Bedeutung der Frequenz- und Zeitmessung in der Schweizer Luftwaffe

by Hans Jucker, Switzerland 2007/2008

German/English language 1-30/31-45 ( pdf, 6.5 MB)

Please notice, that Hans Jucker has upgraded his paper recently. Which is the reason that there exists now a jump in page-numbering for page 30, because I had to paste the new pages onto the already existing ones. The size of his original version should otherwise have exceeded 10 MB! Notice that after pdf page 31 the text has changed to English language!



Hans Jucker is on this subject likely ' the expert' in Switzerland.

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Hans Jucker discusses: Frequency and related time meassurement practised in the Swiss Air Force; Among many topics is dealt with : the famous  US BC221 frequency meter, including a photo and principle diagram; VHF communications of their Air Force; SCR522, BC624/625; CR1A quartz; DH-100 MK6; STR9 - STR9X; Röntgengoniometern (X-ray diffraction); Quartz cuts: AT - BT - SC .. ; HC6/U; KTA .. ; General Radio Frequency Standard GR 1105A - 1105 - 1102-A - 1101-A  - 1107-A  - 1109-A  - 1106-A; 1106-B  -  description of the outline of its internal quartz standard of 100 kHz -  Synchron-Uhr - 1100-A  - R&S CKB Zeitdifferenz Messgerät; Hewlett Packard frequency counter HP5245; Stressmomente im Resonator  -  Wanderung von Ionen im Kristall - Ablösung feinster Kristallteilchen vom schwingenden Resonator; General Radio Time and Frequency Standard 1120-AH ...; Zeitnormalausrüstung für das Luftverteidigungssystem Florida (Swiss Air Force) ...; Aufbereitung der Systemzeit aus Normalzeit-Emissionen; DCF77; HBG auf 75 kHz; Zeitcodierung der HBG und DCF77 Emissionen; Feldstärken und Genauigkeit der Normalzeit-Emissionen; Verfügbarkeit der Systemzeit; Synchronisierungskonzept für die Systemzeit aus Normalzeit-Emissionen; Phaselockloop; akkumulierte Zeitfehler Δt; aging rate/Tag ...; Zeitbasis der Typ 8600 der Firma Oscilloquartz S.A.; Laufzeitkonstanz 2 x 10-11 ...; BVA (Quartz) Rasonator + block diagram;  Korrektur des Offset Fehlers; Flying Clock; GPS und Rubidium Standard für die Zeitnormale  des ...; Rudium-Standard Ausrüstung in geöffneten Zustand (colour view of the Rubidium-gas resonator!); RMS cicle jitter; sin U/U envelope prf ... ; MTI maximum allowable frequency drift 20 kc/sec²; Stalo; clutter motion; short time stability of coho; AVAR short time stability of Allan variance;  MTI systems for radars with amplifier chain transmitters; MTI improvement factor limitation due to radar instability is ... ; stability requirements for the radar microwave frequency generation chain ...   



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