Japanese Wurzburg (Würzburg) radar apparatus copy 1944/45

The Germans have sent by U-boat a copy (sample) of their standard FuMG62D GL (gun laying) radar to support the Japanese air forces. The photo shown below was taken after Japan surrendered about 1945/46. An American team visited all Japanese sites of interest. One point of their interest was the German-Japanese relationship, particularly in respect to the exchange of scientific knowledge. This mostly proved to be a one way track, as the main flow of information went from Germany towards Japan.


It is clear that it concerns a small Würzburg radar set type 62D (photo by courtesy of late Hans-Ulrich Widdel)

Please notice through the reflector mash the rear side of the fine range indicator copy of EAG 62. It seems that the CRT cabinet is on a different side of the fine range console


When we look closely to the empty module we can clearly see that it is a copy of the German display unit ANG 62. Though, not a one to one copy but a simplified one. When we take a closer look to the genuine German version below:


Please compare the holes shown from inside the ANG 62 display units and this photo, it is evident that the three focus holes (smaller ones) are not existing


One may think, however, that the antenna parabola construction is not German like. Please look at the following two photos:



It is clear that in some way the Germans may have considered a different kind of antenna mirror construction, but time passed and they lost the ability to accomplish this task. Please bear in mind, that in 1944 in some respect Würzburg was becoming an out-dated system. As future lays in the cm spectrum, a very well acknowledged fact in German wartime minds


However, the main Würzburg system concept was copied in Japan, at least a single prototype. Whether the future users did like the Würzburg concept is for me an open question.


To get an idea on the German/Japanese relation please consider also:

KTB-Chef-TLR of 12 December 1944 up to 4 April 1945


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