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KV 2/1498, page 1

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KV 2/1498

Kauder Richard

PF 602358

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AOB: It is interesting to notice - that this current file had been accessed on 14 December 1962 the first time; whereas Richard Kauder did pass away on 15 July 1960 on 18.45 in a Salzburg under most poor circumstances. There was even no money left for a funeral; therefore the Salzburg Counsel buried his corpus.

Maybe the rumour of Richard Kauder's death might have reached M.I.5 and being the reason why someone did access this file again.

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AOB: The next document is one of the most curious I have encountered.

It shows that during the war period, quite many lived their daily life as if there was no World War going on.

We will encounter the daily life on the Balkans, at least lived by those living their life on behave of the German: O.K.W. Amt Ausland/Abwehr.




For the first time you will get a quite systematic inside vision, as to what it could be about; though, combined with a communication map.

It all started with a British map of some W/T links in the Balkans.

Discussing this with my late best friend Rudolf Staritz, whom during the war was an Abwehr signal operator.

Rudi suggested: wouldn't it be possible to extend this map?

His thoughts first was expending it towards the east (Russia).

But the British Services did not cover Russia well. I suppose due to the distance, and maybe also the so-called "skip" zones. Implying that signals reflected at the "Heaviside layer" (Think of F-,  E- and D-Layer an that kind) (  Maybe also from an organisational point of view.

Therefore, my map-reconstruction expanded mainly west-wards. For practical reasons, I only cover main W/T links; as otherwise it would become impossible to distinguish the main communication lines.

Another problem, is: the used line-numbering.

I tend to believe - that these were British designations, but I am not entirely sure about it.

The Germans coordinated all W/T call-signs and likely also communication routes and their according designations.

Let us, therefore, consider them a designation, maybe being given by their organisations.

How do I know these facts?

I am on merely daily bases engaged with studying the KV 2/xxxx serials since early 2015, and have come across quite many RSS intercept serials; providing, often, also the communication line designations - from which much information being derived.

The main lines were:

I/  = Hamburg

II/ = Berlin


VII/ was Vienna

(Roman prefix was a typical German designation method, but, also normal 'Arabic' numbers being used (1, 2, 3 ..)

After Amt VI / Amt Mil (Milamt) merged with most of the Abwehr, other serials were added

Like XIII/... and XIV/...  and that like.

The application of Roman figures, might have been an indication of a German origin, as it were the Germans rather often using them, in contrast to the British Services.

As to enhance your understanding - I have to explain in detail, especially in the beginning of our Survey.

I do expect that we later will become more acquainted with the subject.

However, I will add as comprehensive reference section, so that everyone can jump to this section and backwards. (Albeit that I am not yet clear as to how it has to be accomplished - keeping it as a "full proof" facility. It might therefore happen that I am being forced to change the way it is functioning, sometimes)

The W/T map below is based on British R.S.S. decrypts of genuine German Abwehr communications

                                                                    (X2131    ANAPA top most to the right-hand side   X2131return)


Reconstruction of the major German communication lines in Western Europe (excluding Russia)

Please click at the above drawing as to open it in pdf; allowing you to print it in every printer size you like (when appropriate).

Sometimes, there existed more circuit designations, implying that more services had their parallel W/T channels.

Sometimes, the cover-names for cities being noticed inside the circles:  Basta = Gibraltar; Hamburg = Hafen; Berlin = Burg, Schloss and Palais; Vienna (Wien) = Wera;   Paris = Parkstadt;    Madrid = Metro, Merkur and Media and (W/T station Sabine);   Lisbon = Lisa and Lina; Buenos Aires = Kurort (Argentine = Schlachthof);    Oslo = Otto;    Stuttgart = Sonja;    Wiesbaden =s Wilja;    Athens (Athen) = Adolf;    Bordeaux = Bordstadt;    Istambul = Ida;   Mitylene (Greece) = Berta;    Frascati (Italy) maybe also periodically Taormina at Sicily = Togo (Kesselring's H.Q. in Italy South of Rome).   Countries were also designated in codes:              England = Golfplatz;    Portugal = Weinberg;    Hütte = Switzerland;    Spain = Garten - but later also known as Quadrat;    Belgium = Grube;    Tom's Hütte ; Samland = USA (likely also named: Farmland)    .....

HIOB is Heer (Army); Abwehr Referat I; Ost = East; B = Berlin;    Andreas   is (likely) Referatsleiter I   for the Iberian Peninsula); 


KV 2/1498, page 3a    (minute 1a)

                                                                                                                                                            Crown Copyright

Klatt Richard    @ Karmany (after August 1943 when settled in Budapest) @ Bully station-names in Budapest @ Max high-grade Russian strategic intelligence obtained via Klatt.

VII/23            W/T link Sofia - Wera (= Wien) vice versa.  (Klatt's Luftmeldekopf Schwert)

II/13               Berlin - Sofia (Sofia - Berlin vice-versa)

II/523            Berlin - KO-Sofia (station Sepp) (Might have passed via Wera = Ast Wien)

VII/42            Wera - ?

VII/3              Wera - Bukarest /Bucharest (Rumania)

VII/62            Wera /Sofia Luftmeldekopf Schwert with: - station "Ahmed" in the Spanish Legation in Ankara

II/5171           Berlin /Wera - Rome

II/5209          Berlin - ?

II/536            Berlin/Wera - Bukarest (Bucharest)

VII/78            Wera/ Saloniki  - Mitylene (Greece)

II/5167           Berlin/Sofia - ?

II/5157          Berlin/Wera - Rome

II/5223         Berlin - ?

XIV/100      R.S.H.A. Amt VI? (as Amt Mil was established since ca. August 1944) (AOB: however, it might have been that the station-list originates from post-war days) 

II/538          Wera - Saloniki

II/1130        Berlin - ?

II/5223        Berlin - ?

II/3265        Berlin - ?

II/7011        Berlin - ?

II/56           Berlin - ?

II/538         Berlin/Wera - Saloniki

II/1027       Berlin - ?

II/8700      Berlin - ?

II/5759      Berlin - ? 


15.10.41. (Isos 16119)   Refused citing Wagner's orders. (Wagner was Leiter of KO-Bulgaria)

16.10.41  (Isos 16120)   "Has programme of visit already arrived?".

16.10.41  (Isos 16121)   Wagner to Klatt:    "... Activity reports and accounts for Oct. 1.10 from Klatt are not to hand".

18.10.41  (Isos 16122)   Wagner to Klatt:    "Expect me at 1700 hrs. (19.10?)  Hotel Slavianska  (notice: W2130        W2130return) (AOB: strange this latter reference refers to 1940)

?. 11. 41  (Isos 16124)    Springer Wien (Vienna) requests Ing. Wagner (Crimea) (Krim) to ask Klatt to have Dr. Heinrich's hand atlas and list of place names sent to Vienna (Wien)  by return.


6.11.41  (no Isos decrypt number)    Is informed by Springer that there are still a few days to wait till Meininger's despatch.     E.Z. is a V-Mann.

6.11.41  (Isos 1454)    Cuno (= KO-Bulgaria W/T station) - Brede (I-L in Berlin)  Recall Heller from Sofia.    According to Klatt, Heller going to Lisbon, which should not have been repeated.

7.11.41  (Isos 10186)    Wagner Wien (Vienna) to Dr. Delius (Obstlt. Otto Wagner's alias):    Pay agent Klatt 2000$ to "launch" agent Jack. (AOB: all quite strange as in the foregoing references there hardly had been mutual contacts)

10.11.41 (Isos 16047)   Wagner (Wien) - Klatt: "Where Cuno (= KO-Bulgaria W/T station) has report on Eva, cannot be seen from the message".  

11.11.41 (Isos 16059)    Wagner (Wien) to Klatt:   "Orders to commence journey will be delivered on 12.11.41 by Lufthansa. (AOB: there existed during the entire war regular airline connections also transporting civilians with proper papers).    Money was urgently requested in Berlin a short time ago.    Bring  Ing. Weber's mail with you.    

12.11.41 (Isos 16060)    Wagner (Wien) to Klatt:    As from 14.11. 2 free air-tickets Sofia Wien (Vienna) can be collected by Klatt from Lufthansa Bureau in Sofia.

12.11.41 (Isos 10187?)  Wagner (Wien) to Cuno (W/T station KO-Bulgaria)    Pay remitted sum to Klatt instead of Dr. Haller.

17.11.41 (Isos 645 or SBA 645?) Berlin - Sofia:    Klatt at present with his Principal (Vorgesetzter) (von Wahl-Welskirch at Ast Wien). Principal in Wien will arrive with Klatt as soon as possible by car at Cuno's (KO-Bulgaria Büro) (Sofia.    The suicide of V-Mann Marthies and the events connected with it are no reason for the suspension from duty of the remaining Klatt V0Mann in Bourgas (Burgas Bulgaria)  (see message following)

17.11.41 (Isos 653 of SBA 653?)  Cuno (Sofia) to Berlin for I-Luft Hptm. i.G. Brede and Wien (Vienna) for (KO-Leiter::    1)    Re. Suicide of V-Mann Marties and Klatt's action in having material belonging to him confiscated by the Bulgarian investigating authorities"    I have instructed the Bulgarian Kriegsministerium to hand over documents at once.

            2)    As far as can be judged up till now, attention must be drawn to grossly negligent performances of Abwehr security measures and to dubious enquiries into Bulgarian Army Affairs by the Klatt-Mathies organisation.

KV 2/1498, page 4b

                                                                                                                                                                    Crown Copyright

17.11.41 cont.

        3)    Please make verbal report to Chef I (Obst. Piekenbrock) on this incident and ask for an immediate investigation, so that the affair can be stopped from spreading.    I will suspend all Klatt's agents in Bourgas (Burgas).

        4)    Klatt's principal (Obstlt. von Wahl-Welskirch) is to come to Sofia at once.   

27.11.41  (Isos 16331)    Report on English radio station in Batum.

27.11.41  (Isos 16332/3) Military intelligence from Russian front.

28.11.41 (Isos 16521/4)  Military Intelligence reports to Wagner (Wien).

28.11.41 (Isos 15586)  Reports British building air base at Senjan, N.W. of Teheran.

28.11.41 (Isos 15584)  Informs Wien (Vienna)  of situation between Anapa (see map above) and NovorossIsos.

2.12.41  (Isos 15504)  Springer informs Ingenieur Wagner (Ast Wien) that Renée suitcase is being sent to Klatt by freight (fright-air) plane.

2.12.41  (Isos 15495)  Springer (Wien) to Klatt:-? Ref. message 22.    Wuery?? concerning Eller sill be answered by letter".

3.12.41  (Isos 16693)  Military intelligence report.   

5.12.41  (Isos 15835)  Military report to Wien: on Amman , Jerusalem.

HW-19-19 Isos 15835                Considering now the genuine decrypted Max intelligence source:

                                                                                                                                                        Crown Copyright

Isos 15835            Group VII/24 (intercepted from the W/T line Sofia - Wien

                             RSS decrypt 424/8/12/41 

                            ? received on 8275 kHz at 111 GMT    on 5/12/41

                            0512    V/175

                            31.    To Wagner (Ast Wien)    The town of Rostov has been totally destroyed.    For this reason troops have been housed in XE?UO ruins.    Long-range artillery has been set up near Rostow (Rostov).

Sgd. Klatt

The above message is the translation of the Genuine German message gathered by Ira Longin, (AOB: likely supplied by a Russian NKWD source).


Isos 15836         Considering now 15836                                                                                  A typical example of a Moritz information

                                                                                                                                                            Crown Copyright

Isos 15836                                                                        Group VII/ 23 (W/T link between Luftmeldekopf Schwert directed to Wera the Ast Wien W/T station).

                                                                                          Sofia to Wien (Vienna)

                                                                                          RSS 424/8/12/41 (decrypted date)

                                                                                          ? on 8275 kHz    1119 GMT                                                            5/12/41

                                                                                          0512  1    240

                                                                                           32. English garrisons in Aman, Jerusalem, Haifa and Jaffa altogether 3 tank brigades, 125 bomber aircraft, 97 pursuit 'planes,  3 Infabtry divisions together with their complement of artillery are being transferred partly on rail, partly by ship to Port Said.    Small formations of English and French troops came in to take their places from Syria and Iraq.

Sgd.    Klatt

Please compare the above Isos 15835 and 15836

It becomes apparent that British translations being rather brief and primitive!

Rarely, that someone being informed from half-way primary signal sources. (half-way, because the genuine message had been conveyed in German language whereas we read its English brief translation)

5.12.41 (Isos 15988)    Informs Springer that 150,000 for car have not arrived.

6.12.41 (Isos 15974)    Wagner (Crimea) informs Springer (Wien) that all transmissions to Sofia are to be addressed to Klatt.    Series is not to be addressed to Dr. Delius (= Obstlt. Otto Wagner Leiter KO -Bulgaria).


9.12.41 (Isos 15940)   Air Intelligence from Anapa area. → (see X2131    X2131return) ↓

HW 19-19 Isos 15940

                                                                                                                                                Crown Copyright

 Group  VII/23  (W/T link LMK Klatt directed to Ast Wien)

Crimea to Vienna (Wien)

RSS  891/11/12/41

? on 8280 kHz 1120 GMT    9/12/41

0912 253

42.    To Wagner (at Ast Wien).    On the aerodrome in [or: on the] Tom?ilnaja [or: Tonnelmaja, 28 km east of Anapa, where there is a fake aerodrome with 18 wooden dummies.

Sgd: Klatt


9.12.41 (Isos 15939)    Springer asks Klatt who is the registered owner of the Opel - Kapitän car supplied to his Luftmeldekopf Klatt Dienststelle.    Reason for query: insurance papers for it.

9.12.41 (Isos 15957)    Informs Wagner (at Ast Wien) of British marine detachment at Poti. ↓


HW 19-19 Isos 15957

                                                                                                                                                                        Crown Copyright

Group VII/23   (W/T link LMK Klatt directed to Ast Wien)

Crimea to Wien (Vienna)

RSS  89/11/12/41

No call on 8280 kHz   1108 GMT    9/12/41

Part 1    0911    1/250

Part 2    0911    3/205

41.    To Wagner (at Ast Wien) (AOB: whether Wagner = von Wahl-Welskirch; indeed Roland von Wahl-Welskirch @ Ing. Wagner).    An English marine and engineer detachment is coming to Poti (Georgien; situated at the Black Sea)     Will consist of 200 men, who will build practically all the A.A. (Anti-air Artillery) and coastal defence gun positions in the harbour fortifications.    In the harbour there are 4 small and 2 large submarines, 2 torpedo boats, 2 oil tankers; 3 squadrons of cavalry, 1 medium tank company, 1 large W/T station, 1 meteorological station. 1 railway company, 12 hydroplanes (Wasserflugzeuge) of all types.    Colonel Wjctrow (or: Wjttrow) is garrison commander.

Sgd. Klatt

 9.12.44  (Isos 15897)    Informs Wagner (Obstlt. von Wahl-Welskirch at Ast Wien Klatt's handling Officer)    Car is in the name of Richard Klatt.    Will it be insured in Wien or in Sofia?

10.12.41 (Isos 15941)   Car to be insured in Sofia.

10.12.41 (Isos 161184) Klatt to Wagner:-    Russian troop movements.

10.12.44 (Isos 16199)       "     "       "                    "          "            "   

10.12.44 (Isos 16185)    Klatt to Wagner:-    Russian naval movements.

17.12.41 (Isos 16505)    Wagner (Wien) asks Klatt if it is correct that 3 Vienna - Sofia air tickets are to be booked for the 3rd. or 5th. January (1942), i.e. 6 tickets in all.

18.12.41 (Isos, 16508)   Wagner repeats that it is not clear from Klatt's message whether 3 air tickets are to be booked for the 3rd. or 5th January.

18.12.41 (Isos 16507)    Wagner informs Klatt that Kaufmann has arrived. 

9.1.42     (Isos 18538)    Klatt (Sofia) - Wagner (Wien):    At conference in Baghdad between Americans, de Gaullists and Soviet Officers, the Soviets are asking for transport, motor-trucks and tanks.    There are also conversations about measures in connection with Pan-Arab movement.

10.1.42  (Isos 18332)    Klatt (Sofia) -  Wagner (Ast Wien):    List of contents of the 13th mail is written on the inner side of the envelope.



(17)   (since 9 January 2024)


KV 2/1498, page 5c

                                                                                                                                                                                Crown Copyright

11.1.42 (Isos 18202)    Klatt (LMK, Sofia) - Wagner (=Ast Wien, Obstlt. von Wahl-Welskirch):    On 10.1.42. Ist teleprint (= Fernschreiben = FS) to Ic (= Responsible officer in charge of tactical intelligence on the enemy) at H.Q. of Luftflotte IV (all Klatt reports were also directed parallel to Luftflotte IV in Russia as well as to Ast Wien) despatched.    Written report follows.   

11.1.42 (Isos 18203)    Similar message saying Group of 40 men belonging to the Intelligence Service has arrived in Tiflis and is taking up work with G.P.U.    (

11.1.42 (Iso 18215)    Klatt (Sofia _Wien for Wagner:

(Isos 18215)        1) Timoschenko arrived in Rostow (Rostov) with American and British Officers.

                            2) Official American Commission with technical personnel has arrived in Batum to set up a large American transmitting station.

(Isos 18221)        3) On aerodrome of Feodorowka.

(Isos 18231)        4) On aerodrome of Schatzk.

(Isos 18232)        5) Siberian troops in Tscherepowetz.

(Isos 18233)        6) On 28/12 the G.P.U. building in Tiflis was attacked with bombs.

13.1.42.  (Isos 18348)       Klatt (Sofia) - Wagner Wien (Vienna) :    Please send maps covering Egypt and North Africa.

15.1.42.  (Isos 18442-4)    Military Intelligence from Sofia - (an) Wagner (Ast Wien)    : Egypt    -    Libya, Russia.


23.1.42.  (Isos 18990)       Karl (Sofia)    -    Wagner (Ast Wien)    :    From Feb. 1st,    allotment of petrol through Sonderstab impossible.    It is necessary for order to be issued from Berlin H.Q. (O.K.W. Amt Ausland/Abwehr) Aussenstelle Sofia whereby 300 litres will be allotted monthly to Dienststelle Klatt.    If order has not arrived in Feb. 1st, cars will be immobilised.

26.1.42.  (Isos 19172)       Sends naval intelligence on Black Sea to Wagner (= alias of Obstlt. von Wahl-Welskirch at Ast Wien; Klatt's handling officer)

26.1.42.  (Isos 19193)       Wagner (Ast Wien)    -    Karl (Sofia);    Ref. 18990 (actually not identical to the German reference number):    allotment of petrol at Sonderstab is sent from Berlin.    If Klatt's state of health permits his presence on Feb. 2nd and 3rd he is to come.    If Klatt comes, an air ticket will be booked for ???.41.    Answer requested.



31.1.42.  (Isos 19216)        Sofia    -    Wien.    Karl and Klatt left today by Lufthansa for Budapest and will go on from there to Vienna. (AOB: travelling, I suppose, fetched by a car or by train)



10.2.42.  (Isos 20197)       Wien - Sofia:    Major Brede, Wagner,    Geissler and Karl are probably arriving Sofia staying at Hotel Slavianska) on 11.2.42.


20.2.42.  (Isos 21813)       Sofia - Wien.    Klatt reports:    "East of the Leningrad-Moscow railway, east of Lake Ilmen (Ilmen See)  near Istrijebite, fuel and underground bomb-dumps", their defence. Luftflotte (IV)has been informed.

26.2.42.  (Isos 21648)       Wien - Sofia.    29. (German message number)    On the order of Luft I (in Berlin am Tirpitz-Ufer), the addendum to OKW Amt Ausland/Abwehr No. 1104 2. 42  Geheim I Luft of 7.2.42 is to be put into operation (in Kraft zu setzen)  under para. 1 of no. 2.    Der Leiter of the Luftmeldekopf Süd-Ost will determine measures according to circumstances.    Whilst the Leiter of the Luftmeldekopf Süd-Ost is away from Sofia,  the Luftmeldekopf is under the control (unter der Leitung von) Klatt.    Naturally (Selbstverständlich) Klatt will also keep in touch with German Dienststellen in Bulgaria.    Leiter K.O. Bulgaria (= Obstlt. Otto Wagner) has received with W/T msg. from OKW Amt Ausland/Abwehr via Sepp (= cover-name of W/T station of K.O.-Bulgaria).    Sgd. Wagner (= von Wahl-Welskirch; Ast Wien)

25.2.42.  (Isos 3157) (= machine code decrypt, think of Enigma message)     Berlin    -    Sofia.    For Cuno (= also cover-name of the K.O. Bulgaria W/T station) on order of Chef I (= Obst. Piekenbrock) Signed Brede, Major i.G. der Luftwaffe.    -message identical with the proceeding message -21648.

KV 2/1498, page 6d

                                                                                                                                                                Crown Copyright

27.2.42.  (Isos 21931)        Sofia - Wien.    Klatt requests "Wagner" (his guiding officer at Ast Wien; Obstlt. von Wahl-Welskirch) to order room and meet Major Geissler who is arriving Sunday 1.3. in Wien about 15 hrs. by train from Belgrade via Agram (Fascist name for Zagreb).



Kersj = Kertsch, Krasnodar, Tbilisi = Tiflis (on this map quite south)

AOB: this area toward the Caucasus area will become utmost significant some months hereafter: - as the Germans aimed for crossing this region as to enter the Middle-East and shake hands with Rommel's Forces. But Rommel's DAK was beaten in October/November 1942 at El Alamein, whereas the Russians initiated their War decisive offensive on 9 November; where the German supply-lines to Stalingrad (now Wolgograd/Volgograd) and the Caucasus Region were cut off from their "Hinterland".

Most of the Caucasus troops could escape via Kertsch/Kersj, by boat; but in Stalingrad fought > 300,000 men of whom 100,000 became P.o.W. ca. 1-3 February. But only ca. 5,000 men returned to Germany, in 1955. 

5.3.42.  (Isos 22265-67)    Sofia - Wien.    Klatt reports to Wagner.    "On 3.3. there arrived in Jenikale, near Kertsch, 1 regiment of Marines, 2 M.C. battalions and 2 battalions of medium tanks from Taman.    There arrived in Krasnodar from Tiflis (Tbilisi)  there are three battalions on 4/3 22 large transports a/c (= aircraft).    In Krasnodar there are 3 battalions of airborne infantry with machine guns and motor cycles prepared for landing operations.    Objective unknown.    On 3.3 there arrived in MitjakIsosaja, 39 30' East 48 55'North, 1 tank division, 2 artillery regiments, including long range artillery, and 1 cavalry brigade. Luftflotte IV is informed. (AOB: Klatt possessed W/T means to also contact the German Luftflotte IV stationed in 'vast' Russia)

3.3.42.                                                                                                    AOB: Please digest the skipped lines yourself.

(D2140   ↓↓↓↓   D2140return)

6.3.42.   (Isos 22343)    Wien - Sofia.    For Klatt from Springer. (German message number) 71.    Reserve two single bedrooms with bath for Cpts. Korv.-Kpt. Hans Sokol (according my notes Hans) and Korv-Kapt. Dr. Werner Schueler (Schüler) (at Ast Wien I-M) (Gideon Richard Werner) (= KV 2/2659; PF 601139) for 16.3.  They are coming from Athens and will stay 2/3 days, cannot however arrive till 17.3.    Kindly confirm the reservation and give name of the hotel.



25.3.42.  (Isos 23547)    Wien - Sofia.   From Wagner (Ast Wien) for Karl and Klatt:    From now on messages must begin "Max reports" (AOB: = Russian tactical and strategic intelligence) or "Moritz reports" (AOB: also concerning NKWD information, but now concerning British related matters mainly in the eastern Mediterranean) together with the date of observation, otherwise there are difficulties in passing them through Duty Officer.    Messages must be divides exactly according to source.


27.3.42.  (Isos 24098)    Sofia - Wien (Vienna)     From Klatt.    (German message number) 123 to Wagner (at Ast Wien):    Please inform us whether the seats in the aeroplane from Wien (Vienna) to Sofia are reserved for Saturday the 4th of April.

27.3.42  (Isos 23920)    Wien - Sofia.   From Wagner for Klatt:    1 seat in 'plane booked for Saturday 4th, the second for Friday 3rd as nothing else could be had (purchased).

30.3.42. (Isos 5005?)      Sofia - Berlin. For Leiter (= Piekenbrock was Leiter I in Berlin, the end of 1942):    Please assure booking of 2 sleeper beds 1 st class from Belgrade to Budapest for 31.3 in the name of Klatt.    Deposit with  the Station Officer in return for payment.

7.4.42.  (Isos 24679)     Wien - Sofia.    (message number) 7.    For Klatt.    Reference your message number 83.    Klatt is bringing desired documents with him.    Sgd. Wagner (= Obstlt. Ritter von Wahl-Welskirch).

15.4.42. (Isos 25155)    Wien- Sofia. From Fulei Hotzel to Klatt:    Reference your message 224,    Funkleiter only supplies 130 W transmitters of own make →

KV 2/1498, page 7e                    (E2142     see message 8/5 for meeting in Budapest on the 19th (Isos 27227) ↓↓↓     E2142return)

                                                                                                                                                                    Crown Copyright

continuing →    of own make, which is intended as present for police.    In accordance with the clear agreement reached at the time between W/T Controller and Klatt, the links which are being newly established with your end will for service purposes, be joined to W/T  station Sepp (= K.O. Bulgaia), which will in future be neutral.    Schwert (Luftmeldekopf Klatt's station) will run only special line to Wera (Ast Wien W/T station).    Holberg will arrive at your end on Thursday as my plenipotentiary to carry out the reorganisation of Sepp, for which orders have been given.

15.4.42  (Isos 25250)    Sofia - Wien (Viennna).    Klatt to Hotzel (Ii and 'Funklei' of Wera):    In answer of former message, "It was "promised that a 50 watt home-made (Eigenbau) transmitter and a Radione (R 3) or similar receiver be placed at the disposal of the (Bulgarian) police on loan.    Please send these sets as soon as possible.    Message (number) 267 is being answered in writing by way of Sec.?? I-Luft.    Everything else is being arranged by Holberg who was nominally appointed plenipotentiary.

16.4.42.  (Isos 25342)   Wien - Sofia.    From Wagner (= Obstlt. von Wahl-Welskirch, Klatt's guiding officer) to Klatt.        Will arrive probably on 21.4.42.    Please make certain of Slavianska (Hotel) apartment through Kommandantur. 

21.4.42  (Isos 25656)   Wien - Sofia.    Springer to Klatt: RM 500 paid to Gerda (I suppose Klatt's mother in Wien).    Apply to Obzlm. (Oberzahlmeister, = Paymaster) Lang for Leva (= Bulgarian currency).    Remaining money follows by courier.

27.4.42.  (Isos 26991)   Klatt (Sofia) - Hotzel (= Ii = Fulei Wera):    Inform me exactly when the set, plus receiver promised 6 weeks ago by you for Police at this end is being despatched, as passing of information is also being held up by this delay.

27.4.42.  (Isos 26990)   Klatt(Sofia) - Wagner (Wien)    for Springer:    Request (Frage) payment of 400 pengoe (Hungarian currency) to Tatlos Panon-Lautza Tel. 327523 through Liaison Officer Budapest.    Settlement will be made with the sum of 100 pengoe due to me from agency.

1.5.42.  (Isos 27496)    Klatt - Wagner:    Requests 300 Swiss francs instead of 2000 agreed upon. Letter to follow.

5.5.42.  (Isos 26654)   Springer(Sofia -  Klatt (Wien):    Engineer Kamsarakam is arriving on 6/5 by plane.    Will need a room for about 4 days.

5?5.42.  (Isos 26927)   Springer(Wien) - Klatt(Sofia):    Balance of the March account leaving by air mail.

6.5.42.  (Isos 26968)   Springer (Wien) - Klatt (Sofia):    Foreign currency requested cannot be assigned.

8.5.42.  (Isos 27227)   Wagner (Wien) -  Klatt (Sofia):    Arrange your journey to Budapest so that you will be present of the 19th at the arrival of (Major) Brede (Berlin Leiter I-L) and Wagner by scheduled Lufthansa plane.    Secure 2 apartments in Slavianska Hotel from 19th to 21st. If possible meet Steyer in Bucharest immediately.    Deposit pistol and international driver's license.    Lang financial affair will be discussed in Sofia.

8.5.42.  (Isos 28725)    Klatt (Sofia) - Wagner (Wien):    Streyrer arrived today from Bucharest.    Will let you know time of my departure.    Budapest.

13.5.42. (Isos 25497)   Hotzel (Fulei Wera)    - Klatt (Sofia:    Break-down of set inexplicable:  Spare parts asked for will be sent by 13 post on 14/5.    Future idents not to be addressed to Funkmeister, but to me only.

9.6.42.  (Isos 29885)   Wagner (Wien) - Klatt (Sofia):    As far as possible state exact source of Anker (= Velikotny in Ankara at the Spanish Legation) message Klatt No. 280 of 21/4

15.6.42. (Isos 30918)  Wagner (Wien) - Klatt (Sofia":    Jaeger will be with (Dr.) Delius on the 16th and 17th June.    He will get into touch with you.

15.6.42. (Isos 31015)  Wagner (Wien) - Klatt (Sofia)"    Reply by W/T whether the two Russian typewriter have already been sent by Lufthansa.

15.6.42. (Isos 31102)  Klatt (Sofia) - Wagner (Ast Wien);    Bulgarian typewriters must be rebuilt for Russian language as several Russian characters are lacking. Will be despatched on 17/6 if agreement can be reached with the airport customs officers concerning the export of new machines.

15.6.42. (Isos 31124) Klatt - Wagner (Ast Wien, Klatt's guiding Officer):    BGGMOXGINT  had already been brought back when report came in.

KV 2/1498, page 8f

                                                                                                                                                                                Crown Copyright

18.6.42.  (Isos 31105)    Klatt (Sofia)  -  Wafner (Wien):    Apartment ordered in Hotel Slaviaska for 23/6.             

19.6.42.  (Isos 31743)   Wagner (Wien) - Klatt (Sofia):    Book double room for 4 days from the 24th onwards for Ing. Peter? and companion.


26.6.42.  (Isos 31586)  Springer (Wien) - Klatt (Sofia):    Ref. (Message-number) 39.    2 air tickets ordered for the same day will be procured if possible.

30.6.42.  (Isos 31695)  Klatt (Sofia) - Wagner (Ast Wien)    Anker (Velikotny at the Spanish Legation in Ankara; KV 2/1656, PF 67232):    Keep an eye on Worm (?), holder of a German passport, who is at present in Sofia, Hotel Bulgarie.    He is travelling to Istambul (Istanbul) with a very suspicious Czech.

1.7.42.   (Isos 31899)    Hotzel (Wien, Major / Obstlt. Ii und Fulei S-O at W/T station Wera) - Klatt (Sofia):  Uffz. (Eduard) Kuehnle (W/T operator Luftmeldekopf S-O Schwert; KV 2/1969, PF 602511) will join W/T station Sepp (AOB: curious as Sepp is the W/T station of K.O. Bulgaria, the Klatt opposing entity) on 1/7 as arranged for employment in W/T service →

(AOB: the curious situation existed: That Klatt's Luftmeldekopf S-O as well as K.O. Bulgaria were both guided by OKW Amt Ausland/Abwehr. Though, Luftmeldekopf Klatt in Sofia was an exceptional entity. But, from the personnel side of the "Abwehr" - in some cases the W/T personnel-pool was shared mutually.  However, organisational decisions were not taken regular level but often directed by highest in charge. Such as Piekenbrock or Hansen or even Adm. Canaris himself!)                       

 →  By order W/T Controller (?) at your end Kuehnle will be available until 20.7 on request by Klatt at any time to assist at W/T station Schwert (= Klatt's W/T station).  Gefreiter Stimmelmayer is to be sent to Wera (= W/T station to Ast Wien) as agreed on 1/7.

6.7.42. (My day of birth) (Isos 32188)  Klatt (Sofia) - Wagner (Ast Wien):    Request answer concerning Gorenes visa.

13.7.42.  (Isos 32839)    Wagner - Klatt.   Ref. (British Isos reference) 32793. Where is Widisch and where is Demerha?  Are names spelt correctly?

13.7.42.  (Isos 32840)    Klatt - Wagner (Ast Wien).    Names of places are Widsch and Demerha.    Accuracy of the names cannot be established here as I have no maps of the Red Sea. Maps available do not go beyond the Gulf of Suez. (AOB: thus it concerned Moritz information)

13.7.42.  (Isos 32912)    Wagner (Wien) - Klatt (Sofia).    Please visit Herr Vosov Dimitri, Sofia, Bakawska 47 or 147.    He returned from U.S.A. a fortnight ago.

13.7.42.  (Isos 32913)    Wagner (Wien) - Klatt:    What source is Izmit. (Ref. 32823) (AOB: this latter Isos reference might have popped-up in communication between a different W/T communication line)     

16.7.42.  (Isos 32998)   Klatt asks Wagner (Ast Wien) for maps of Russia for the drawing up of (incoming) Max messages.

17.7.42.  (Isos 32991)   Klatt (Sofia) - Wagner (Wien).    I have seat in plane for 23/7 and return flight to Sofia 24/7. (a good example of the quite regular airline connections inside German controlled areas)

27.7.42.  (Isos 33829)   Wagner (Wien) - Klatt.    Enquire through Lang (= Ira Longin; KV 2/1630, KV 2/1631; PF 602370) (AOB: Klatt obtained almost all his intelligence via Ira Longin whom it obtained it from the Russian NKWD (NKVD) facilitated by Russian Legations) whether Dolgov Nikolaj and Genezin Peter Ivanovitch have supplied information for us in Novorossijsk.    Dolgov Nikolaj is at present in the custody of our troops (AOB: the Germans were successfully gaining (capturing) Russian territories in the Ukraine even as far as the Caucasus and Stalingrad).  Nothing known of whereabouts of Genzin Peter Ivanovitch.  Both were arrested by the Russians.    Dolgov was released on 30/3.

27.7.42.  (Isos 33830)    Wagner (Wien) - Kllatt (Sofia) Send in Carnet of Ford (type) Eifel  (registration number) 50998 for renewal   



6.8.42.  (Isos 34880)    Wagner (Wien) - Klatt (Sofia).    Communicate as quickly as possible results of the following assignments:- (AOB: the German forces in the south of Russia progressed vast, and necessitated tactical information urgently)

1)    Intelligence regarding latest positions of the Staffs of the 61st and 16th (Russian) armies N. and N.E. of Orel (Orjol).→


   Orel (Orjol) (Orel is shown up a bit more to the left) and far to the east we notice on the Wolga (Volga) Stalingrad, nowadays known as Wolgograd (Volgograd)) 

In this vast area the German forces employed their full power.

East of the Sea of Azov (think of Mariopol) at Rostov (Rostow) the German Forces entered the area leading up to the Caucasus.

2)    Supervision of transport to and from forces along the railways and roads in the region SW of Kaluga around Belevkoselsk and Sukhinchi.

3)    Movements of the III armoured army presumed north of Orel (Orjol).



For some of you the geographic context might enhance your understanding of the vast areas dealt with.

Rzhev (Rschew) is situated north of the latitude of Moscow (Moskau).

Also it becomes visible the  that Ukraine is also a vast country.

KV 2/1498, page 9g

                                                                                                                                                            Crown Copyright

11.8.42.  (Isos 35421)    Wagner (Wien) - Klatt.    Pass immediately.    We are particularly interested in reconnaissance of Rzhev - Kalinin area.


11.8.42.  (Isos 36338)    Ahmed* (Ankara)   -   Klatt Sofia):    Werner et Zalesky sont partis il y a plus de semaines pour la Palestine.   * Arnoldo Delisme, Spanish Legation


19.8.42.  (Isos 36645)    Ahmed (Ankara) - Klatt (Sofia):    J'ai pose toutes ces questions a officiers de la RAF mais il ná pas repondu ne puvais insister vue qu'il  avait une heure que je le connaissais.    Je ne L'ai plus refu.    Pour Romanow. Espere vous donnez reposse dans ...



22.8.42.  (Isos 36508)    Klatt (Sofia)  - Hotzel (Fulei Süd-Ost Wera):    Agreed to crystal 8730 kHz.    Dispatch by 13 post.(?)   Shall bring with me personally at beginning of September old crystal.



28.8.45  (Isos 37137)    Klatt (Sofia) - Wagner (Ast Wien):    Heartiest congratulations on K.v.K.  Class I. (K.v.K. = Kriegsverdienstkreuz) a decoration given to someone for special appreciation during his service, though, not obtained in combat)  Colleagues in the Dienststelle join in congratulations.


9.9.42.  (Isos 38238)    Wagner (Ast Wien) - Klatt (Sofia).    Best wishes to the married couple Gerti & Arnoldo  (cover-name Ahmed) from Referat I Luft Wien  Major Breda Brede and Dr. Herbert



KV 2/1498, page 10h

                                                                                                                                                                Crown Copyright



29.9.42.  (Isos 40820)    Wagner (Ast Wien)  - Klatt (Sofia):    Karl in Berlin requires urgently details of the German-Russian military dictionary: Its author, publisher and title.

30.9.42.  (Isos 40467 ← this lower sequence number than the forgoing, might indicate that difficulties had been encountered during its decryption)    Klatt (Sofia) - Wagner (Ast Wien):  Re your 10 (should have been noticed in the foregoing message)  "Russia military vocabulary (Russisches militärisches Wörterbuch)" by Bruno Goldkowski, published by Hanseatische Verlagsanstalt, Hamburg.


16.11.42.  (Isos 46614)    Minister Pratt (Ankara) (Spanish Legation) - Klatt (Sofia):    Report whether German troops stationed along the Donau (Danube)  have begun to enter Bulgaria.    In which direction?    Why is telephonic communication with Turkey out ? Anatolia Agency received telegram from Sofia that something important is happening in Bulgaria.    Has railway communication between Bulgaria and Turkey been discontinued. 

20.11.42.  (Isos 45663)    Klatt (Sofia) - Gerti (Arnoldo Delisme's wife in) Ankara. ...


KV 2/1498, page 11i

                                                                                                                                                                    Crown Copyright



24.11.42.  (Isos 46280)    Ahmed (Arnoldo Delisme) at Legation in Ankara - Klatt (Sofia):    Please send W/T valve AZ 12 as soon as possible, is possible by next courier.



25.11.42.  (Isos 45639)    Klatt (Sofia) - (Ast Wien):    Urgent for Ruppert. Send with stips 1 AZ 12 for S (90/40) (a portable spy-set).


Type SE 90/40 was a well known German spy rig (designed and manufactured at Stahnsdorf)

The AZ 12 (genuinely an AZ 11 type, but the AZ 12 is more robust)


30.11.42.  (Isos 46589)    Klatt (Sofia) - Anker (= Velikotny at the Spanish Legation in Ankara).    Has the AZ 12 valve arrived?    Has the courier (coming from Ankara) who is coming here left ?



(18)   (since 16 January 2024)


KV 2/1498, page 12j

                                                                                                                                                        Crown Copyright

1.12.42.  (Isos 46510)    July 1943, can be sent him by quick route.    Rath is in possession of Portuguese visa.    Reply at traffic time 2.

1.12.42.  (Isos 46410)    Ahmed (Velikotny at Spanish Legation) - Klatt (Sofia).    Minister (Del Pratt) wishes to enquire when Russian and Moritz reports will begin to be sent.

2.12.42.  (Isos 46397)    Klatt (Sofia) - Ahmed (Legation Ankara) :    Endeavour cautiously to establish contact with Karl Popescu Istanbul, Hotel Bristol or Pera.    Give him money if it is needed, if he is no longer there try to find out where he has gone or whether he has been arrested.    Answer as quickly as possible.

2.12.42.  (Isos 46411)    Klatt (Sofia) - Ahmed (Spanish Legation Ankara) :    Remit £T500  by post to Elie Hagga, (or Haggr), Istambul (Istanbul), Hotel Park.    The sum will be sent to you by the next courier.

1.12.42.  (Isos 46564)    Ahmed (Spanish Legation Ankara) - Klatt (Sofia):    If there is a Portuguese visa available there will be no difficulties and enquire in Madrid concerning transit visas unnecessary.    Roth (Mirko, KV 2/1712 .. KV 2/1714; PF 65653) is to go to the Spanish Consulate or Embassy.


KV 2/1498, page 13

                                                                                                                                                                            Crown Copyright

18.12.42.  (Isos 47995)    Klatt (Sofia) - Ahmed (Sofia? more likely Ankara)    I am expecting Ahmed or Fatme (Gerti Delisme?) to arrive in Sofia on 4th June (?? likely a complete error)

19.12.42.  (Isos 48017)    Ahmed (Arnoldo Delisme at the Spanish Legation in Ankara) - Klatt (Sofia).    Minister agrees to daily transmission of Moritz & Ibis.    He would however like to receive Russian news also twice a week.


20.12.42.  (Isos 48157)   Klatt (Sofia) Anker (Arnolodo Delisme, Ankara/Istambul)     Am leaving for Berlin and Wien (Vienna) early on 21.12.    Shall be back on 29.12.    I shall expect one of you to be present without fail in the first days of Jan. for an important discussion resulting from the Berlin journey.    Before the journey I need to know the date of arrival and also whether you are agreed to this.    Has the courier left?


23.12.42.  (Isos 48552)   Ahmed (Arnolodo Delisme at Spanish Legation Ankara) - Klatt (Sofia). Reference your message 76.    At the end of the month I am sending my new accounts.    Exclusive reports are not suitable for W/T this time (AOB: at least the Spanish Legation and their employees were closely watch by Turkish police)     I am sending them on Friday by courier.    Fatme (= likely Gerti Piacentini, Arnolodo Delisme's wife) will write why it is better for her not to leave Ankara at the moment by reason of personal security.


31.12.42.  (Isos 49231)    Anker (Arnoldo Delisme, Spainsh Legation Ankara) - Klatt (Sofia).    Everything goes off all right arrival in Sofia on 3/1 1943.    Please inform my sister tel. 51013. (AOB: Gerti lived in Bulgaria before she came to Luftmeldekopf Klatt in Sofia)


Please digest all left out messages yourself.

KV 2/1498, page 14L

                                                                                                                                                                Crown Copyright


29.1.43.  (Isos 51360)    Klatt (Sofia) - Wien for Elias:    I have arranged with OQ Aussenstelle (Fa. Mittermayer? A mutual endeavour of Klatt and Dr. Hugo Kittel) (One of Klatt's main sources of income, as the expenses of Klatt's Luftmeldekopf were higher than Ast Wien was intending to counter-balance. Their firm traded also in goods which were difficult to obtain, but on the Black Market) for a special allocation of 50 litres for you, outside your normal quota.    State where it is to be sent.    I request contact traffic for 30/1. 1430 hours.     

31.1.43.  (Isos 51476)    Wagner (Obstlt. von Wahl-Welskirch staying in Sofia) Springer (Wien):    Make application via Verwaltung to Berlin ZF (= Zahlstelle = Paymaster) for 100 gold coins for Klatt.    The gold coins are indispensable  for current operation of Luftmeldekopf.


AOB: I have to leave out quite much, as transcribing all is most boring for most of you, and still some 48 pages are waiting.

Please digest all left out messages yourself.

KV 2/1498, page 15m

                                                                                                                                                    Crown Copyright

20.2.43.  (Isos 54554)    Klatt (Sofia) - Ahmed (= Arnolodo Delisme, at Legation in Ankara).    In future  please (im Zukunft bitte) designate reports of "Spezial Dienst" by Spezi, of exclusive by Anker (= Velikotny at the Spanish Legation in Ankara), of Nick (?) by Nickel and of Anatol (Anatolien) by Anton.

25.2.43.  (Isos 54555)    Edisti (Ira Longin?) (Sofia) - Ahmed (= Arnoldo Delisme at Spanish Legation, in Ankara)    Richard (Ira Longin??) has gone away for 8 days. Consequently no reports will be arriving,  Sorry. (AOB: del Pratt the Spanish Minister in Ankara was also on the list of receivers of the Russian Max and Moritz messages)



I would like to skip page 16

KV 2/1498, page 17o

                                                                                                                                                        Crown Copyright

21.4.43.  (Isk 42106)    Cara (= K.O.- Bulgaria W/T station) (Sofia) _ Flett (?) Berlin Andreas for Chef Funkleiter I  (Ii)(?):

1)    It has been ascertained beyond doubt that the Chief of the Bulgarian State Police is informing Klatt of the Abwehr affairs of the K.O. (AOB: Klatt = Abwehr Luftmeldekopf S.O. a substitute of Ast Wien and ultimately O.K.W. Amt Ausland/Abwehr. Whereas Cara is the W/T station of K.O. Bulgaria a substitute of O.K.W. Amt Ausland/Abwehr. Thus both a subordinate of Abwehr Berlin!  

2)    Months ago Pawloff (Pawlow) was instructed by me (Obstlt. Otto Wagner?) at his own request that he should not confide to Klatt any more than was necessary within the bounds of Klatt's special tasks and of collaboration with Bulgarian police W/T.

3)    What has come to light (ans licht gekommen) concerning the liaison between Pawlow and Klatt proves, however, that Stelle Klatt probably by heavy bribery .... III ...Pawlow watched and ask that Flett should visit this end as in my view the case is very serious and renders comprehensible a number of cases of failure in collaboration with the Bulgarian police, which up to now have been inexplicable.

4)    Request Chief Andreas (Leiter Berlin Funk I (Ii)) to send Major Baun Leiter (Ii) Walli = Warschau) (Baun = KV 2/1502; PF 603059) to send Baun to this end too (AOB: Baun was born in Odessa).

21.4.43  (Isk 42232)    Klatt (Sofia)  - Wagner Wien (Obstlt. von Wahl-Welskirch).    A collaborator of the Bulgarian Police returned from Istambul (Istanbul) reports: re troop movements;    plans for Allied operations:    activities of British and American I.S. (= Intelligence Services) in Istambul (Istanbul).

21.4.43.  (Isos 58087)   .....


30.4.43.  (Isk 43392)    Sofia - Wien.    Cara (= W/T of K.O.-Bulgaria) to (Ast Wien)    On 14/4, letters to English addresses were taken off  (illegally from) the Hungarian  Franz Kleir, who was travelling out of the (Bulgarian) country.  Kleir referred to Klatt.    I have agreed to the taking of the letters (illegally against order from Berlin among it Canaris).    Please instruct Klatt to announce his agents to this end (Obstlt. Otto Wagner's K.O.-Bulgaria), especially those who carry letters, as particularly in the case of all travellers to Turkey, letters are impounded.  (What Leiter K.O. Bulgaria was doing was illegal and had already been forbidden by Adm. Canaris himself). (But there existed a sever competition between the civilian Jewish Klatt, and the Wehrmacht officer Obstlt. Otto Wagner)



KV 2/1498, page 18p

                                                                                                                                                                                            Crown Copyright

3.5.43.  (Isk 44058)    Wagner (Ast Wien) - Klatt (Sofia):    Exact data are necessary for reporting Irina Christenko. Where are vehicle papers of Adler-car?  They are at VO...


6.5.43.  (Isos 59131)  Klatt (Sofia) - Ahmed (= Arnolodo Delisme, at the Spanish Legation in Ankara).    Careful investigation requested of whereabouts of Gyoel?y (or Gyi??gy) A?tnl (or Antal) (AOB: being myself quite well in the picture of those involved about Klatt's contacts, we should consider it actually being:


                                                                                                                                                                        Crown Copyright 

KV 2/130 (+ KV 2/131)

PF 600052

on the name of:

Georgy Andre

but he also was known as:

Andros Gross;    Andreas Greiner; and many more names.

He was a quite dubious personality, carrying the Hungarian Nationality.

His stand during the war, nevertheless, was quite exceptional and unique.

AOB: I might considering - that after Klatt's files has been concluded to focus upon Andros Gross' file series. However, on the other hand, I have my doubts whether we should bring this person to a broader, world wide, stage (Bühne).

 (continuing)  residing in Istambul (Istanbul) at the Pera hotel.



19.5.43.  (Isos 60230)    Anker (= Arnolodo Delisme at the Spanish Legation in Ankara) - Klatt (Sofia).    (AOB: del Pratt;  KV 2/1465, Prat-y-Soutzo; PF 67230. A rather good friend Klatt's. Pratt (Prat) had been forced due to strong British diplomatic pressure put upon the Turkey's Government to expel him.  Though, what was hoped fore wasn't achieved, as the new Spanish Government of a different signature - sent him to be the Spanish Minister at the Spanish Legation in Helsinki, Finland) Minister is leaving Turkey in 1 month for Helsinki.    Continuation of our work here (= Ankara) impossible. If it is all the same to Minister, would you agree to our working at Helsinki?    We wait your reply.    Courier letter is following.


KV 2/1498, page 19r

                                                                                                                                                        Crown Copyright


21.5.43.  (Isos 60250)    Klatt (Sofia) - Ahmed (= Arnolodo Delisme at the Spanish Legation in Ankara).    Is there a possibility of Fatme (= Gerti Piancentini, the wife of Arnolodo Delisme)  coming to this end (Luftmeldekopf Klatt in Sofia) at once for a discussion of the question of W/T operator(s).    What does the word Radiogoniometer in message 53 mean? (



1.6.43.  (Isk 48425)    Klatt (Sofia - Wagner (Obstlt. von Wahl-Welskrich Ast Wien)    For the Opel Kapitän (the second class best type of Opel) (än) is urgently needed the already ordered .... For the Mercedes a Wiener car registration number.

We do skip pages 20, 21 and 22

KV 2/1498, page 23s                                                                                        (F2143         F2143return;   ↓↓↓↓↓↓  please notice 26.7.43  (Isos 57790)

                                                                                                                                                                Crown Copyright

21.6.43. (Isk 51229)    Rome - Berlin. Tacticus (= Oblt. Hoermann) to Ludwig (Berlin I-Luft).    Has it been assured that all reports going to VO (= Oblt. Hoermann) Abwehr I Obs are also distributed simultaneously to Luftwaffekommando Süd-, Wien Obstlt. von Wahl-Welskirch and Klatt informed. 


5?.6.43  (Isk 53492)    Wien Sofia.     Wagner (Obstlt. von Wahl-Welskirch at Ast Wien) to Klatt.    Please reserve (Bitte reserviere) a suite for the 10th in Hotel Union and a room for companion (dem Begleiter). Telephone call or W/T signal (über dem Wehrmacht-Vermittlung) will be made from Bucharest.

6.7.43.  (Isos 63386)    Sofia - Ankara.    Klatt to Wigo (= Dr. Willi Goetz; KV 2/387; PF 600802)    When is Velikotny (KV 2/1656; PF 67232) coming?    What is the name of the successor?


19.7.45.  (Isk 56846)    Sofia - Wien.    Klatt to Fulei Süd-Ost (= Obstlt. Hoetzel) personally and Wera (the Ast Wien W/T station of which Hoetzel was in charge) Many thanks for congratulations.    Hope for further successful cooperation.    Will you send to this end for the (5 corrupt) or is  Uffz. Kuehnle or Reiss to go to Wien with them?


26.7.43.  (Isk 57790)    Rome - Wien. Klatt for Schwert (= Luftmeldekopf Klatt in Sofia) I shall remain remain in Rome (AOB: Klatt, Kleyenstüber and Oblt. Dr. Thiemann came to Rome to pick-up the White-Russian General Turkul and his family and brought the party first to Wien, and after some time the Turkul family were allowed to move further to Budapest)   Inform Talos that I shall arrive at about 0900 hours. 

26.7.43.  (Isk 57123)    Berlin (= likely Leiter I Obstlt. i.G. Georg Hansen) - Rome.    Kleyenstüber for Tacticus personal Klatt and Lang (Ira Longin) will come along to meet Turkul/    Report the above to Turkul.

26.7.43.  (Isk 57824)    Rome - Wien.  From Anso (= alias of Obstlt. Kleyenstüber)    Up to now I have not been able to reach Stellenleiter (AOB: Tacticus Oblt. Hermann Hoermann or did he mean Kesselring, or Obstlt. Hansen Leiter I in Berlin?) and Wagner (= Obstlt. von Wahl-Welskirch at Ast Wien)   Please let me have your views on bringing out Klatt's chief (Turkul) because of possibility changes in the situation at Rome (AOB: the foreseeable changes of side of the Italian Government to the Allied side)   Budapest proposed by Klatt. I am ready to carry it out but should like your (Obstlt. Hansen) but should like your views at once. Senior (= Admiral Canaris ( has been informed.

Let us now consider the matter of facts reflected in the genuine RSS decrypted references:

HW-19-134 - Isk 57170

                                                                                                                                                                         Crown Copyright

Isk 57170                    Group II/523   (AOB: this concerns Klatt's great enemy being the K.O.-Bulgaria W/T station Cara, headed by Obstlt. Otto Wagner)

                                    Sofia to Wien (Abwehrstelle)

                                    RSS   196/26/7/43

                                    YFR (temporary station call-sign)  on 7372 kHz            time 1309   GMT (British time of reception)    26/7/43

                                    67.    Urgent.    Please pass on immediately.    For Liaison Officer Budapest.    On orders from Chef I Luft Kleyenstüber (in Berlin) left Sofia (in his full equipped He 111 aircraft) by 'plane for Rome on 26/7.    He will arrive there with Toni (Oblt. Dr. Thiemann?) on the evening of 26/7 or morning of 27/7 and make a 'phone call through Edgar (Tacticus?). Do not inform friends.   

Cara (K.O. Bulgaria W/T station name) No. 3577.


(19)    (since 16 January 2024)


28.7.43.  (Isk 57609)    Wien (Vienna) - Sofia.    Klatt informed by telephone concerning Togo (= Marshal Kesselring's W/T station near to the Rome) message number 22 for Anso (= Obstlt. Kleyenstüber's alias)


KV 2/1498, page 24t

                                                                                                                                                                            Crown Copyright

28.7.43.  (Isk 57579)    Wien (Vienna) - Sofia.    From Tacticus (AOB: whether the latter was Oblt. Hermann Woermann or even Marshal Kesselring being meant?).    Message number 24 from Togo.    For information of Schwert (Klatt's Luftmeldekopf W/T station) for Anso.    Ref. your 12.    Car ready at Ciampino South at 2000 hours (AOB: might this indicate that this message originates from 26th July; as the He 111 returned to Ast Wien?)    Political situation continues calm.    All about T(oni) (= Dr. Thiemann Kleyenstüber's assistant) (= Turkul) in message 22 of 1232 hours,  Wera addendum.    After telephone call Klatt left for Togo at 15.31. (AOB: this could have implied, that Klatt did meet Kesselring personally)

29.7.45.  (Isk 57762/58858)    Wien - Sofia.    From Klatt, Togo    1.    I will ring up Togo at 21.30 hours.    2.    Advise Talos, Budapest, by phone that I will arrive between 11.00 and 1200 hours on Friday. (AOB: This will not occur, as Obst. Marogna-Redwitz the Leiter of Ast Wien insisted that Turkul has to come first to Ast Wien; though promised that later Turkul will be permitted to settle in Budapest)    3.    It is said that Lang (= Ira Longin,  AOB: Klatt's White-Russian intermediate in obtaining the Russian NKWD information at a particular Legation, in those days mainly in Sofia) can be reached by telephone between 1100 and 1200 on Friday.

29.7.43.  (Isk 57827)    Rome - Ast Wien.    Klatt for Wagner (= Obstlt. von Wahl-Welskirch)     Toni (= Turkul) and family flying with me to Budapest (AOB: according Kauder's interrogation the flight destination was changed for Wien first) on Friday morning.    Shall ring you up on arrival.  Please (inform / benachrichtige) Anso = Kleyenstüber)



(G2144   ↓↓↓↓↓↓   G2144return)

4.9.43.  (Isk 63721)    From Cara (= K.O. Bulgaia W/T station, Klatt's great enemy!) to Andreas (AOB: likely W/T communications coordinator) . Senior (= Admiral Canaris the Chief of the Abwehr;    1.    Is it true that Klatt no longer sends any reports via Wien to Abwehr?    2)    Klatt refuses as before to send any reports via the K.O. Bulgaria.    Luft Attaché also no longer receives any.    3) Klatt still has Wehrmacht telephone connection, is this to be cut off? ↕

(AOB: remember Obstlt. Otto Wagner the Leiter of K.O. Bulgaria was Klatt's enemy. Klatt being a Jew and he was more regarded in Berlin than was Wagner's K.O. Bulgaria. Wagner an Obstlt. whereas Klatt being a civilian.  The reason for Klatt's absence in Sofia was being caused by Edgar Klaus' in Stockholm, and Hitler's decision that the Abwehr was forbidden to employ full Jewish individuals. Klatt, therefore moved to Hungary and obtained there even an Hungarian passport on the name of Richard Karmany. Though, the Luftmeldekopf Süd-Ost remained present and operational in Sofia as was Ira Longin)  

8.9.43.  (Isk 64241)    Sofia - Berlin.    Cara for Andres.    For Chef (= Obst. i.G. Georg Hansen Leiter I in Berlin)    1)    On the evening of 6.9.43, (initiated by K.O. Bulgaria Leiter Obstlt. Wagner), the 27 year old German  national Sturm, from Wien, liable for mil. service was detained amd searched at the Bahnkontroll amt GFP (geheime Feldpolizei / MP.).    Gold and other currency were found in his possession, wewn into his belt.    A considerable number of furs were found in his trunk.    He describes his arrest as likely to have consequences for the Dienststelle Klatt amd also refered to his connection with the Führer H.Q through which he would be released within 24 hours.    On reference being being made to his German nationality, he replied that he was an Austrian.    Surm was supposed to be going to Hungary on behalf of Klatt.    He is being detained in the meantime.    2)    Please check up whether Sturm is on reserved list as VM of Stelle Klatt, as he is suspected of evasion of military service.    3)  Please give decision regarding Stelle Klatt and on my queries as to whether Wehrmacht telephone connection is to be maintained.    4)    A certain Domink from Wien has been staying in Sofi recently and is apparently supposed to be Klatt's representative. (Isk 63935)


9.9.43.  (Isk 63935) Senior (Admiral Canaris Head of the entire OKW Amt Ausland/Abwehr)  for Cara. Reference message No. 18 Cara 4189.   + Klatt is run by Wera (= Ast Wien).    All measures therefore will be undertaken from there. ....

KV 2/1498, page 25u

                                                                                                                                                                                    Crown Copyright

22.9.43.  (Isk 70197)    Sofia - Budapest.    From Hans (Deutsch?) to Richard (Karmany/Klatt).    I shall reach Delius (= alias of Obstlt. Otto Wagner, Leiter K.O.-Bulgaria) till 16 hours.    I shall await exact reports this evening via (Hans?) Sturm and Pawloff.

22.9.43.  (Isk 70196)    Sofia (Luftmeldekopf) - Budapest.   From Hans ? to Richard (Karmany).    Irene Eke, who was deported on 22.9, request intervention.    Shall I take any steps in the matter?

22.9.43.  (Isk 70423)   Sofia - Budapest.    From Hans (Deutsch?) to Bully (= Kauder/Klatt/Karmany's W/T station name).    Don't worry, I'll think of everything.    Next courier leaves on Saturday and Hatz is coming back about 30/9.    Steps have been taken on behalf of reference for a visa for Hungary.    Everything in order.    The last 4 send greetings/ Let us have precise details.

22.9.43.  (Isk 72387)    Sofia - Budapest.     7.?  From Schwert (= W/T station to formerly Klatt's Luftmeldekopf in Sofia)  To Richard (Klatt in Budapest).    Reply by telephone in the evening as Hans (Deutsch?) is not there at the moment.  (AOB: might be indicating that the Luftmeldekopf has still direct access to operational Wehrmacht telephone exchange system, which Dr. Delius so desperately would like to cut off!)

24.9.43.  (Isk ??121)    Sofia - Budapest.    To Richard (Karmany).    Does Hoetzel (= Ii of Wiener Ast W/T station Wera) know of Bully (= Klatt's W/T station in Budapest) traffic?  Hans (Deutsch?)

24.9.43.  (Isk 70122)   Sofia - Budapest.    Only for Richard (= Karmany formerly Klatt).    Bulgarian criminal proceedings have been instituted against Baumruck in the Bach matters. (AOB: Josef, half-Jewish -Austrian, was liaison between Luftmeldekopf and Bulgarian Police; AOB: I would not wonder when this raw had been initiated by Dr. Delius/Obstlt. Otto Wagner. By the way, Baumruck remained in the system up to 12th February 1945)  Bach is being interrogated today.    Will send report at once.    Baumruck is also being prosecuted on another charte.    On no account use the (Wehrmacht)-telephone in this matter.    Hans (Deutsch?) (This might imply, that they still had been connected onto the Wehrmacht telephone exchange)


25.9.43. (Isk 70154)    Sofia-Budapest.    From Hans (Deutsch?).    Only for Richard.    Situation very serious.    Bach declares after interrogation, that he is certain that D (= Dr. Delius Leiter K.O.-Bulgaria; AOB: the alias Delius was quite common, as Leiter I Berlin Obst. Hansen noticed in his pocket diary of 1943 once: - Delius in Sofia!) is the organisator of the proceedings.    A German was present at one of the interrogations.    He conducted proceedings.    From description it was presumably (Sdf.) Kleinhampel  (Y2134    Y2134return).     It was put to him (Bach) that he had been cheated out of RM 1,000,000 (? Lewa?)by Baumruck;    that Sturm had worked at his house fro Switzerland.    What was this about Bach living on Ferdinand;    that he had received a car from Klatt and why?    Had Klatt been informed about the facts that Blaum (AOB: Leiter II at KO Portugal or his brother at KO Spain? KV 3/174)  had intervened at the Swiss Legation for Sturm?   Had Sturm permit to work.    Bach answered as follows:    Baumruck had received only deposit money to the sum of 300,000 for lawyer and 40,000 (Lewa?) to be kept.  Settlement had not taken place on account of Baumruck's departure.  Klatt was informed was informed of all the event only after they had happened.    At this he had dismissed Baumruck as a punishment.    Where Baumruck is at present Bach did not know.    To the question "Who cheated Bach?" the latter answered that if ir were true it only have been Baumruck.    The other gentlemen had nothing to do with it.    At which the German declared:  "Of course we know Herr Klatt".    Bach was treated will (well?).    Interrogation lasted 2 hours. 13 mail not usable for tonight.


28.9.43.  (Isk 70115)    Budapest - Sofia (LMK).    From Bully (Richard Karmany/Klatt's W/T station in Budapest) to Hans (Deutsch?).    Together with Groenes, am expecting a telephone call at 2100 this evening (likely between the Wehrmacht telephone connection at Luftmeldekopf in Sofia and some German controlled spot in Budapest).    We shall cut in on Islam (AOB: according my notes: the W/T station of the Hungarian Legation in Istambul (Istanbul); or someone at the Spanish Legation in Istambul (Istanbul)) traffic today;  the message mentioned will be nevertheless be sent from Schwert (= Luftmeldekopf Sofia).


For practical reasons I have skipped page 26

KV 2/1498, page 27v

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19.10.43.  (Isk 70494)    ....

19.10.43.  (Isk 69058)    Wien - Sofia.    Wagner (Obstlt. von Wahl-Welskirch Kauder/Klatt/Karmany at Ast Wien) for Cara (the W/T station of K.O.-Bulgaria).    Please cut off forthwith Wehrmacht (telephone) connection Wehrmachtanschluss) of Dienststelle Klatt at once (direkt /sofort).

AOB: This proves, that Luftmeldekopf Süd-Ost (Dienststelle Klatt) possessed, till now, access to the Wehrmacht telephone Service. A most exceptional situation, and was quite for a while expressing the importance which was considered necessary for the operational matters on behalf of Richard Kauder / Klatt / Karmany).


19.10.43. ((Isos or Isk 70491)    Budapest - Sofia.    From Bully (= Klatt's first W/T station in Budapest) to Hans (Deutsch? in Luftmeldekopf Klatt in Sofia)    (W/T message number) 39.    Urgently request you to ring me up on normal telephone line (as their Wehrmacht telephone connection had just been disconnected by order from Ast Wien) at No. 111717 after 2300 hours. Ask for priority call.

Please read the non transcribed passages yourself.

20.10.43.  (Isk or Isos? ??)    Message number 10.    To Richard Reichssicherheitshauptamt Berlin (...)    11 Prinz Albrecht Strasse (feared SS Prison)    Attaché Gruppe (?) (...) Obersturmbannführer (= Obstlt.) Haffmann (Hoffmann?).

20.10.43.  (Isos of Isk 70627)    Sofia - Budapest.    From Hans (Deutsch?).    7.    Continuation.    Known. The Obst. (?) was satisfied with that.    He asked me how I knew about Schalbe. I told him that I learned about it from you now that I am deputizing (Stellvertretend)  for you, ( and was to) handle the matter with great secrecy.    He asked how I knew the password;    I told him I didn't know.    The Obst. (Obstlt?) said you had no right to know it.    With that he ended the discussion.    He went on to say that the Major; (continued 7.    "They will have to work that out for themselves".    He did forbid me to use it in future;    I asked for news.    He was very polite.    I don't know who started this fuss, but I think Ast Wien.    His report was about 10 lines long.


KV 2/1498, page 28w

                                                                                                                                                                Crown Copyright

Please digest the non-transcribed passages yourself



28.10.43.    (Isos or Isk ? 70979) (AOB: I tend to believe Isos, as Isk concerned mainly Enigma encrypted messages, which demanded access to an Enigma machine, which was rather delicate under a non-military guided context, in a foreign country)    Sofia - Budapest.    7.    To Richard (Kauder/Klatt/Karmany)    Have had discussion with Hatz (by then Hungarian Military Attaché in Sofia) about W/T and transport.    He would like to speak to you to discuss details about W/T.    Hatz is taking 2 cases.    In the 2nd case are our cigarettes which he will describe as his own to Delius (Dr. Delius was an alias of Obstlt. Otto Wagner the Leiter of K.O.-Bulgaria; Klatt's severe enemy!) and get him to seal them up.  (31 corrupt) which have been called in with Delius.



KV 2/1498, page 29x

                                                                                                                                                                Crown Copyright



4.11.43.  (Isos 71154)    Budapest - Sofia.    From Bully (= Richard Karmany / Klatt's W/T station in Budapest) to Hans.    Please ascertain immediately the subscriber to Sofia telephone number 53665 and investigate whether Dominik was in contact with this number or subscriber.    In addition I need the surname of the assistant in intelligence work Ilse, who was in contact with Dominik:    Furthermore whereabouts of her friend Hildegard or the reason for her departure from Sofia. How did acquaintanceship with the girls arise ?

4.11.43.  (Isos 71502)    Sofia -    Budapest.  Message 52.    To Richard.    Hildegard Stoeker swindler and thief deported from here.    Ilse is called Gutmann comes from an excellent family  The girls are like those reported from airport Vraschdebna.    Dominik's behaviour is that of a madman.  Unfortunately it has now been learned that Hilde, on the journey to continued in Isos 71276 (is next message)

4.11.43.  (Isos 71276)    Sofia - Budapest.    From Hans (Deutsch?) 63 ... continued.    Wien decamped in Budapest before punishment of dangerous (female) opponent ?  According to exchange there is no telephone number 53665 in Sofia.

5.11.43.  (Isos 71210)    Sofia - Budapest.  From Hans (Deutsch ?) to Richard (Karmany / Kauder / Klatt).  Message 64.    I had another conference today with Hptm. (= Captain) Amsink at Delius's (Office of K.O.- Bulgaria).    He tells me that it is impossible to take cigarettes with one, since the guards examine everything.    Forwarding of cigarettes would be punished by court martial.    Sealing them is useless, he says, since the guards are authorised  to break seals.    The order was made on Bulgarian invitation.    What is to be done?    The cigarettes are already bought.    The same applies to food.    Hoffmann has arrived in Sofia.    He is much interested in the last report.    Please advise how you know Zeefel or whether our Dienststelle (Luftmeldekopf Klatt?) is is known to her.    Opel discussed. Not agreed to.    Who is Stroh?



(20)   (since 27 January 2024)


KV 2/1498, page 30y

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5.11.43.  (Isos 71762)    Budapest - Sofia.    From Bully (Richard Kauder/Klatt/Karmany) to Hans (Deutsch?).    Was anything arranged with D (Dr. Delius the alias of the Leiter of K.O.-Bulgaria) concerning the Opel?    If not, the car provided with the (number plate)  449, will remain standing for the time being or at your disposal as long you are at that end. (Apparently, it was to be expected that Luftmeldekopf Klatt will be made redundant; maybe - the order to disconnect the Luftmeldekopf office from the Europe-wide Wehrmacht telephone exchange might have been an order of some precaution "Vorwarnung")    Use of the Adler after transportation by Skobeleff 55 (AOB: to what I remember - this was one of Klatt's address of living in Sofia, whether with or without the Luftmeldekopf Klatt I don't know) is to be avoided.


6.11.43.  (Isos 71355)    Sofia - Budapest. From Hans (Deutsch?)  to Richard (Kauder/Klatt/Karmany). Message No. 96 Turko-Bulgarian frontier said to be closed. Kiev has fallen. Hptm. Koller is with Dr. Delius (alias of Leiter K.O.-Bulgaria).

6.11.43.  (Isos 71779)    Budapest - Sofia    From Karmany (= Klatt) to Stroh.    Messages are no longer to be addresses to Klatt but Karmany.    W/T operators must spend some time in sending trial messages (8 corrupt) at keying speed of Bully.    Traffic with Bully must be functioning by Tuesday at the latest.

7.11.43.  (Isos 71282)    Budapest - Sofia.    From Bully to Stroh.  Message number 86.    Who is owner of telephone number 51914 (in Sofia) ?    Was there a conversation announcing things (Voranmeldegespräch) on 28/10 that was not held with me?



8.11.43.  (Isos 71376)    Sofia - Budapest.    From Hans (Deutsch ?) to Richard (Karmany/Kauder/Klatt).    1.    If call not possible by 1830, please ring up tomorrow. Should very much like to go to the opera.  (AOB: in Budapest life went on damn normal even during wartime days) 



KV 2/1498, page 31z

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??.11.43.  (Isos 72125)    Sofia - Wien (Vienna).    From Cara (= W/T station of K.O.- Bulgaria) for Leiter (Ast Wien, Obst. Marogna-Redwitz).    The Cara lorry charged with transferring Stelle Klatt via Bucharest to Budapest (AOB: likely preventing a trip through partisan controlled territories, in Yugoslavia) broke down on 10/11 in Kronstadt as a result of engine trouble.    Continued transportation possible only if lorry is obtained immediately from Wera (= Ast Wien).    Transportführer Uffz. (= N.C.O.) Richter can be reached by way of German Ortskommandantur Kronstadt.    Please instruct him direct about arrival of substitute vehicle.    Cara escort detachment must return immediately to this end for service reason.



12.11.43.  (Isos 71737)    Sofia - Budapest.    From Hans (Deutsch ?) to Richard (Karmany).   Ira (Longin) discussion fruitless. I do not know his background.    As the amount was incomplete, he did not accept the Dollars.    The accusations against me in connection with the S.D. (= Sicherheitsdienst)  are pure nonsense.    I did not speak to a sol (keine Seele) about the matter.    The discussion with Zeefel is known to you:    moreover it took place later.    (8 letters corrupt) not to Schwenz, no SD (?) ...Ernest (Ernst ?), no contact at all with (R.S.H.A.) Amt VI (Leiter Dr. Walter Schellenberg).    Beyond the day of doom will I be faithful unto you.

KV 2/1498, page 32aa

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13.11.43.  (Isos 74427)    Budapest - Sofia.    Message 75.    from Bully (= Richard Karmany/Klatt/Kauder's W/T station).    To Hans (Deutsch ?).    Take all drums (Benzinfässer) with you.    Beyond the frontier (hinter der Grenze) in Gourgiu ask for petrol filling coupons on carnet (Begleitpapiere).    Coupons are issued at Rumanian custom office. (Rumania was an oil producing nation) Have any dutiable articles sealed at the Rumanian customs in Giurgiu.    Safe journey (Gute Fahrt).


28.11.43.  (Isos 72716)    Budapest - Sofia.    9.    Bully to Hans (Deutsch ?) Have received message from Wien for Karmany (= formerly Klatt).    Jaeger requests switching over of W/T network as repeatedly discussed with Fulei (= Ii Obstlt. Hötzel) and Wagner (= Obstlt. von Wahl-Welskirch) and that is to be carried out by the 5th (December 1943?).    In addition the (word is corrupt) left at Stroh, contrary to instructions, is to be handed order to Bock at once.    Wagner and Fulei will have consultation with Karmany on the afternoon of the first on the matter of carrying this out.    By order of Jaeger the final date is not to be postponed any more. (changing W/T frequency demanded to be supplied with the according quartz crystals) Fulei Süd-Ost and Wagner would think it extremely valuable if the (word corrupt) were available on 4.12 when the fly up (???).    Telephone calls from both ends at 1900 hours on Monday.



AOB: I doubt making some selections, as we enter the days where Klatt's ? Karmany's commitments were focussing more on what occurred in Turkey.

The Western Allies did put rather strong pressure up on the Turkish Government - to brake off diplomatic relations with Germany.

All sorts of rumours echoed around, but what does make sense in the context of our Survey?

I therefore decided to skip these events firstly; maybe picking it up again when matters culminate in the breakdown of the Turkish-German Diplomatic relationships.


AOB: I have therefore decided to skip the pages 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39 and 40

KV 2/1498, page 41ab

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Please digest the not transcribed sections yourself, as to get an idea that was going on between Turkey and the Germans.



9.6.44.  (Isos 105839)    Sofia - Berlin.    Kuks to Amtschef M. (AOB:  I don't know who was in early June 1944 Amtschef in Berlin. Do we deal here with Amt Mil (Milamt) of the old structure in transit of Abwehr I? In this latter case M has to read H (= Obst. Hansen))    Message 53.    1)  On 7/6 Dr. Deutsch, whom you know, again reported to Luha (Luft Attaché?) director Sofia, that is   :  to a private individual,  and requested him to negotiate for K.O. Luft to give Dienststelle Klatt assistance towards reestablishment in Sofia.    Deutsch also requested Luft Attaché Sofia for permission to use Wehrmacht telephone network.    2)  If Stelle Klatt is to be re-established in Bulgaria in any form, I request you to subordinate it for discipline and control to K.O. and not, as previously, to give this Stelle freedom to use Wehrmacht network for W/T and telephone.    3)  I request an order that the Stelle directed by Klatt is to take similar demands to KO in future, and not to make to agents requests which cannot be controlled.   Kuks 1948.

16.6.44.  (Isos 81915)    Budapest - Istambul (Istanbul).    Message 43.    To Karmany.    From Gaullist (French) source.  Soviets are still against Turkey's participation in the war.    They regard Bulgaria as a Soviet sphere of interest.    The Government is conducting at present in Istambul special supervision of Turkish revolutionaries, because they fear a coup d'etat.     Wigo (= Dr. Willi Goetz, KV 2/387; PF 600802)(pengoe = Hungarian currency)



KV 2/1498, page 42ac

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2.8.44.  (Isos 84126)    Istambul (Istanbul) - Budapest.    Wigo (= Dr. Willi Goetz) to Karmany. Message 98.    Ban on walking in the streets in Istambul (Istanbul) for 5/8/    Troops marching in.    According to another source the Anglo-Saxons have also made military preparations for the 5th. Please remit another £T 800 (Turkish Pounds) for August, and £T for Thrace reports.    Please remit quickly as courier is returning on the 4th.    Request instructions about my (6 corrupt).    Wigo.   (AOB: we have approached the days when soon the Germans and their diplomats will be interned in a camp about the German Legation in Istambul (Istanbul). Towards early spring 1945 the Germans being transported by a Swedish ship (Drottingholm?) to (neutral) Portugal and beyond.)

Next dealt with: AOB: The Russian occupied Rumania early in August 1944 and Bulgaria will soon also terminate relations with Germany.

The German military re-treatment out of Rumania and partly out of the southern Balkans will end up in a human tragedy.

2.8.44.  (Isos 84127)    Istambul (Istanbul) - Budapest.    Wigo to Karnamy.    Message 99.    The invasion of the Balkans still depends on negotiations with the Turks and developments in Italy.    The shipping assembled off the coast of Tunis is to be used for a landing in south of France.    Some ships are damaged.


3.8.44.  (Isos 84092)    Budapest - Istambul (Istanbul).    Message 98.  from Karmany.  To Wigo.    Draw at AKY (AOB: I would not wonder when AKY concerned a Japanese diplomatic representation) Firstly, Russia was still yet on friendly term with Japan and they possessed relations with Turkey as well. Likely was this Japanese representation acting as a kind of intermediate.  Often the Germans acted as an intermediate for the Japanese representation as well. The German diplomats got financial support in Japan whereas the Germans did so when possible on the European Continent) what you need up to 4000 (Turkish?) pounds.    Discuss with W/T operators as to why W/T communications is functioning so badly.    Please state by W/T what wishes  you have concerning your person.

4.8.44.  (Isos 84167)    Istambul - Budapest. Message 909 Karmany.    For important security reasons our W/T traffic will be suspended from noon on the 10th.    Provisionally suspended.    You will receive further information from our Zentrale.                 Wigo


10.8.44.  (110754)    Forno (Togo) (= Marshal Kesselring's W/T station south-east of Rome)  - Berlin/ Message 100 to Burg (= W/T of Berlin) for Gregor Kent.    For OBSW (Oberbefehl Süd-West) Ic's (= Intelligence Officer in charge) information, please give a more detailed elucidation of source Bully of Wera (= W/T station K.d.M. 'formerly Ast' Wien)          Horner 3473


I actually did skip page 43

AOB: However, the German position in the Continental constellation about August 1944 and beyond, was becoming increasingly desperate.

As to put some light on these aspects too, I suppose it necessary to focus briefly, also on some of their implications.

Please digest the not transcribed section yourself

KV 2/1498, page 44ad

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8.9.44.  (Isos 85639)    Budapest - Istambul (Istanbul).    Message 15.    To Wigo (Dr. Willi Goetz).    Do you know anything about Soviet declaration of war on Turkey?    Information originates from Sofia.

8.9.44.  (Isos 85703)    Istambul (Istanbul) - Budapest.    Message 64.    To Karmany (Kauder/Klatt)    I have no news from Beretta.    No declaration of war has been delivered to Turkey but only a severe warning from the Soviet in connection with Bulgaria (AOB: the Russians regarded Bulgaria as they did with Rumania; their sphere of influence).    Wigo.



19.9.44.  (Isos 85263)    Budapest - Istambul.    Message 18. To Wigo.    Toni (White-Russian general Turkul) enquires whether an intelligence contact with Alessy to Egypt is possible and request him to stake everything on establishing one.    Please reply by W/T.    Karmany.

20.9.44.  (Isos 86348)    Budapest - Istambul.    Message 20.    Karmany to Wigo Funker (= W/T operator) (Funker = Spark in seamen language).    Since you working with my apparatus, I therefore request you to take time for the traffic with me. (AOB: a competence matter?)  Should you be too busy would have to take a second time the same day.    Karmany.     

21.9.44.  (Isos 86350)    Istambul - Budapest.  Message 77.    Wigo to Karmany.    Urgently request communication stating when and how I can receive money.    Have with your agreement contracted debts in August to the extend of 2000 (Turkish) pounds.    Work will stop if I do not make payments also for this month as soon as possible.    Wigo.


22.9.44.  (Isos 86500)    Budapest - Istambul (Istanbul).   Message 21.    To Wigo.    After many negotiations (AOB:  the Germans did no longer possess effective diplomatic representation and direct channels with Turkey any longer) (7 corrupt) have been successful in remitting funds, partly via Switzerland, partly via Sweden, in all 5000 Turkish pounds. Addresses to Hungarian Consulate General for Dr. W??ry ( Uvary).    Single receipt.    Route will continue to function in future.  Duration of period of remittance said to be about 10 days.    I am without ...


KV 2/1498, page 45ae

                                                                                                                                                            Crown Copyright



?.10.44.  (Isos 86961)    Budapest - Istambul.    Message 25.    To Wigo.    I have received no confirmation for my message 23 concerning establishment of contact Yassuva Aoki (Japanese diplomatic intelligence, his post-war file Aoki Morio KV 2/1504; PF 716232) of the Japanese Embassy in acknowledge message at once.    Very few reports received recently.    Is this due to you or to the W/T station?   Karmany.

3.10.44.  (Isos 119388)    Berlin (Amt VI or Amt Mil?) - (K.d.M.) Wien.   Message 6.    From Fulei (Ii Obstlt. Hoetzel or his successor)    According to report Klatt in Bulli (Budapest) message no. 2. in accordance with decision reached with Lt. (Dr.) Thiemann, Bulli (Bully) reports are from now on to go to Burg (= W/T Berlin; Amt VI or Amt Mil, XIV/100?), by way of a trial. New arrangements for traffic times Burg-Bulli are therefore cancelled while Traffic times are per original plan. (AOB: might have been influenced by changes in the wireless propagation conditions, as the distance Wien - Budapest necessitate a different frequency (wave) planning than the range Budapest - Berlin; Havelinstitut)


3.12.44.  (Isos 90592)    ? - Budapest.  Message 89.    To Bully.    To be passed to Liaison Staff Heeres-Gruppe Süd IV A. (AOB: The German Wehrmacht fought the Russians on Hungarian territories, and therefore occupied Hungary when locally possible)    Ortskommandantur Steinmanger refers to Befehlshaber Heeresgebiet Hungary Abt. IA (Officer for tactical planning) and file ?  (B) of 18/11/ 1944 para. 2 Without these documents      



4.3.45.        (AOB: Richard Kauder alias Klatt/Karmany was in Gestapo custody since 12 February 1945 towards May 1945; when he was released and shortly thereafter had been taken prisoner by US troops in Austria.  Therefore we skip Pandur (= Major Wenzlau,  engaged as Luft Attaché, at the German Legation in Stockholm)


AOB:  I have decided to skip the remaining bits and pieces, which do not explicitly enhance your understanding.

We have got an inside vision which someone can obtain.


To be continued with:

KV 2/1499

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