Knickebein (Crooked leg) receiver and signal conversion device, for the horizontal component of an aircraft autopilot

Type FuG28a & AW28 (Auswertegerät 28)


Frontpanel of FuG28a, on the left the receiver, the section with the yellow diagonal line contains the so-called Auswertegerät


FuG28a, on the right-hand the so-called: Auswertegerät, which determined, from the received beam signals, the appropriate signals feeding the horizontal component to the autopilot



Information lable at the rear panel of the AW modul (Auswertegerät) of Knickebein receiver FuG28a


The "Auswertegerät 28" with its mechanics, in the centre section of the Knickebein receiver


In the left-hand compartment are 5 x RV12P2000 valves, on the right we see, from left to right, a neon regulator STV280/40 and a barretter (iron/hydrogen = EW) current regulator STV H85-225 (working range between 85 - 225 volt)


Receiver section of Knickebein apparatus type FuG28a, this modul is almost identical to that of FuG17.


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