Jagdschloss transmitter


Jagdschloss transmitter codename: Eibsee


When we look carefully, you may notice that there is some similarity between both units

This one is the regular Freya transmitter stage, whereas the previous photo is showing a tuneable version used for Jagdschloss systems.

It proved that Allied radar jamming was becoming so severe that quick frequency change was a necessity.



Geräte Nr. 124-5019A (Drawing number)

Anforderzeichen Ln 20541 (GAF Stock number)

Werk. Nr. 70725 (may tell us, for instance, that it had been unit 25, but one never knows how the actual serial number key was constituted)

Hersteller eas, which was Siemens & Halske


Side view towards the TS41 valve bases


Rear view of the transmitter stage

It all looks a bit crude, what it apparently is. But all was kept as simple as possible. What counted was that the system could handle high voltages up to 25 kV and accordingly the HF components must also being able to cope with this rather high radar pulse power.


The upper copper coil is the symmetrical antenna coupling. Which is in its centre being grounded


Viewing now from the top


Bottom section

The two knife like connector is for the filament supply (handling 22 A). The one in the centre is eventually for grid blocking or keying. The contact on the right is for anode voltage 10 or 25 kV.

Please notice also the module locking pin. This is operated by means of the pulling-out-grip at the front side.


For this occasion one TS41 transmitter valve has been connected


Schematic of the transmitter stage

Although, there exist a conflict, as according this diagram the transmitter was grid-keyed. But according the block diagram below, as well as other information, the Jagdschloss transmitter was pulsed from the 25 kV HT pulse from the modulator stage (Hochtastgerät). However, the schematic is still in accordance with the wiring noticeable from the photos. Notice also the Jagdschloss A trainings manual.



Please click on this drawing as to open it in pdf

Please notice that you can print the full schematic at a single A4 sheet by using the option in Acrobat Reader " print what you see at your screen" thus before doing this adjust the size of the schematic at your computer screen!




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