KV 2/410


Obstlt. Wilhelm Kuebart


Ausland/Abwehr I



By means of this historical document I have I wave made my selections, which are, in my perception, relevant.


I have implemented my comments, which enriches the cross-over of information; as I have studied his part of Abwehr related history rather comprehensively for some years.


Which culminated into my KLATT-OSTRO-JOSEPHINE lecture


Maybe for some of you too much time consuming, though,

on the other hand - nowhere in the world you can find an equally comprehensive study on these subjects.



Like so often in the KV 2/xxx series, these are comprehensive and

have therefore to be divided into chapters, for which I mostly use the designation: Part I, Part II etc. 


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Obstlt. Wilhelm Kuebart (KV 2/410-2, page 53); photo taken during his captivity at Camp 020, in England, July/August 1945







By Arthur O. Bauer