely means exports to Germany)  In telegram traffic distinguish these 50 tons for Eduscho (AOB: a still existing Coffee brand in Germany), Germany, from any goods to be purchased for Brucker Belgium.  Your telegram 26 (← = a reference number) (to) (Baron von) Knigge personally.     HKW (HWK = Handelswirtschaftskammer) was instructed by Kayser → by letter and telegram,


KV 2/201-1, page 3b

                                                                                                                                                        Crown Copyright

by letter and telegram, and by us through Ludovico, to pay out 300,000 escudos, in words three hundred thousand ... Ludwig (I L in Berlin;  Skarupa the office, both in Berlin, handling Fidrmuc, headed by Oblt. Wilhelm von Carnap), Andreas (?).  N.B. HKW poss: error for HWK = Hisowak (AOB: the latter could have been a so-called 'telegram address' for Handelswirtschaftskammer)

30.3.42    Berlin-Lisbon    for Ludovico (Head KOP) for Ostro.  Long message re payment for five wagons of coffee and their transit through Spain. Sgd. Andreas (AOB: I suppose the Abwehr I Referent, in Berlin)

31.3.42    Berlin-Taormina (Sicily Italy)    Ref. supplies for North Africa and Malta.  Supplement to W/T message No. 700 to Togo (= Frascati in particular Kesselring's GAF H.Q.) (see map) of 23/3/42.  Ostro reports under the 17/3/42 the following:   Air Marshal Tedder arrived in Cairo on the 16th from Baghdad. Other senior British officers are expected from London along with Cripps.  (Note: a long report re the arrival of British troops ... Hahland (?)

1.4.42    Berlin-Lisbon    For Ludovico for Ostro. We have just learned that (the goods) can possibly be allowed through by sea route or through Sofindus (= Sociedad Financiera e Industrial; owned by Bernhardt; KV 2/2949, PF 602735).  (Corrupt incorrectly received) that the remainder can be paid, if you can guarantee that the goods will soon be dispatched  to the end (Germany/Berlin).  Have you received 300,000 escudos?  Sgd. by Ludwig (I L) Andreas (likely the handling referent)


4.4.42    Lisbon-Berlin Berlin-Lisbon For Ludovico personal. Ostro was to buy for a Reichsstelle in Schloss (= cover-name of Berlin)  300,000 escudos worth of coffee. He received this sum from Knigge. Has, however, 800,000 escudos worth.  Not possible to return the difference. Whole quantity is to be taken over by Schloss (=Berlin).  Balance of payment not possible till goods (arrive) in Henday (= French border town opposite Spanish Irun).  If Ostro can guarantee transit through Garten (= Spain) (there will be no difficulties whatsoever.  If necessary you must give assistance at Embassy in Media (= Madrid).  Please discuss with Ostro and radio result . Detailed letter to Ostro, who accuses unjustly of having subsequently latered promise, is following by courier.  If financing cannot be done through you, Ostro is to answer the following questions explicitly.    1)    Is an advance through the bank possible?    2)    How high are charges for the advance?    3)    Is Georges taking over a part for Grube (= Belgium)  How much?    4)    Is transport through Lassen in accordance with our W/T message of 1/4 possible?    5)    What guarantee does Ostro give that goods will not be held up in Garten (Spain).  Many thanks for your trouble.  Ludwig (= I L, Berlin) Andreas (=likely the Referent; cover-name or not)  (sender) Skarupa.



AOB: quite many deals were considered, but hardly one ultimately matured. Why?  We cannot prove it, but it is not unlikely - that these kind of RSS intercepts alerted the British Officials, and they ordered their diplomatic Services to put discrete pressure upon the Portuguese and/or Spanish authorities, as to frustrate most of German material desires.         


KV 2/201-1, page 7c

                                                                                                                                                                    Crown Copyright

                    Fidrmuc Paul @ Ostro.

11.6.42    Lisbon-Berlin.    Hercules (= I Heer) for Skarupa.    In re your message No. 263 of 9/6.  250,000 escudos paid today.  In accordance on sector to Irun (West Pyrenees) (Place opposite the border river between Spain and France lays Henday) (remainder received corrupt).

11.6.42    Lisbon-Berlin.    To Andreas (some one handling Referent at Berlin Referat I).    W/T message from Ostro (AOB: Ostro staying by then in Italy at Taormina, on Sicily, for a while). Report V of 4th June.  Message re arrival of reinforcements and materials in Egypt (AOB: likely source Mos, in the Near East), and withdrawal of troops and quantities of material from the 9th Army for despatch to the 8th Army)  Sgd. Ludovico and Ostro.    

12.6.42    Berlin-Taormina.    Ref. North Africa - arrivals of troops and materials.  Ostro report from Egypt dated 4th June, 1942. (Beginning of message identical with that on Lisbon-Berlin service on 11/6 re re-inforcements of troops, etc.) Continues:  Moreover (the following coinciding information was received from this source and also from Lend and Lease Bureau Cairo and U.S.A. Navy Officer Featherstone  attached to Movement Control Officer, Cairo, Viz:, that transports of troops and material which were destinated for India but were still at sea, had, by decision of 2nd June been re-directed to Red Sea harbours Nile Basin ...

13.6.42    Berlin-Lisbon.    For Ludovico. Pay out to Ostro on July 1st, 1942 132,000 escudos.  ZF (AOB: ZF cover-name Pago, was the Paymaster of Madrid)

17.6.42    Lisbon-Madrid. To Sommer (like Ludovico was a cover-name for Head of KO Portugal was Sommer a cover-name of the Head of KO Spain)   for Pago (ZF) (real name Franzbach; the Paymaster in Madrid).  There is to hand here an order from ZF to pay Ostro 132,000 escudos at the end of this month.  Request running expenses. Ludovico Paquito  (AOB: might Pasquito have been an subordinated Paymaster obeying to Pago in Madrid?) .

18.6.42    Berlin-Taormina. Ref. North Africa.    Ostro reports dated 11/6/42 from Egypt.  Text of message consists of information re arrival of reinforcement for British troops in Egypt and shortage of materials and supplies. Addendum Ostro:-  In the opinion of 2 reliable Gelehrsleuten (?) from England the passing convoys through the Mediterranean is the result of most urgent demands from Cairo since via Cape they would come too late,  Hahland

19.6.42    Madrid-Lisbon.    To Ludovico for Paquito (AOB: this message might indicate what I expected that Paquito is subordinate to Pago (ZF) in Madrid).  If possible pay amount to Ostro if those funds are at your disposal.  Otherwise ask Wiemann for loan. If a special order to the latter via Marine (Naval) Attaché is necessary please inform me.  Pago (ZF = Franzbach) KO Spain.

24.6.42    Berlin-Taormina. ref. position in North Africa.  Ostro reported on 16/6 that the slipping of 2 convoys through the Mediterranean will undoubtedly have been rendered necessary by the extremely difficult position as regards supplies of material to the 8th Army. (AOB: in my perception, this situation had been caused by Rommel's successful capture of the fortress Tobruk, in Eastern Libya) DE (, EN (  One of his agent's reported that convoys are now also to go along the east coast (into the direction of the Egyptian border) of Africa, whereas formerly only troops went in convoy.  Another agent reports that on a flight from England to Portugal conversations turned mainly on the supplies for the Middle East.    One of the passengers on 15/6 was a colonel of the R.A.S.C., who was going on to Africa with special powers (as he said)  to mobilise what supplies and material he could.  Sgd. Becker

25.6.42    Lisbon-Berlin.    To Andreas (cover-name of the Referent whom handled Iberian Peninsula matters) for Skarupa.    Sum 500,000 escudos paid to Ostro in full. Please inform ZF (= Pago the Paymaster Franzbach at KO Spain in Madrid) to this effect. Ludovico (= Head of KO Portugal)  Heribert (= Kamler - alias of Oblt. Otto Kurer at Referat I at KO Portugal).

26.6.42    Berlin-Lisbon.    For Ludovico.    The sum to be paid to Ostro is increased by 4000 (?)  escudos to 136,000 escudos, payable on 1st July, 1942.    Sgd. HIOB. ZF (Paymaster in Madrid)

29.6.42    Berlin-Lisbon.    For Ludovico for Ostro.    You are urgently requested to obtain information concerning the total strength of U.S.A. troops in country of Agent A (?) and in England.  It is desired to have the numbers of divisions being drawn up with divisional numbers, names of the commanders, individual numbers, troop-movements to England, names and size of troop-transports.  Sgd. Skapura (Oblt. von Carnap's office)   

3.7.42    Lisbon-Berlin.    To Andreas for Skarupa (AOB: the application of the (cover-name) of Andreas first likely indicates that this Iberian Peninsula Referent is in a superior position).  (20 letters corrupt) ... message (serial number) 422 of 14/6 and EA No. (20 letters corrupt; think of QSB, lightning or signal interference) ... 136,000 escudos were paid to Ostro on 1/7. Ludovico Heribert (= Kamler, real name Oblt. Otto Kurer

4.7.42    Berlin-Lisbon.    For Ludovico. Pay out 6500 escudos to Ostro. Sgd. HIOB

1.7.42    Berlin-Taormina.    Ref. Ostro reports under the 30/6.    Large transports of troops to Egypt from Syria, and Palestine continue.  Much motorised infantry, little armour.  The troops concerned are English, Indian, de Gaullist and Polish.  Near El Kahara blockages of troops and materials were observed.  According to agent air attacks there would have a devastating effect.  Sgd. Bechtle (likely Berlin Referat I)

7.7.42    Lisbon-Berlin.    To Andreas (likely Referent Iberian Peninsula Referat I) from Ostro.  Report (20 letters corrupt).    28 June.  Long report re troop movement from India to Middle East American forces training in England, order by H.M. Stationary Office of maps of Corsica and loss of Egypt mail plane off Gibraltar.    Sgd. Ludovico  Ostro.           


KV 2/201-1, page 8d

                                                                                                                                                    Crown Copyright

21.7.42    Berlin-Lisbon.    To Lina (= Lisbon, KO Portugal).  For Ludovico, for Ostro.  Ludovico is expecting you for a discussion concerning difficulties with contacts (or communications).  If necessary give him a detailed report for us on your worries, and suggestions, to be passed on by courier.  Sgd. HIOB  Andreas.

30.7.42    Lisbon-Berlin.    To Andreas, from Ostrov Ostro.    In connection with the allocation of the whole of the American shipping space exclusively for transport of troops and supplies 20 letters corrupt ?  in accordance with your ...) 55, it is to be observed that numerous (15 letters corrupt) for export on ships under embargo since the beginning of July; report on the way.  Sgd. Ludovico Ostro.

(34)  (since 28 September 2023)

30.7.42    Lisbon-Berlin.    To Andreas (AOB: Likely Referatsleiter I for the Iberian Peninsula, in Berlin)    Ostro has received (permission to stat for another 3 months. (AOB: I suppose his remaining at Taormina on Sicily, Italy).  Sgd. Ludovico (alias of Head KO Portugal).

30.7.42    Lisbon-Berlin.    To Andreas.  Long message signed by Ostro re British and American military situation in Egypt.

1.9.42      Lisbon-Berlin.    To Andreas. Ostro gives a report re personages travelling on British Overseas Airways. BOAC . Sgd. Ludovico, Ostro. 

2.9.42      Berlin-Taormina.    Ref. Egypt troop movement, Long report from Ostro.   Sgd. Hahland (AOB: in what capacity Hahland stood I don't know)

2.9.42     Berlin-Taormina.    Ref.    R.A.F. in Egypt, Ostro reports. (AOB: strange! As regularly Ostro messages being conveyed from Taormina to Lisbon or maybe Berlin but not in reverse!)

2.9.42    Berlin-Taormina.    Ref. U.S.A. arrivals in Egypt Ostro reports??

3.9.42     Berlin-Taormina.   Ref.  Egypt.  Arrivals and changes in army of the Nile.  Ostro reports. (report follows).

(AOB: the last four W/T messages were addressed the other way around: thus it should have been: Taormina -Berlin instead!)

7.9.42     Berlin-Lisbon.    For Ludovico for Heribert (= Kamler / real name Oblt. Otto Kurer) 'for'  Skarupa (Oblt. Wilhelm von Carnap, in Berlin) (AOB: again curious because the message came from Berlin it hardly could have been sent) (AOB: I suppose that the mistakes originate in England's erroneous interpretation or execution)  Company contact not understood at this end owing to lack of supplementary information.     We have not received any advice as to settlement of most urgent Ostro questions as per W/T message 280 (not at hand)    Sgd. HIOB   Andreas.

11.9.42    Lisbon-Berlin.    To Andreas ... (very long message re tanks etc. in Egypt) ..... Add Skarupa:  Ostro again points out that events have confirmed the latest reports that all available reserves have been withdrawn from the northern front and that no improvement of the enemy's position can occur before the arrival of the advised convoy, i.e. the 21st at the earliest.       Ludovico    ? Skarupa is in Berlin?

11.9.42    Lisbon-Berlin.    to Andreas.    I hope that the most serious crisis in Ostro's state of health is now past.   Ostro is leaving tomorrow to recover.  Detailed report follows.  Ludovico.   Skarupa. (AOB: might this have occurred when Oblt. von Carnap stayed in Portugal??)


23.9.42    Lisbon-Berlin.    To Andreas.    Ostro gives a long report re situation in British India.

23.9.42    Lisbon-Berlin.    Ostro gives a report re England.

24.9.42    Lisbon-Berlin.    To Andreas. for Wernik (?) (I found reference that Wernik is employed at Referat I in Berlin) .  I acknowledge receipt of No. 85 Report of remittance via AGK received here in impossible form.  reported in detail in courier letter.  Confirm receipt with  sincere thanks of Senior (= Adm. Canaris Head of the entire Abwehr) letter and yours of 8 and 17.9.  Will be submitted to Ostro in Kanzlei (Chancellery) (AOB: The Legation at Rua Buenos Aires in Lisbon?) in the course of the next few days.  In better spirits and recovered in health.  Work taken up again energetically ... Skarupa.  Sgd.  Ludovico Heribert.


Please digest the rest of this page yourself.


KV 2/201-1, page 10e

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30.10.42    Lisbon-Berlin.    To Andreas.  A Very long Ostro report re trop and R.A.F. movements in Egypt.

31.2.42    Lisbon-Berlin.      To Andreas (= Referatsleiter I Iberian Peninsula) P (?) of 30 October. On 3rd or 4th November British General Staff commission will fly via Lisa (Lisbon) to Basta (= Gibraltar) or Cairo by BOAC a/c (= aircraft).  Total 9 persons. Among them probably Chief of Staff, Lt. General Nye.  Seats reserved for Henry Neman, cover-name for Nye and A.C. Sherman, cover-name for Nye's adjutant Col. Short.  From 3 to 5/11 increased fighter escort of long distance fighters of Coastal Command over Biscay ordered.  From BOAC in Lisa it is known that Nye probably will meet in Basta with staff-officers from Cairo and will soon return to London. On 3rd November New Zealand Air Secretary, in the Department of Defence T.A. Barrow, will fly to (by) K.L.M. to Lisa with secretary and 2 New Zealand officers and will continue flight to New Zealand  via Freetown and Khartoum.  Sgd. Ostro.  Skarupa ( von Carnap staying periodically in Portugal), Ludovico (alias of Head of KO Portugal), Heribert (alias of Kamler, real name Oblt. Otto Kurer).

AOB: This all occurred during the second Battle of El Alamein:

5.11.42    Lisbon-Berlin.    To Andreas for Wernik.    In  re North Africa. An English staff officer, who flew from Egypt on 1/11, reported in Lisa on the 3rd that in the last days of October numerous transports intended for India have been redirected to Egypt and that further large withdrawals from Iran-Iraq are being made.  Intensification of the British North African offensive is to be expected.  Situation in India is secured externally and internally.  Ostro-Skarupa (von Carnap still staying in Portugal, apparently), Ludovico, Heribert.

9.11.42    Lisbon-Berlin. To Andreas for Wernik.  Ref. Stadium. After consultation with Ostro and enquiries in other quarters  there are no objections to Straelen's journey.  In my personal opinion, threats against Georges and firm have been greatly exaggerated by a tale bearing gossip.   Nothing has been undertaken up to the present in this connection. Jeopardising of Ostro and his work seems no longer existent but is to be feared if journey prevented.  Business prospects for Straelen are small. Supervision, which can be carried out at this end, is to be recommended.  I have now quite another impression of affair here than previously in Palais (= Berlin).  I shall report to minister and suggest final discussion with all concerned after my return.   Sgd.   Skarupa (= von Carnap, staying in Portugal, whereas he normally was stationed in Berlin), Ludovico, Heribert.

9.11.42    Lisbon-Berlin.    To Andreas for Wernik.    Submit to Chef I (= Obst. Piekenbrock)   Ref. American Landing in North Africa (Oran Algeria).    I refer you to Ostro reports from T and HU (?) about May-June 1942, in which it was reported that maps of Corsica and southern France, on a scale of 1/50,000 were being bought in large numbers.  Ostro is of the definite opinion that Corsica is seriously threatened and that the French troops there will not put up any resistance to speak of (nennenswerte).    Skarupa, Ludovico.    Heribert.

10.11.42  Lisbon-Berlin.    To Andreas.  Communications to T, restored.    First reports to be expected about in 14 days.    For this unfortunately 17,000 escudos are necessary.  Please send instructions by W/T  for this to be paid. The remaining 250.000 escudos for brandy credit account have to be paid back.  The barter arrangements of the island fish (Inselfisch) was concluded today.  Skarupa (von Carnap still in Portugal), Ludovico, Heribert (= Kamler, real name Oblt. Otto Kurer)

(AOB: the next date, is not a mistake, but it is indicating that its decryption took, for what ever reason, about 5 weeks. This reproduced series is not yet providing their according Isos or Isk serial-number; which succession-number would show that, although it is originating from an earlier date, its serial number is much of a higher reference number)

3.10.42    Lisbon-Berlin.    For Andreas (Referatsleiter I for the Iberian Peninsula)    See W/T message 51 of 2 October.    In V's (?) opinion fairly large-scale offensive not to be expected apparently until the middle of October ...

10.11.42    Lisbon-Paris    Pass to Palais (= Berlin) immediately (AOB: likely Berlin wasn't hears/receiver, though, they could reach the ALST (Abwehr Leitstelle) of Paris). Very urgent to Andreas.  Submit immediately to Chef I (= Obst. Piekenbrock)  and Fremde Heere West (FHW) and Wehrmachtführungsstab.  U.S.A. Naval attaché here has had all maps and literature (such as Baedeker/Bädeker) (well known and very good travel book, for particular tourist areas) of Corsica bought up (Aufkaufen) in Lisa (Lisbon), Oporto, Coimbra and other places in Lisbon big book-seller. (AOB: please, bear in mind - that American Forces had landed on the 9th November at Oran in French Algeria)   Order has come to Ostro's notice.  All material is going to Basta (= Gibraltar) tonight by special plane.  Ostro, Ludovico, Heribert, Message for Leiter Paul (= ALST Leiter of France = Obst. Rudolf; KV 2/265, KV 2/266, PF 41211) (AOB: as often, the frustrated M.I.5 Crown servants were consequently searching for a Baumeister and even gave the fore-called file numbers this name. Albeit, that they should have known that his real name being Rudolf!).  Duly inform Palais (= Berlin). (sender) Lina (= KO Portugal)


KV 2/201-1, page 12f


20.11.42    Lisbon-Madrid via Nauen (= huge W/T site north of Berlin)    To Somoza (= alias of Leiter KO Spain; real name: Fregatten-Kapitän Wilhelm Ernst Leissner). for Ludovico (alias of Head KO Portugal).  HIOB (Heer I Ost Berlin) Minister (Baron von Knigge?) reports from Parkstadt (= Paris).  By agreement of Chef I (= Obst. Piekenbrock in Berlin) Heribert (= Kamler, real name Oblt. Otto Kurer)  receives permission to have official dealings with Ostro (Paul Georg Fidrmuc) in accordance with agreement (AOB: agreement of 1935-1938 between Fidrmuc and the Abwehr in Berlin).  Sgd. HIOB Minister (Baron von Knigge ?), Ludovico.

20.11.42    Lisbon-Berlin.    To Andreas, for Chef I (Obst. Piekenbrock, in Berlin) etc.  Y (?) learned on 18/11 from U.S.A. Military Attaché that people of enemy powers are very satisfied with setting up of the second front front in North Africa, especially with the fact that Germany has fallen into the trap of setting up of a front in Tunis (Tunisia). Tunis (Tunisia)  cannot be held without strong land and air forces,  which means that the chief objective of the undertaking has been obtained, namely the withdrawal of the Luftwaffe from England.  Ostro urgently recommends that this intention of the enemy should not be completed with, and that rather Africa should be given up and instead English prots continually bombed and approaches threatened, This might deal England a decisive blow.  More detailed report follows. Sgd. Skarostro (Skarupa Ostro)  

20.11.42    Lisbon-Berlin.    To Andres.    P of 17/11.    According to statement of BAO (or: BOB)  station manager of Lisa (= Ii  Diaz or Ludovico?), between 9 and 17/11 286 English and 172 America a/c (= aircraft) flew over Portugal and the Ocean outside Portuguese territorial waters from north to south.    On the 15th came the largest single flight of 36 a/C (aircraft). On the 17th Ostro observed between 1317 and 1352 hours 25 4-engined a/c (aircraft) in all flying from north to south between Cape Rocca and Cape Raso.  Noise of engines especially deep (?) and dull.   Afterwards Americans. Distinguishing marks and types could not be made owing to great distance.  Skarostro (Skarupa Ostro)

23.11.42    Lisbon-Berlin.    For Andreas (Referatsleiter I Iberian Peninsula).    I H West, I M (= Marine), I L (Luftwaffe = GAF) and Ausland. T (?) of 17th Nov. North Africa action is variously estimated in London.  It is regarded with approval in the Army with disapproval in the R.A.F. and the Navy.    It has been ascertained that so far only the 3rd Armoured Division has been shipped, and 3 infantry divisions from Liverpool, Preston and Welsh ports, also the staff of the 3rd Army Corps and Staff of the Airborne troops with General Browning ... Long report giving further details re troops movements ... Skarostro (Skarupa Ostro)



28.11.42    Lisbon-Berlin.    To Andreas.  I urgently request decision about my (Fidrmuc ?) and again point out with reference to discussion with Minister (Baron von Knigge ?) that my departure is essential for the following reasons (Fidrmuc's departure from Taormina back to Lisbon ?).    1)    Knigge urgently desires my early temporary departure and does not understand why this knowledge of conditions here is being disregarded and that, in spite of the support which he has promised for the future also the position of both of us is being worsened by my forced stay, at present unjustifiable, and that the cover which I have achieved up to now is being compromised.  If I do not leave soon I shall certainly not obtain a re-entry visa in February (1943).    Ostro will in any case urgently require intensive support in about 2 to 5 months.    2)    All the tasks assigned me for my stay have been carried out.    3)    In spite of the fact that that our personal relations are very good Ostro now appears to be getting a feeling that he is being supervised, as I am still here.  Ostro gave me a detailed memorandum about various questions dealing with the present situation for urgent verbal discussion together with many earlier reports which are at your end (or there). → 4)    For everything else see letter

KV 2/201-1, page 13g

                                                                                                                                                            Crown Copyright


4)    For everything else see letter No. XXXV (= 35) and memorandum for Minister (Baron von Knigge ?).  Knigge vouches for my entry at my desired time, but (my) stay must  be interrupted now. Sgd. Skarupa (Oblt. Wilhelm von Carnap stayed still in Portugal)

28.11.42    Lisbon-Berlin.     To Andreas.  ref. Skarupa message above 28/11.  It can be guaranteed that Heribert (= Kamler, real name Obtl. Otto Kurer) will continue without a hitch and in full measure all the work connected with Ostro after Skarupa has left (AOB: I suppose leaving after quite a long time Portugal and returning to Berlin again)    Ludovico (alias of Head of KO Portugal), Heribert.

28.11.42    Berlin-Lisbon.    For Ludovico. For Skarostro (= Ostro).  Try urgently to obtain current railway time-table for the South and South East coast of England.  Definite times of single trains also valuable.  Sgd. Wernick.

30.11.42    Lisbon-Berlin.    To Andreas. T (?) of 23/11.    110,000 men of the Army and 7,000 men of the RAF have been transported including the 54th infantry division ... According to the statement of a leading member of the RAF, the majority is already in North Africa ... Air Marshal Donald, C. in C. of Maintenance Command, flew from Algier on 19/11 ... Army shipments also decreased.  On 22/11 there were about 22,000 to 24,000 men ready to embark, including 1 complete armoured division ...There are no longer many Americans in Ulster.   About 10/11 1 division and special formations were embarked in Madagascar for North Africa.  Units of the fleet sailed from Gibraltar to meet them ... Since about 15/11 bombers have been ferried from Egypt to Algiers via Malta ... Malta is being reinforced with fighters from Benghazi, also supplied with more petrol Sgd. Skarostro (= Ostro)

AOB: please digest the rest of this page yourself

KV 2/201-1, page 21h partially

                                                                                                                                        Crown Copyright

23.7.43    Lisbon-Berlin.    To Andreas for Skarupa (= Oblt. Wilhelm von Carnap).    E of 16/7.  Supplement to our msg (message) 890 (Isk 54808) (AOB: the latter serial number is indicating the running succession number. Later on this will be directly connected onto the decrypted messages. Isk being decrypted machine codes; think of, mainly, Enigma encrypted).    On 10/7 89th inf. div. with staff arrived at Aberdeen (Scotland) proving grounds.  Baltimore also ....

KV 2/201-1, page 22i partially

                                                                                                                                            Crown Copyright

10.8.43     ........


10.8.43    ........


11.8.43    ...


AOB: since this moment the RSS intercepts being accompanied by its particular Isk decryption number.

Interesting sometimes is, to notice irregularity in the serial succession numbers.

Indicating the very fact - that Bletchley Park encountered difficulties.

I suppose that there might not have been a strict linear connection, but I suppose that someone else had to 'crack the particular nut'; before an Isk serial number could be provided.

KV 2/201-1, page 27j

                                                                                                                                                                Crown Copyright

(Isk 69553)

23.10.43    Lisbon-Berlin.    151 (message number) HIOB For Skarupa (Oblt. Wilhelm von Carnap's office).    ref 126 paragraph 3 above of 20/10),    Y of 21st and P of 22nd October.    Reserve fleet in Scottish waters and south of Liverpool is being increased all the time.    According to instructions received for provisioning and (9 corrupt).    15 or 17 more units every month are expected.  This reserve will satisfy the entire requirements of the army of invasion and can be thrown in at the shortest notice in any operational area in Europe whatsoever.  Herostro (= Ostro)

(AOB:    detailed information might have been 'leaked' by the British deliberately, though in the context of 'Operation Fortitude'. Its main purpose was misleading the Germans in such a way, that their focus moved away from the Normandy area towards the Balkans and/or Norway or even South of France; but away from the "Pass de la Manche")

(Isk 70490)

30.10.43    Berlin-Lisbon.    No. 22 For Ludovico (Head of KO Portugal) for Harry (= Dr. Alois Schreiber, the successor of Heribert/Kamler/Kurer).    In message No. III of 20/10 (not at hand) I (DA) of 15.10 was given as the source.  It was therefore assumed here (= at Andreas' Office in Berlin), and passed on to all Stellen, that it was Canada whereas the written text now reveals that T should be read instead of I and that is England.  (AOB: we have encountered various times I, P, Y  and that like. Somewhere in Ostro's interrogation he passed on the information that such abbreviations do point at countries and were regularly changed)  (See:     D2095        D2095return) (Please compare both the above text with the reference at D2095; it is visible that T = England and I = Canada; here we have unravelled the foregoing mystical letters of which we know now where they stood for)   There are places in both countries of the names stated. Please avoid this in future.

(Isk 70515)

30.10.43    Lisbon-Berlin.    HIOB for Skarupa for Hoeflinger (someone at Section I in Berlin).    (Message) 220.    Ref. Hoeflinger (message) 603.    In the opinion of Oelmann (= alias of Dr. Ender)    the return of Erbprinz (= Wolf von Amerongen) must take place not later then 10th November.    Oelmann's hourney journey is coming off soon.    Please ascertain at your end (Portugal) how Huette (Switzerland) cover-adresses route from Golfplatz (Britain) to Switzerland runs, and whether its functioning is ensured in all circumstances.  Sgd.  Ludovico, Harry (= Obstlt. Dr. Alois Schreiber)

(Isk 71135)

4.11.43    Lisbon-Berlin.    For Skarupa (message) 262. Ref letter Skarupa of 20.10 to Ostro and our FS (Fernschreiben normally used for a teletype message, but here used in conjunction with W/T telegram) 220 (foregoing W/T telegram) of 30.10.43.    1)    Ostro is agreed to taking over Oelmann (= Dr. Ender).    He however does not consider it right to wait until about 1/12 for Erbprinz's (Wolf von Amerongen)  return.    Oelmann is the same opinion. Our proposal, in agreement with Ostro is that connection between Oelmann and Ostro be taken up during the course of next week through the mediation of Harry's (= Dr. Schreiber) lady secretary.    2)    Ostro is agreed in principle to plan Barna-Garten (= Barcelona in Spain).  detailed comments in courier mail which leaves this end by air courier on 5.11.1943.    Sgd. Ludovico, Harry.

(Isk 71357)

6.11.1943    Berlin-Lisbon.    (message) 29    For Ludovico for Harostro (= Ostro).    Please set exhaustive investigation on foot as soon as possible about the troops concentrated in North England-Scotland (total no. of divisions, strengths) also on objective of operations and degree of preparedness.  Sgd. Skarupa No. 49.

(1374 maybe ISBA = Intelligence British Agent)

1.11.43    Berlin-Lisbon (AOB: the presence of red colour typing  might be an indication that something is particular) For Ludovico for Harry (= Dr. Schreiber). Reference your message 220 of 30.10.43 (Isk 70515). Erbprinz (= Wolf von Amerongen) is personally to explain, vis-a-vis many Dienstellen, the motives for Oelmann's (Dr. Ender's) departure and make the latter himself familiar with the new intelligence route.  Ostro's agreement that Oelmann be attached to him must be obtained immediately.  Compare Skarupa Skarupa letter of 30/10 (Isk 70490).    In accordance with this mail would be sent via Ostro's route to to Skarupa (Schreiber KOP W/T HIOB Skarupa/von Carnap) . Has Jonny (= Johny German alias for British alias Artist of real name = Johann Jebsen)  instructed Oelmann in accordance with our message 603?  If so, then pass on the contents of this message in the same manner.   If Erbprinz (Wolf von Amerongen) should not reach Lisbon in time, Jonny (Johny)  must act as a go-between with Oelmann, in order not to jeopardize the latter's camouflage which has hitherto been good.  Jonny (= Johny, German Abwehr alias; actually Johann Jebsen was 'double crossing') (  Jonny (Johny) may not know about Ostro's collaboration and never sees him personally.   Hoeflinger (someone at Abwehr I in Berlin) (maybe connected to former Andreas' Office) , Skarupa (von Carnap's office)

(ISBA no data)

2.11.43    Lisbon-Berlin.    To HIOB for Skarupa Hoeflinger (AOB: might Hoeflinger have been employed at Skarupa?)     Ref. your message 613 (1374 = foregoing message).    Oelmann will be informed through Harry's (Dr. Schreiber's) secretary (female) (AOB: Frl. Lily Kraas)  concerning behaviour until Erbprinz's (= Wolf von Amerongen) arrival.  Jonny (Johny) has been in Madrid since 27/10 (AOB: likely for dubious financial doings) in connection with slipping through of Sebaktion.  Jonny (Johny) is expected back this week.  According to your message 603,  Oelmann has been informed likewise through Harry's secretary (Frl. Lily Kraas) .  Reply was made.  Enquiry will be made of Ostro concerning channel of communication.  Ludovico.  Harry (Dr. Schreiber Referatsleiter I, at KOP)

(Isk 71715)

8.11.45    Berlin-Lisbon.    No. 35.    For Ludovico for Harry for Ostro.    I confirm Taxias (or Cabas) and Camoes (another alias of Ostro/Fidrmuc)  27/10 and wish once more to make it clear that as far as the removal is concerned only Garten (= Spain) and in that country preferable Barna (= Barcelona) can be considered, as conditions for business and communication (or contacts) are more favourable. (AOB: Fidrmuc ultimately moved on 16 March 1945 to live in Barcelona)  In conformity with your W/T message No. 262 of 4.11.43 (above) Georg's link is to be selected in any case under a similar name to the present one in Lisbon.  Make preparations accordingly.  Huette (Switzerland) is shelved for the moment as being too unfavourable.  The certain believe prevails here that Garten (= Spain) will remain neutral.  You will receive a definite decision by W/T on about 15.11 as to whether Metro (= Madrid) or Barna (Barcelona) (is selected), all the wishes and proposals received from you in the interim being taken into consideration.  When approximately, do you consider the removal possible?    Remittance of a further 500,000 escudos, i.e. a total of 1 million will be arranged for at 15.11.    Your proposal for a club is very interesting. It will not be possible to send our view in → detail until 10 day's time.  For the present, if you have no other intentions in this connection, let Harry (= Dr. Schreiber Referatsleiter I) know of this project and inform me whether he can initiate its speedy execution. (Fidrmuc will remain living in Portugal until ultimately 16 March 1945 when he arrived in Barcelona) Skarupa 51.

KV 2/201-1, page 28k

                                                                                                                                                                    Crown Copyright

(Isk 72142)

11.11.43    Lisbon-Berlin.    (message number) 310.    HIOB I (is double up as HIOB indicates already Referat I)     Ostro enquires whether information from Paroli's relatives is (are?) yet to hand from Italy, since it is of importance on account of account of future connections.  Harostro (= Ostro alias of Paul Georg Fidrmuc).

(Isk 72110)

11.11.42    Lisbon-Berlin.    309. To Hercules (= Abwehr I Berlin, whether at Zeppelin of Belinde or elsewhere) also for Skarupa (von Carnap and/or Hoeflinger?)   Rf. your message 54/598/43 of 411 YY of 10.11.1)  The English 1st Army H.Q. is definitely still in North Africa.  The Deputy Assistant Director of Supplies and Transport of the 1st Army, Major R.A. Fuller is in Lisbon at present.  He says that his office is still in Bougle, while the 1st Army H.Q. is in ?Bone Algiers having left for various reasons,    2)    An M.W.T. official who is travelling on to North Africa, knew nothing of the transfer of the 1st Army H.Q. from Africa, at least when he last flew from there on 27.10.    Sgd. Harostro (= Ostro)  

(Isk 72265)

12.11.43    Lisbon-Berlin.    320. HIOB for Skarupa.  Ref. your message 51 of 8.11 (above). Preparations Barna (= Barcelona) are in progress.  removal can probably take place about the end of January.    Sgd. Harostro.

(Isk 72885)

16.11.43    Lisbon-Berlin.    336.    HIOB for Skarupa. P of November 15.    1)    After a rather long interval, troop embarkations are to be resumed in the next few days in Bristol (AOB: I do not fully trust these particular kinds of reports/messages)

.... (sorry)

(Isk 72867)

16.11.43    Lisbon-Berlin.    HIOB for Skarupa 334.    Ref. for message 95 of 14th November (not at hand) (vorhanden?)    In Ostro's opinion only Barna (Barcelona) is concerned in Garten (= Spain).    Our views will follow in writing.  Sgd. Herostro.


18.11.43    Berlin-Lisbon.    79.    For Ludovico for Harry (Referatsleiter I at KOP)  for Ostro.    Your message No. 310 of 11.11 (above. In spite of repeated inquiries no new of Parodi is to be had.    Attempts to get into touch with him are being continued.    Sgd. Skarupa 135.

(Isk 73414)

20.11.43    Lisbon-Berlin.    HIOB for Skarupa 363.    Ref. your message 135 of November 18 (above).    Ostro requests that a speedy establiskment of contact with Parodi's relations be worked for with extreme urgency, as contact is important for (?) Barna (Barcelona). Sgd. Harostro.

(no Isk data)

21.11.43    Berlin-Lisbon.    94.    Secret. For Ludovico, for Harry.    For Erbprinz (Wolf von Amerongen).    When can Oelmann (= Dr. Ender) be expected to start out?    His shielding from German and native Stellen at your end must previously be secured, as must also Hoeflinger's task with regard to possible reinforcement of men and the safeguarding of Oelmann's relatives.  100 per cent handing over and continued control through Ostro, in accordance with the latter's letter Camoes (= Ostro/Fidrmuc) of 12.11 agreed to.    Sgd.    Hoeflinger (= Skarupa's office?), Skarupa 144.

(Isk 73660)

22.11.43    Berlin-Lisbon.    98.    For Ludovico for Harry (Referatsleiter I at KOP).    Make arrangement a for bringing Ostro and Oelmann into contact for the purpose of handing over final sole direction.    In our view a meeting with Ostro's country house (AOB: I am sorry, I know he had such a country house, but I cannot find the correct key-words to enter this query) seems most practicable.  Special control measures must be prepared and perservation of cover at all the Dienststellen concerned → should like at once a written statement by Oelmann (Dr. Ender) in regard to all the steps which Hoeflinger is to take in the matter of the security of his family in Germany, also a nominal rool (role?), characterisation and description of the route by which contact is to be established those compatriots who may possibly follow him.  I propose that Christmas and New year letters to members of his family via Hoeflinger should be got ready even now, to be despatched by Hoeflinger at the right time, so that considerable gain of time for the reporting of Oelmann's departure will be secured.  All this has been discussed and settled on these lines with Erbprinz (Wolf von Amerongen).  If any inquiries should be necessary on any points which are not clear, state these immediately by W/T and report on what has been done.  Hoeflinger Skarupa 149.

KV 2/201-1, page 29L

                                                                                                                                                                        Crown Copyright

(Isk 74246)

26.11.43    Lisbon-Berlin.    384.    HIOB for Skarupa.    Ostro ask to be informed whether a visit from sister can be arranged for Christmas.    Sgd. Harostro (= Ostro).

(Isk 74749)

29.11.43    Lisbon-Berlin. (AOB: interesting of this running serial-number is, that we can notice that between about the 26th Nov and 29th Nov there were, at least, ca. 396 - thus ca. 12 W/T messages been conveyed; whether singly to Berlin or also to elsewhere - I am unable to judge) HIOB to Skarupa (= von Carnap's and/or Hoeflinger's? office).    Ref. Hercules (= Abwehr I, Berlin) message 54/598 of 4.11  Y of 27-28/11.    7th US Army HQ was definitely still in Sicily at the beginning of November (1943).    The larger part of the staff was in Palermo.    Since then transfers have taken place viz. partial transfer to Bastia (Corsica) and Ajaccio.    At least 2 or 3 sections of the 7th Army HQ are in Corsiva, including QMD (?) (HQ?) of the the 7th Army. It is not known whether the operational staff itself is there. Sgd. Harostro.

(Isk 71063)

4.11.43    Lisbon-Berlin.    261.    To HIOB for Skarupa.    E (according D2095 link = USA?) of 28 28.10    Further large embarkations of troops will take place between 7 and 12.11.43 in Charlestown, Wilmington and Baltimore (Cheasepeak places), which according to a survey of (52 missing/corrupt) up to 90,000 men can be stated. Already several large troop ships have arrived, which are at present lying to for short overhaul.    Among others there are the Georgio, the old Empress of Japan, Westpoint, while the Queen Elisabeth entered Norfolk roads on 21.10.    It is said that there are ready for loading in Wilmington, Aberdeen, Grounds, etc. the 30th and 102nd Infantry Divisions, also the 147th AA (= Anti Aircraft) brigade, the 15th AD (?), at least one further AD Group.    Considerable escorting forces are being assembled, among them several aux. a/c (= aircraft) carriers.    Harostro.

(no Isk number provided)

16.11.43    Lisbon-Berlin.    (text as in IAK (= Isk) 72885 (of 16.11) (AOB: see above) with the following corrigenda:)    Line 9.    For (420 letters missing)  " read: "Avonmouth, one unit was stationed in the vicinity, especially at Filton.    Although this division brought along its complete train and equipment it is not certain whether any embarkation is to take place.    One unit went on to Newport on 13.11.    The batteries, however, went into their positions (?) immediately on arrival.    On 12.11 tanks and personnel were observed in Bristol, Newport etc. all of the"... Line 14.    For 7th(?)  read 78th.

(Isk 74844)

29.11.43    Lisbon-Berlin.    397.    HIOB for Skarupa. Y (?) of 27-28/11.    On the 24th or 25th a supply convoy of about 40 ships sailed from U.S.A. ports, mainly from Baltimore and Philadelphia.    The BOLS of some of the ships some of the ships came through here by Clipper, with the US WSA official M Samt (or Samr), in fact.    The supplies cargo for Italy army consisted mainly of building material.  Few arms and little ammunition.    Sgd. Harostro.

(Isk 75367)

4.12.43    Lisbon-Berlin.    HIOB.    Our Skarupa 430.    Reference your message 1590 of 29th November (not received in Britain).    In re repetition of reports.    With regard to TPE reports and invasion intensions you are requested to communicate single enquiries as the complete range is too extensive.  In re Huette (= Switzerland).    In the present state of postal connections Ostro considers that the emergency plan is unsuitable.    What is the position with regard to air line Barcelona-Lugano?    Sgd.  Harostro.

(Isk 75779)

7.12.43    Berlin-Lisbon.    For Ludovico for Harry (= Dr. Alois Schreiber, Leiter I at KO Portugal) for Ostro.    Reference your message No. 430 of 4.2.43. (above 4.12.43)    Individual questions not possible.    Repetitions of invasions from T (= England; see D2095 above)- report (number of divisions, dispositions assembled USA formations etc.) particularly reused?/    Air mail line  Barcelona-Lugano which was asked about does not exist.    Skarupa No. 201.

(Isk 75781)

7.12.43    Lisbon-Berlin.    HIOB for Skarupa.   444.    Reference your message 35 of 8.11  Ostro in a report of 5.12 requests remittance of a further 500,000 escudos so that he can make suitable arrangements.    Sgd. Ludovico- Harry.

AOB: the next series of reports are concerning main naval and transport matters, which, in my opinion, are too boring as it even isn't clear whether all is factually true. I therefore decide to skip some file pages. However, it is quite understandable that everyone's main concern was dedicated to the preparation of the Allied Invasion somewhere in Western Europe firstly. 

KV 2/201-1, page 38m

                                                                                                                                                                Crown Copyright

(Isk 81906)

28.1.44    Madrid I-Berlin.   (AOB: Madrid W/T station 'Sabine' was considerably busier, than was the one at KO Portugal)     775.    To Erizo for Leiter I H Personal (= Obstlt. Kiekenbusch; alias Hermano).    Ref. Ostro personal matters.    Contact with Ostro established.    At present occupied in procuring permission for residence.    On Feb 1, hourney (Journey?) together to Barna (= Barcelona).    There take up business and postal contacts.    Ostro will remain there (which actually didn't happen yet).   My return journey probably the 3rd and arrival at Lisbon of 5 or 6/2.    I am sending everything to Leiter I H (= Obstlt. Kiekenbusch; alias Hermano). Please pass to Hoenke (?) for distribution.  Journey to this end, reorganisation etc. especially the award of the Iron Cross had an excellent effect on Ostro, as regards his morale and work. (AOB: Fidrmuc rejected the award of the Iron Cross - as he considered it had to be gained in combat and was invalid in his case; which argument was ultimately rejected; additionally he also was rewarded, more appropriate, with a K.v.K. II and I (Kriegsverdienskreuz). Though:   'moral and work' might point at Fidrmuc's request to quit his engagements, as he lost the confidence of Germany's victory. This requests were all the times rejected by Obst. Hansen; and quite some pressure was put upon him. According their mutual agreements of 1935-38 - legally Fidrmuc had the right to step-down, though taking, consequently, into account that from then on he was liable for military service. However, Fidrmuc eventually remained functioning as was since the war had started up to the bitter end on 8 May 1945)          His single immutable desire is to make a short from this end to Berlin.

I therefore make the following proposal in consideration of today's FS (W/T) concerning invasion:    Ostro will apply for a re-entry to Portugal in the middle of February (1944); issue a permit takes 6 weeks.  As soon  as this is is granted, i.e. about the middle or end of March, he would go to Berlin, for about a fortnight (including travelling etc).  From there he would fly back to Lisbon via Barcelona.   Considering all the the possibilities, it does not seem possible that the invasion could be carried out in this time (period).  I ernestly support this journey which was definitely promised him by Berlin as early as last summer as further capacity for work would thereby be greatly influenced.  I myself shall be in Berlin beforehand and shall be able to make arrangements there for the speediest itinerary, conferences etc.  I request that this proposal be brought under favourable considerable as soon as possible and a decision made.  Please (address) all FS (W/T) and mail to Elcano (= Head KO Spain, real name Fregatten-Kapitän Leissner) for Robles (maybe Obstlt. Kiekenbush Leiter I H at KO Madrid) for Ostro or Skarupa.  For me from 5/2 onward to Ludovio for Harry (= Dr. Alois Schreiber Leiter I KOP Lisbon) for Skarupa.  KOSP 9813.

(Isk 81947)

Madrid I-Berlin.    (continuation)    All the new men are procrastinators (Zauderers) wh are playing safe (?)  (Text: auf Sicherer Tour) .... Ostro's personal opinion is that no serious attempt at invasion is intended the next 3 months at least.  The reserve operational fleet which is lying in Scottish waters (Gewässern)  is entirely insufficient likewise the military units which can be recognised as being ready.    As far as a naval operation is concerned, however, sufficient tonnage can be assembled at the moment when a number of large convoys arrive simultaneously in England from several directions and are quickly unloaded.  The most scrupulous attention must therefore be paid by air and naval recce (reconnaissance)  as to when convoys leave U.S.A. North Africa, Gibraltar etc., which would arrive simultaneously in England as (?) invasion can be carried through suddenly and on a large scale at this juncture, especially if fairly large troop transports have arrived from the U.S.A.    Sgd. Skarupa (AOB: strange as Skarupa is supposed operating currently from Germany and not on behalf of KO Spain)

(Isk 82730)

31.1.44    Madrid-Berlin.    For Skarupa for Hornke.    Please send all mail for Ostro from Fr. T, W and M whether business or private to his address as in today's telegram to firm.  Send reconnaissance assignment etc, as FS (W/T) of 28.1.  Sgd.  Skarupa KOsp 9827.

(Isk 82149)

1.2.44    Madrid-Berlin,    22 For Leiter I (= Obst. Hansen)  Skarupa. Ref. financing of Ostro.    I confirm your message 719 of 28.1, which crossed with our 9815 (below)  The 5000 pesetas demanded no longer needed after receipt of the 1000 RM agreed to 9852.

(Isk 81999)

28.1.44    Berlin-Madrid.    310.    For Elcano (= alias of Head of KO Spain, Fregatten-Kapitain Leissner) If necessary, please furnish Skarupa with funds up to the equivalent of 1000 (pesetas) when he is your end (Madrid), for the sojourn (temporarily staying)  of the V-Mann of Ostro.    Skarupa will attend  to settlement on his return to Berlin. Erizo (Obstlt. Kleyenstüber) 719

(Isk 81885)

28.1.44    Madrid 1-Berlin.    77.    To Erizo (= Obstlt. Kleyenstüber Leiter I L Berlin) For Leiter I H personally (Obst. Hansen) On account of considerable differences in prices between Portugal and this end (Ma (Spain), Ostro request, as a non-recurring subsidy, 5000 ptas, for removal to Spain including travel expenses etc. Settlement of current salary after my return. Sojourn (temporary staying)  and living conditions at this end considerable dearer.  Request instruction by FS (W/T)  through ZF (= Pago, the Paymaster Franzbach at KO Spain, in Madrid) to to Robles, for Skarupa.    KOSP 9815. 

(Isk 82132)

2.2.44    Berlin-Rome,    For Elcano (AOB: maybe here meant Ii Gutierrez) for Robles. For Skarupa.  Ref. your message 9813 of 28/1.    Ostro's journey to Berlin sanctioned. Why is Ostro's journey to Portugal applied for the middle of February?  Is not approved of at the end.  Phrase W/T message to (Rom) (= Römisch) I with the ut most brevity.  Avoid unessential, as this just imposes a burden on W/T service.  Erizo (Ii Gutierez) 19.


(35)   (since 2 October 2023)

KV 2/201-1, page 40n

                                                                                                                                                                Crown Copyright

(Isk 84389)

18.2.44    Lisbon-Berlin.    No. 275. To HIOB (Heer (=Army) I (Section)  Ost (= East)  Berlin)   Reference recce (=Reconnaissance)-assignment N0.1  U-boat detection. Y of 13/2.  It was learnt from convoy leader adjutant, returning to to England from N. Africa, that escort a/c (= aircraft) are working against surfaced U-boats, i.e. particular at night, on a medium frequency of 2 mega cycles (= actually about 2.5 MHz)


This photo is derived from my book:

Funkpeilung als alliierte Waffe genen deutsche U-Boote 1939 - 1945

The set noticed in this message - is the set up on the right-hand side with a 'h' in front of the loudspeaker.

This set was also known as BTU

It concerns a Hallicrafter transceiver (transmitter combined with a receiver, at about 2.5 MHz)   Transmitter power approx. 10 watts.

i.e. considerably higher than usual. (AOB: this message is proving: that in reality, Portugal was a good place to stay; as many British Service personnel passed through it in all directions; staying on neutral ground - the necessity to keep strict caution relieved here quite easily)    By improvement of the Limitator (AOB: likely concerning a radio-circuitry as to limit (suppressing) interfering noise) it has been possible to exclude almost entirely all interfering noises.  The frequency is changed evenly modulated within what limits is not known.

(AOB: this wireless intercom was used to communicate between HF/DF operators. When a likely German submarine signal was heard, it was very important that a fellow HF/DF operator onboard another escort vessel should also take a bearing upon that same signal. The second operator must be quickly informed on the frequency concerned. Regular submarine W/T messages lasted often 10 to 20 seconds, only. The above shown HF/DF gear concerned an old type FH 4 set.  A cross-bearing showed the location of the suspected U-boat threat.  Only ships relatively nearby them were causing counter-measures.  

It is known from this and another source that so far a/c (aircraft) have not been fitted (typing error) with homing apparatus (Zielanfluggeraete), which can pick up radiations from the U-boats (Radar).  It is also known that there are no new methods in use, but only improvements on those hitherto in which the principle? are the reconstruction of the Limitator? and the increase in the strength of the medium frequency.  Harostro. (AOB: the latter sentence is showing that Fidrmuc wasn't a trained technician, whom understood what he was explaining) 

(Isk 84389  x 2)

18.2.44    Please digest the rest of this page yourself.


KV 2/201-1, page 41o-part

                                                                                                                                                                Crown Copyright

(Isk 85943)

5.3.44    Madrid-Berlin.    No. 146.    For Erizo (= Obstl. Kleyenstüber Leiter I L, Berlin).    Ostro reports 53 (?5/3.    In connection with Airborne division No. 2 there is a slight technical error.  We shall fly on 14/3 direct Berlin-Stuttgart (AOB: I suppose:  Stuttgart-Berlin). Inform the immigration offices (Einreisestellen) at your end as we shall have papers with us. Do not send any further written assignments to this end. Please inform me by W/T as to how and where I can get into touch in Berlin, in case (AOB: The Abwehr had been bombed-out at Tirpitzufer, in Spring 1943 and, to what I know, a branch was located at the Bendlerstraße)  I am not met at the Lufthansa.   KO Spain 2031.

(Isk 88216)

21.3.44    Berlin-Lisbon.    30 For Ludovico for Harry.    Please have the 189000 escudos which dall (was?) due for Ostro on 1st April delivered to Umgang as discussed.  Umgang is asked to hand them over the business manager of Ostro firm (G. Brucker-Traus in Lisbon Ltda.) as was discussed with Skarupa (likely with von Carnap).    Skarupa 495.

(Isk 87142)

12.3.44    Berlin-Lisbon via Libourne (AOB: a sub-station a bit south-east of Bordeaux  of Ast Hamburg/Domäne at Wohldorf) (AOB: I suppose that they communicated with Libourne, as the Berlin stations could not be reached/contacted; often caused by radio-propagation) .    76. For Ludovico (Head of KO Portugal)    Secret (Geheim)   In spite of my order to the contrary, officer of the KO have repeatedly established personal contact with Ostro in their house in the town (Estoril at Chalet Igloo).  I will not tolerate any contravention of my given orders and I reserve the right to call the people concerned to account.  Sgd. HIOB Senior (= Obst. i.G. Hansen)  No. 4468/44 Secret (Geheim).

(Isk 89147)

27.3.44    Berlin-Lisbon.    173 Secret (Geheim).    For Ludovico.    Pay out (Auszahlen) to Ostro the 180,000 escudos which are due on 1/4.    Debit to Zentrale, I H West.  HIOB ZF (Zentralstelle Finanzen = Paymster in Berlin or Pago in Madrid) 4809.

(Isk 89285)

28.3.44    Berlin-Madrid.    173.    Secret (= Geheim)    For Pago (= ZF, name Franzbach).    6000 pesetas are authorised for payment to VM (Vertrauensmann; V-Mann) Ostro through Frederico (= German Consul Rüggeberg in Barcelona).    Debit to head office I H West.

(Isk 87724)

17.3.44    Berlin-Madrid.    188.    For Elcano (= is an alias of Head KO Spain, Fregatten-Kapitän Leissner) for Frederico (= Consul Rüggeberg in Barcelona).    Ostro has arrived at this end (= Berlin).    Is returning by air 29th March. (AOB: I am not entirely sure about this date; as he was to be received for a visit to Obst. Hansen's private house at Rangsdorf, for a tour Vienna to Lündenburg his home town in Sudetenland, then visiting his wife Ragmor/Rigmor whom stayed with her family in Hamburg, and from Hamburg via Berlin or straight to Stuttgart to Spain and Portugal).  Many thanks for assistance and support.    Skarupa No. 387.


(ISBA 1844)

KV 2/201-1, page 42p partially

                                                                                                                                                    Crown Copyright

(ISBA? 1844)

14.3.44    Berlin-Lisbon via Paris and Bordeaux.    Burg (= Berlin) No. 69    Nr. 12.    From Burg for Lina (= Lisbon KO Portugal) for Ludovico for Harry (= Dr. Alois Schreiber, Leiter I KO Portugal).    Inform Oelmann (Dr. Ender) that the plan of operation discussed cannot be carried out at the moment.  Should III (Section III mainly concerned with counter-espionage) attach importance to its execution, special notification will be given from there.    Sgd.    HIOB, Skarupa Secret (Geheim)

(ISBA? 1915) (Isk 85938)

16.3.44    Lisbon-Berlin.    475.    To HIOB for Skarupa.    Reference your FS (W/T message) 69 of 14/3 (above).  All the details of Oelmann (Dr. Enders) journey have meanwhile been settled and agreed upon in conjunction with Samland (= USA) IS.    First batch of Samland reconnaissance questions was handed over to Oelmann yesterday 15.3.    More to follow today.  Photocopies of these questions are being sent to Berlin by courier post on 18/3.    Another refusal on the part of Oelmann unjustifiable at this advanced stage.  Oelmann is arriving in Berlin about 24/3.  Erbprinz (Wolf von Amerongen) asks that an interview with Skarupa be arrange and, if Ostro is present with him, and that preparations  be made with in enemy assignments for France and the uncovering of USA IS (Intelligence Service) organisations which may be possible through this.  Sgd.    Ludovico   Harry.

(AOB:  ISBA stood for Intelligence Service Special Agent; a suggestion might in this case British Secret agent 'Junior' have been engaged? Junior was the British cover-name for Dr. Hans Ruser?  His file has been kept restricted and to be opened after 2039!

(Isk 85938)

3.3.44    Madrid-Berlin.    96.    To Erizo.    USA troops embarkations.    Ostro 7 reports on 16/2:    embarkations in March to about the same extent as in February. No embarkations from Charlston.  On the other hand Wilmington is banned for all traffic from 10th to 18th March.    Among others the 55th and 104th inf. divs. are being embarked. At the same time large scale embarkations of USAF personnel are proceeding in New York and Boston.  Skarupa   KO Sp 5119.

(Isk 90307)

3.4.44    Berlin-Lisbon.    No. Secret (Geheim)    For ludovico for Cato (= likely Koschnig).    Y will travel from Paris to Lisbon on 12/4 for the purpose of obtain USA visa.   Y urgently requires an absolutely and reliable channel of communication between Lisbon and Theodor.    Y absolutely reliable, proven over a number of years, direct contact with KO should this be possible without endangering Y.   Notify Theobald Paris of channel of communication before 12/4, so that it can be passed on to Epos.(?)    Sgd. Epos.    Theodor  367.



KV 2/201-2, page 2q-part

                                                                                                                                            Crown Copyright

(Isk 97905)

18.5.44    Berlin-Lisbon.    89. For Ludovico.    For Harry (Dr. Alois Schreiber Leiter I KO Portugal) for Ostro     (this implies that he did return back to Portugal from his Germany journey)  Ref. your message (Isk 97533) of 17.5.    We refer you to our message 290 (Isk 96980).    Always dealt with as quickly as possible.    You must bear in mind the more difficult circumstances.    Meeting with Skarupa not possible at present.    Arrange your journey so that return (this time from Spain back to Portugal)  is possible at any time.  You cannot be introduced at present by economic department (Wirtschaftsabteilung) to Garten (= Spain thus at the Legation in Madrid? or some Spanish ministry in Madrid ) authorities in Madrid.  Obtain, therefore, certificate of residence private business reasons only as grounds for this and making use of available papers, quoting Reichsstelle as reference.    HIOB   Skarupa.


KV 2/201-2, page 4ryy-part

                                                                                                                                                                            Crown Copyright

(Isk 99617)

30.5.44    Lisbon to Berlin.    978.    HIOB for Skarupa.    Garten (= Spain) journey put off owing to difficulties with contacts, which have cropped up unexpectedly.    Detailed reasons by today's courier.    Continue to forward mail to this end.    When were Garten (Spain) guaranty letters send off?    I need them urgently.            Harostro.

Now we have reached one of the most striking messages!

The red line is camouflaging  an messages of the war.

Its significance was such, that the British Secret Services called together a session of the XX-Committee and discussed how and when Fidrmuc should be murdered (killed).

The red line is indicating something which should be kept hidden.

But, it took me quite an endeavour, but I traced the message kept hidden constituted by means of the red line! 

 Please be aware, that you enter one of the most striking RSS intercepts in their history

I will entirely go for this historical document in great detail!

The striking aspect is not found at the introduction but where Fidrmuc (Ostro) goes into quite great details of the 'invasion planned for the early morning of the 6th June 1944 at the "Pas del la Manche". 


(G2102       G2102return)

For us it all started with a sensational discovery:

(Isk 100131)



                                                                                                                                            Crown Copyright


Ruth asked me to return

These form sheets to you

I have taken a photocopy

of 100131 for the file

Many Thanks


Extracted for Cabinet  (PM Margaret Thatcher's)

Office Historian   2/86 (likely February 1986

Isn't this astonishing?

It truly was and is it still today.


AOB: the reason might have been someone's "breaking the Secret Act Code" by publishing, un-authorised" a book in Australia, against severe diplomatic pressure from London!

 What M.I.5. had tried to keep secret for ever, was causing in the 1980s a diplomatic raw: Is now being made public integrally.

The difficulty, deliberately caused in 1944/45 was the according Isk serial-number.

It took me some time to trace the material within the extensive HW-19 serials.

Persistency is sometimes necessary, as to gain a success.

At the time of my discovery, this file wasn't yet made digitally obtainable, so a good friend of mine had to gain it for me (maybe even not yet nowadays).

HW 19-177, page 2

                                                                                                    Crown Copyright


Ultra/ZIP/ISK  100128 - 100131

Extracted for the Cabinet office

Hist. Section

26 Febr 1986


Returned  24 March 1986


HW 19-177, page 3-partially

                                                                                                                                                Crown Copyright

            For Information only.    The contents of this document may not be disclosed to anyone other than a duly authorised recipient.    No extract from, summary of or reference to its contents may be made except under such conditions as may be generally or special approved by the Director, Government Code and Cypher School.

-    -    -   

I.S. (Intelligence Service) Telegrams    4/6/44    (Copy No:  26

ULTRA/ZIP/ISK:    100125/100131


            D.N.I.  (Lt. Cdr. Montagu)                    M.I.6.    (Col. Vivian)

            D.of I. (N/Cdr. Williams)                    M.I.6.    (General Sir J. Marshall-Cornwall)

            M.I.5. (Mr. Hart)                                   M.I.6.    (Lt.Col. Cowgill)

                                                        M.I.6.            (Maj. Trevor-Roper)



This time I would like to transcribe the entire Isk 100131.

HW 19-177, page 5

                                                                                                                                                        Crown Copyright

Isk 100131    Group    XIV/39  (E2096     E2096return)

Lisbon to Berlin

RSS 545k 549, 557, 559, 563, 574, 575, 577/ 2/6/44  (AOB: maybe the decryption date see further down that the message had been intercepted on 1/6/44)

RO on 15969 kHz. on 1957 (whether time of German origin or GMT I can't judge) A quite highly frequency, but at dusk maybe then adequate.

MEL 2389 Ost 6199 (AOB, I don't know the actual meaning)

1000.    To HIOB   Skarupa (Oblt. Wilhelm von Carnap's office in Berlin).        Extract from report T. (T might still have stood for England)  received 1/6/44.

Invasion.    a)  No general bans on leave or noteworthy troop movements.    Strong assembly of laden freighters in all Bristol Channel ports continues.  b)  The number of transport a/c (aircraft) has again been increased considerably.    In the 3rd week of May about 250 Commandos, Dakota, Skymaster etc. with trained aircrews arrived from USA, and have been concentrated in Redhill, Surrey, and in Upavon.  Other transport a/c (aircraft)  centres may be seen at W?orthy Down near M???ter? (UK) with about 120-130 transport a/c (aircraft),  and at Otmoor?? near Abingdon, where there are at least 180 transport a/c (aircraft), and also the American centre at Cirencester, which is perhaps the biggest airfield for transport a/c (= aircraft). Between 300 and 400 transport a/c are said to be stationed there.  The transport formations practise mainly swift shuttle service, unloading and loading with exactly determined cargoes.  The number of transport a/c is mounting fast. Rollestone Camp and Larkhill are transport a/c centres of the English and Canadian Army.    c)  The progress made in Italy is having favourable effects on the morale of junior and intermediate commanders.    d)  According to Spaatz's ( HQ it is to be expected that, if no invasion comes, as from September at least 4 new Bomber Wings will be able to operate from England, and 2 from Italy;  and as from November 4 more in England and 1 in Italy; and this number will continue to grow.  There is no question of saturation or stopping increasing the 8th USAAF.    As from July a (new) USAAF, namely the 17th, is to be set up.    Fighter escort strength is being further increased.    In the first three weeks of May about 320 P 47's  (  arrived in England from the USA, In Shawbury(?) the 191st bomber group, with squadrons (Staffeln) 414, 415, 416 and 147, has been assembled.    e)  Shipments of troops and material to Italy continue.    A strong transport of material is being assembled in the Mersey area.    Among other things the Army depots at LLangollen and Maccles ?=? Macclesfield]  (howitzers and medium artillery) have been almost→ completely empted,

HW 19-177, page 6f

                                                                                                                    Crown Copyright


complete emptied, although they were intended as reserve depots for both English invasion armies.    f)    Centres for concentration of material:    New Forest, Poole,    Weymouth and the area east of Thorney Island as far as Bognor Regis.    The Americans are forming new centres at Salcombe, Vingerbridge and Dartmouth.    g)    The HQ of the 3rd cruiser flotilla, which apparently consists of 6 cruisers, has been moved to Plymouth and Exmouth.    h)    Invasion plans:    It is learnt from conversations with a Colonel Montgomery's staff that the Manche (English Channel)*  ( plan is especially favoured.    It provides for combined fleet and air operation against the Channel Islands, landing east and west of the Manche department (think of Cean) presumably Isigny, north of Courtance [Presumably = Coutanges], flanking operations to cut off Cherbourg, information of a peninsular bridgehead with sea and air bases on the Channel Islands (AOB: these islands had never been attacked and remained until the German Capitulation on 8th May 1945 in German hands): and it is said to be the most favourable for the continuance of operations however the situation turns.  It is known that this plan has been especially thorough prepared at Allied Naval Forces HQ, and senior naval officers have accompanied a/c (aircraft) flying in over the Manche area as observers.



As to be able to consider the above W/T message and the turmoil in Britain

please consider: (F2100           F2100return)


  English Channel = Pas de la Manche↓


The map of Normandy, and its surrounding, in the context of Ostro's prediction: where the Allied invasion,  was to be expected soon, rightly

At Falaise the main part of the German Army combating the Allied invasion forces, were encircled (trapped) and ultimately surrendered to the Allies.

However, some escaped and some joined the German retreating forces towards the north; and some managed to rejoin with the German forces withdrawing eastwards.

It hadn't been an easy combating, as the Allies reached Paris about 25th August (German troops surrendering in Paris), whereas the Allies landed at the Normandy shores on 6th of June 1944.

Apparently not an easy gain.

*    For information about the English Channel (Pas de la Manche):


(36 (since 9 October 2023)


KV 2/201-2,  page 16sa partially

                                                                                                                                            Crown Copyright

(Isk 109470)

1.8.44    Lisbon-Berlin.    To HIOB Senior (AOB: Lisbon might not yet have been informed that whom the meant with Senior Obst. i.G. Hansen had been arrested on 22nd July 1944, after Hansen had been involved with the failed assassination attempt on Adolf Hitler on 2oth July 1944. We must since consider that the actual Senior was Amts Leiter Schellenberg being in charge of both Amt IV as well as Amt Mil/ Milamt)    Ref. Senior 173.    In re the above signal it is reported that no meeting between Ostro and Harry (= Dr. Alois Schreiber Leiter Referat I at KO Portugal) have taken place in Harry's house.    Meetings have been taking place .  Meetings have been taking place in Wurzel Huette (?) since permission was given to HIOB I at discussion in Merkur (= Konsulat /Consulate in Madrid) on 20.6 1944.    They are being stooped owing to a new order.    Contact with Ostro for the purpose of speedly passing on of letters and signals has been secured in the best-camouflaged manner and in agreement with Ostro.    Ludovico (AOB: curious as Ludovico was discharged at least in June 1944 and he was no longer in function but he was replace by Obst. Federici alias Forros)  Harry (= Dr. Alois Schreiber Leiter I KOP)    


KV 2/201-2, page 25t

                                                                                                                                                                    Crown Copyright

(Isk 112478)

19.8.44    Lisbon-Berlin.    442.    HIOB.    The Irish envoy has interviewed German Envoy (70 corrupt and missing)  the Irish woman Lecerde (= De Lacerda) (she spied upon Fidrmuc on behalf of British S.I.S.), daughter of a highly placed Irish personality and widow of a Portuguese with whose 15 year old daughter ... maintains.. (passage lost) (AOB: for whatever reason, Fidrmuc and his wife possessed legal custody of Mme Delacerda's daughter).    Ostro is to be questioned next week at German consulate on the occurrence by Pollmann here.  Please instruct us whether Forros (= Obst. Federici Head of KO Portugal) should take part.    Forros.

(Isk 113041)  (Both also the foregoing Isk suffered apparently great difficulty in decryption at Bletchley Park)

24.8.44    Lisbon-Berlin.    458    HIOB to Skarupa.  Ref. your FS 12743/8 Ref or FS 442 of 19/8 (Isk 112478).    At yesterday's discussions between Harry and Ostro, it was shown that the assertions put forward by the Irish charge d'affairs were completely untenable. Ostro's statement will be passed on to the Irish charge d'affairs via the minister, and a report will be made about the result.  Ostro assumes that the influence of the I.S. (British S.I.S.) upon Irin Lacerda, in order to make it impossible for him in Weinberg (= Portugal).  This incident has not brought about any disturbance or compromise of Ostro contacts up to now.  Forros   Harry.    

(AOB:  The British set-up failed as when Fidrmuc and his wife left Portugal on 15/16 March 1945 Mme. Delacerda's daughter accompanied Paul and Ragmor/Rigmor Fidrmuc in their trip and stay in Barcelona. Where she later did pass away due to the lack of penicillin (Pneumonia); which, by the way the British kept hidden from the outside world, as to prevent Germany to obtain the knowledge)


KV 2/201-2, page 26u partially

                                                                                                                                                                Crown Copyright

(Isk 114804)

8.9.44    Lisbon-Berlin.    564. To Mil Amt B - IV,  W/T message 3008/44 Most secret (Streng Geheim) B - IV.    1)    V-Leute of the KMP (AOB: after the amalgamation of Abwehr and Amt VI, there did engender a new organisation, in particular dedicated to military intelligence (OKW related) - known as Amt Mil (Milamt). Also the old designations of KO Portugal and that like, changed all in a new designation: K.d.M. (Kommandomeldegebiet). What can we derive from KMP? I tend to suppose it meant: K.d.M. Portugal; though this might be arbitrary) in Switzerland; ? did? return.    Attention is drawn to the links with Switzerland which are maintained by the V-Leute Ballhorn (= Hans Brandes) and Ostro, controlled from your end (KO Portugal / K.d.M. Lisbon / K.d.M. Portugal).    2)    List of cover addresses will follow by letter, (AOB: up to the bitter end there existed a regular airline connection with, at least Berlin - Barcelona).   Sgd. Forros (= Obst. Frederici, Head KO Portugal/K.d.M. Portugal)   


KV 2/201-3, page 20v partially

                                                                                                                                                                    Crown Copyright

(Isk 122564)

5.11.44    Berlin-Lisbon.    No. 25.    Secret (Geheim) for Forros for Harry.    I confirm letter 18. Agree to passing reports as FS, although there have been many mistakes in passing recently. (AOB: think also of Fidrmuc's message sent on 1st June 1944 (G2102    G2102return)    May even be due to Burg (= Berlin).    Originals of reports can always be destroyed 10 days after transmission (safety-period for enquiries which might be made). (AOB: this might be Mil Amt methods, maybe due to the increasing difficulties on maintaining regular flights from Berlin to the Iberian Peninsula).    Bag (airmails) received and sent on recipient. Camoes (= Paul Fidrmuc = Ostro) letters of 26 and 28/9 not received until today.    Likewise Caxias (?)    Sgd. HIOB   Skarupa.  


KV 2/201-3, page 29w

                                                                                                                                                                    Crown Copyright

(Isk 123527)

11.11.44    Lisbon Berlin.    No. 197.    Babette for Vaso.    Ref. your message 94.    Skarupa questionnaire 35.    Communication with RU (Ostro named him RUF) (AOB: I myself do not trust whether Ruf really existed) and intelligence forwarding route have been established, but work cannot begin until postal traffic Belgium - North France is working. see:  (H2103     H2103return)    Postal authorities here cannot say when this will be.    I to demand funds for this link, as they are not contained in my present budget.    There has been no communication with M since 1941.    Investigation in progress. Sgd. Harostro.

(Isk 123922)

13.11.44    Lisbon-Berlin.    Babette for Vasco. (AOB: Babette might have been von Bohlen and Vasco being in the Mil Amt Iberian Peninsula Referat, probably its 'Leiter').    217.    Reference your 22295.    Pago (= ZF the Paymaster located at KO Sp / K.d.M. Spain.   AOB: I my long standing perception, Madrid constituted the 'spill' in payments on the Iberian Peninsula; likely due to better airline connections with Germany) has nothing to do with payment, which is m? ade Harry (= Dr. Alois Schreiber Leiter I at KO/K.d.M. Portugal).    Please arrange (Lisbon to Madrid) at ZF Zentrale (Franzbach's office) for reimbursement to this Stelle of 14,000 escudos.  Sgd.  Harastro.

AOB:  We have skipped quite a lot of RSS intercepted W/T telegrams, which mainly consider intelligence on Allied organisational matters; whereas my focus is in particular on German organisational Abwehr like concerns.

KV 2/201-3, page 34x partially

                                                                                                                                                                        Crown Copyright

Please digest the first part yourself

(Isk 125370)

28.11.44                                .    .    .   

                    Harry addendum:    It is anticipated that Camoes (= Ostro) will stay 4 weeks in Barna (= Barcelona, Spain) (AOB: which will not being effected mid of December 1944) provided that there are no difficulties about re-entry visa.    Have secure arrangements been made in Barna for passing on W/T of the reports  (AOB: these were handled by Consul Rüggeberg, alias Frederico, and he passed these on to Sabine the W/T station of KO Sp/K.d.M. Spain)

Reconsidering my decision not to reproduce the intelligence reports composed by Fidrmuc / Ostro let us take a random look; and read it please yourself:


                                                                                                                                                                Crown Copyright

I hope you understand and agree - why I do omit to transcribe its content

KV 2/201-3, page 42z partially

                                                                                                                                                                                Crown Copyright

(Isk 125651)

3.12.44    Lisbon-Berlin.    For Babette.    To Vasco 418.    1)  Confirm no 37 , 38 and 39 all of which arrived on 28/11 (= the third up Isk 125370).    Are being dealt with.    2)  Leaving for Barna (= Barcelona) probably on 18.12.    Reasons contained in Skarupa letter of 30/10.    Please radio Frederico (= Consul Rüggeberg) and ask him whether the W/T connection (via Madrid) agreed on in the summer (1944) is still fully working.    Addendum. SK (= SK meant Kriegswichtig/Kriegsentscheidend) letter of 30/11 is leaving here on 8/12 by courier mail (by means of a regular airline connection; maybe Lufthansa or a Spanish associated airline company).    Forros (= Obst. Frederici Head of KO Portugal/K.d.M. Portugal)     Hyon (AOB: the latter might have been the Dr. Alois Schreiber Leiter I or the Ii stationed in Portugal)


KV 2/201-3, page 43aa partially

                                                                                                                                                                            Crown Copyright

2.12.44    Berlin-Madrid.    34.    Secret (Geheim).    For Elcano (AOB: once the Head of KO Spain, but now succeeded by Obstlt. Kleyenstüber; albeit that Elcano real name Fregatten-Kapitän Leissner remained at the KO Sp/K.d.M. Sp. office in Madrid; though it might also have been that they used the old cover-name for the new Head of KO/K.d.M. Spain Obstlt. Kleyenstüber) for Triana; (AOB: might this have been another alias dedicated to Fidrmuc/Ostro?).    Dr. Ostro arriving shortly at your end.    Please send him reports via good R operator in cipher.    Please confirm/  Please prepare the 8000 pesetas sanctioned in April for Ostro.    Only have contact with Ostro exercising greatest caution, as his contacts are extremely important.

Sgd. Vasco 28462.

KV 2/201-3, page 43ab + 44ac partially

                                                                                                                                                        Crown Copyright

(Isk 125675)

3.12.44    Babette Vasco.    Caxias of 29/11.    The present situation demands a fundamental decision concerning the continuance of the existence of the LDA (AOB: maybe meant Germain Brucker-Traus company of which Fidrmuc was a business partner)    Deal for the future are at present impossible (AOB: how could the convey for instance some quantity of canned fish to Germany? By means of a regular passenger flight? Of course, in those days impossible).    What is to be done in connection with Huette (= Switzerland) and Grube (= Belgium, now Allied controlled) is intended for the 2 firms known to you. The LDA (= G. Brucker-Traus Ltda Company) is not concerned in this.    On 28.11 we received a questionnaire from the Economics Ministry (= Wirtschaftsministerium, in Berlin), asking us to state the probable state of business for 1945. The answer will be fairly negative.    We have also received an E.P.T. demand for for 230,000 escudos, ware time profit.    From our previous experiences we can however reckon with a balance of 50 - 60%.    But how can a further existence of the LDA (G. Brucker-Traus Ltda) be guaranteed, when a monthly salaries, rents and Georges (expenses are an extraordinary burden.    On the other hand, without the LDA we can have no permis de sejour (travel and entrance permits).    Request your opinion.    Addendum. Hyon.    Suggest joint discussion of all fundamental questions between C (= Camoes ?= Ostro?)   Vasco Hyon in Merkur (= German Kanzlei / Legation in Madrid) C's (meant Camoes = Ostro) stay at your end (Spain) in January.    Forros (= Obst. Frederici Head KO/K.d.M. Portugal) Hyon (AOB: might Hyon have been Dr. Alois Schreiber Leiter Referat I in Lisbon?)


KV 2/201-4, page 8ad + 9ae partially

                                                                                                                                                                    Crown Copyright

(Isk 130738)

6.2.45    Madrid-Berlin.    167.    For Babette, Mate, for Vasco.    Following is a report from Camoes (= Ostro = Fidrmuc).    Extract from report 5/1/22  K of 26/1/45.    Reference W/T   message Skarupa  No. (10 letters corrupt) shooting down of fighter a/c (= aircraft) In Mitchell Field on 11/1/45 before representatives of the a.c. (aircraft) factories named in the report, a Messerschmidt  Messerschmitt 262  DE(  EN ( was shown, about 90% of which is (9 letters corrupt) in parts with well preserved junkers gas-turbines for jet-propulsion. The captured ME 262 is not in working order but a copy (likely a Chinese copy) is to be constructed by Bell by March.     According to Major Larne of the Mitchell Field experimental Station no German jet-propelled fighter a/c (aircraft) is available in GB for  examination nor do the Allies possess a captured ME 163 DE ( and EN (

AOB: the remaining is being skipped.

KV 2/201-4, page 22af partially

                                                                                                                                                                                        Crown Copyright

(Isk 132550)

23.12.44    Berlin-Madrid.    315.    Secret (Geheim).    For Elcano (I suppose: Obstlt. Kleyenstüber) for Gutierrez (AOB: might both have meant Leissner but more likely Ii is meant, as Ii is the 'Leitender Offizier' for Communications in a distinguished area, and Ostro stayed in Barcelona which is quite a distance from Madrid).    get Triana (Consul Rüggeberg?) to do the same.  According to Olaf (?), Ostro reports are to be sent, by way of trial, over Kanzlei W/T link direct from Merkur to Burg (= Berlin). (AOB: this is curious as Merkur was the Kanzlei / Legation. But the bulk of W/T traffic of Sabine went via their own link. Or, due to extra security the diplomatic channel with the German Foreign Ministry should be here considered?)    Sgd.   Babette-Mate  Vasco.    

 KV 2/201-4, page 23ag

                                                                                                                                                                                    Crown Copyright

(Isk 33013)            For an example:

23.12.44    Lisbon-Berlin.    701.    Babette.    For Vascoe (Vasco), Camoes 4  IV M of 8th December.    There arrived in Bombay on 21thst November the troopship Sultan Star and Manchuria in convoy with 8 freighters carrying war material totalling (8 letters missing) 00. (.15 letters missing) from 7 different regiments, a particularly large amount of artillery and engineers from the Artillery Regiment and Engineers Coy (= Company) serving in India.    A further troopship with approximately (1400 men landed in Calcutta a few days later.    The Men who landed in Bombay shipped to Meerut and Secunderbad.  The freighters brought 20 Cromwell tanks, approximately 20 others, 50 howitzers of 5.5. inches and numerous other field guns, also vehicles and ammunition.


KV 2/201-4, page 39ah partially

                                                                                                                                                                                        Crown Copyright

(Isk 133935)

28.2.45    Lisbon-Berlin.    460.    To Babette for Lago (Skarupa or von Carnap?) for Vasco.    On 19 February I was subjected for 6 hours to questioning, on false accusations, by the Criminal Police here in the presence of English representative.    The aim of the accusation was (to secure -) my expulsion, to be proceeded by the term of imprisonment.    As the material has been unskilfully collated and was partly at variance with the known facts of my journey to Spain.    I succeeded in refuting all accusations as well as the suborned witnesses, and after 22, page official report containing nothing incriminating had been drawn up, in being released.    I was able to see the examination report which the International Police requested from the criminal Police it contains the finding the the accusations were untenable. Meanwhile the post and telephone censorship which was imposed has been removed again. contact with V-Leute and Harry was maintained.    There are no grounds for concern.     I have only informed you so that you should be aware of the methods attempted by England (in casu British S.I.S.) and USA to exert pressure.

Ostro    Forros (= Obst. d. L. Dr. Rudolf  Frederici Head of K.d.M. Portugal)   Hyon

 KV 2/201-4, page 41ai  partially

                                                                                                                                                                                        Crown Copyright

(Isk 132813)

19.2.45    Berlin-Lisbon (Lina)    56.    For Hyon for Camoes.    Reference letter Camoes to Vasco 6/2.    No dismissal of V-Leute. Camoes fees increased by order of Senior (= Schellenberg)  to 300,000 escudos w.e.f.1./1.    Payout difference of 65,000 escudos for first quarter, as Camoes has up to now received only 250,000 escudos and equivalent to 3,000 RM Debitor (= ZF = Pago in Madrid) has been asked to give instructions for payment.

Sgd. Vasco


KV 2/201-4, page 41aj partially + page 42ak partially     This message will also causing a row at M.I.5 and the XX-Committee!

                                                                                                                                            Crown Copyright

(Isk 132291)

2.3.45    Lisbon-Berlin.    Babette for Sibelius for Vasco 507.    Camoes 5/1/37.    N of 19/2.    1)    In the last few weeks up to about 15/2 about 85,000 to 95,000 men have been transported from Italy to Southern France on small troopships, mostly via Civitavecchia  (On the coast north of Rome and south of Tarquinia). So far as is known in Rome, this includes the removals.    (See:  K2109    K2109return)    2)    The H.Q. of the 8th Army has been moved, this time to Villa Forly Lt. Gen. Sir Richard McCreery and some gentlemen of his staff have however being staying sine 12/2 in the Majectic Hotel Florence.  The Polish Polish Ggeneral Anders is also in Florence, staying in the Bagloni and it is said he is not allowed to leave Florence.    3)    For some time the Poles have been withdrawn from the front, and in the middle in of February they were stationed in  and around Rimini.    It is said that they have been promised transport away from there.    Since the Yalta Conference the numbers of acts of insubordination, desertions and derelictions of duty of every kind has been extraordinary high.    On 17/2 the 2nd Coy (Company)    of the 4th Inf. Regt. was disarmed but owing to the general attitude of the troops punishment en masse could not be carried out. Unrest among the Poles continues Colonel J. Dawinski has arrived from London on a special mission for conferences in Florence.    4)    On 11/2 a troops transport arrived at Bari with about 200 English and 3500 Indian troops. a week later they were still there.    Most of them Gurkas of the 7th and 10th Regiments, also artillery and Pioneer.   

Sgd.    Forros (Dr. Rudolf Frederici Head of K.d.M. Portugal)   Hyon.


KV 2/201-5, page 3aL  partially

                                                                                                                                                                Crown Copyright

(Isk  135165)

10.3.45    Berlin-Lisbon.    37.    From Belinde (AOB: = Amt Mil, consisted of some barracks near to Baruth south of Berlin) no 36.    for Hyon for Camoes.    1)    Is there anything known concerning assembly of air-borne troops in Corsica or Sardinia?    If so, the following details are to be found out, place and origin.    When brought? in, strength, number of units, air transport space, etc.    2)    What British divisions have been withdrawn from the Italian front since the beginning of March?  ? 6 corrupt)    Sgd. Vasco 15   No.  10448/3/45 of 9/2. 


KV 2/201-6, page 5am partially                     (AOB: in my perception an interesting information)

                                                                                                                                                                                    Crown Copyright

(Isk 140118)

17.4.45    (Burg) (AOB: at this moment there were no longer Amt Mil / Milamt offices operational in Berlin; they had been moved to Thüringen and elsewhere)  - Lisbon via (Sonja) (= Stuttgart, they were informed as all Amt Mil  groups were on the move southwards to Bavaria and the Austrian Alps)    From Burg (Berlin, but no longer existing as most outskirts had been occupied by the Russian already) 99 for Forros Secret (Geheim).    Reference our message 664 of 20/3 in re Ostro report about warships in Indian area. According to what OKM SKL 3 has ascertained, report is for most part incorrect. There is no longer a Royal Sovreign it is given to Russia. Howe identified in Australia.    Kent, Sussex, Birmingham permanently in home waters. Of carrier  3 auxiliary carriers very probably also not in Indian waters.    Babette - Sibelius No. 10736/4.  (AOB: I suppose that Fidrmuc possessed a copy of British Naval Ships identification book or papers.  What it also proved, is, that SKL 3 possessed more sources of information. Maybe, partially, via Kraemer's contact with the Japanese MA Onodera, in Stockholm; maybe even elsewhere too)


KV 2/201-6, page 19ax  !!! 

                                                                                                                                                                                        Crown Copyright

30.4.45    Madrid - Lisbon.    37 Reichssicherheitshauptamt.    From Jakob (= Merano, near to Bolzano) No. 10 on 29th April. From Nonika No. 141.    For Forros (= Dr. Rudolf Frederici Head of K.d.M. Portugal in Lisbon)     Chefsache (to be dealt with the head of the Service).  Reference Lina (= Lisbon) 86.    1)    Provide Ostro with 6 months' Feder (= Hans Brandes, alias Ballhorn)    the trustship of a further sum for his own expenses, and, if the occasion arises, also for the purposes of administration for the Stelle at your end.    Report what sum are paid out.    2)    Reference Lina (= Lisbon) 805.    Place the proposed sum at Feder's disposal as a work fund for Patron ?).    Inform us of the amount of available money resources, how and where they have been disposed, who is empowered to dispose of them, and how long they will last if they are used with the most rigid economy.

Sgd.    Saebel    Mate E 19/45. Reich Security = Reichssicherheitshauptamt.


KV 2/201-6 page 20am-final


(Isk    140615)

3.5.45    Lisbon    -    Madrid. (AOB: at this moment the K.d.M. Spain had already been self-liquidated)

            Gutierrez (likely Ii in Madrid) for Ostro 117.    The supplementary 6-monthly payment made available by Zentrale with FS 19/45 of 30/4, that is. for the third and forth quarters of 1945, was handed over to Camillo on 1/5 with the instructions to keep it carefully in private.    Likewise both the new passports, valid until April 1950 (AOB: one of the most valuable possession to everyone surviving Germany's surrender. As most passports expired earlier and people were stuck without any chance of obtaining one new!)    According to the message, Vasco has established contact with the parents of Rigmor (Fidrmuc's wife'sparents, in Hamburg);  everything in order there.    Thanks for letters;    please, in so far as possible, continue to inform me of the most important events.    All the best    Yours ever,

Forros (= Head K.d.M. Portugal),     Hyon (Dr. Alois Schreiber Leiter Referat I at K.d.M. Portugal in Lisbon)


The End

By Arthur O. Bauer