High frequency as a weapon

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Very recently I received a hyperlink to a German wartime military instruction film in which is dealt with interesting aspects of the intriguing EW (Electronic warfare)

Some sent me this link because a Siemens secret telex (Geheimschreiber or G-Schreiber) type T 52 a/b or c is shown. They might not have noticed where this film actually is about.


I have never seen a German, maybe an Allied film as well, in which more or less real facts are being shown. The first part actually is showing German counter measures against intruding British aircraft. Not always well understood in the Anglo-Saxon world is that the Germans widely exploited Allied radar and navigational signals, like from H2S (Rotterdam apparatus) as well as Gee navigations.     In the first film part we see a real Korfu DF receiver which was developed as a consequence of the capture of a H2S apparatus South-East of Rotterdam on 3 February 1943. German code-name Rotterdam-Gerät.     The second part (Teil B) is mainly dealing with aspects of jamming of Gee navigational signals. For me astonishing is that they really show, maybe in a fake aircraft cabin, a genuine 25 set and a Gee scope (62 set?) with their typical time-base pulses! As well as a fake, but good looking H2S PPI display unit.     Also they show a set up of VHF receiver with a Samos type receiver with attached oscilloscope. Considering all aspects - I guess this film has been made in 1944 and was meant strictly for GAF personnel only.


Please notice that the reason why we provide this hyperlink is of historical interest only! And, that we do not want to promote in any means the political implications of this traumatic 1933-1945 era.


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24 May 2015 (upgraded)

Arthur O. Bauer