Ha 5 K 39b

(Ha5K39b - Ha 5 K 39)



For quite a long time I have rejected copying the manual of the well known Ha 5 K 39; though, a recent query did change my strategy a bit.


Our manual does carry on its front cover:


Nikolaus von Eltz

Radiotechnische Fabrik

Wien V.

5 Watt-Sende-Empfangsgerät

Type Ha 5 K 39b

Fabr.-Nr. 11.280

Lizenz Hagenuk.


The Eltz Company is well known for his radio receiver types: ER 2 and ER 3, as well as the transmitter R 20M; the latter type combined with Radio R3 was also known as the: Radione Station.

Maybe of some interest, how did I obtain our apparatus?

In late 1974 Horst beck did mention - that someone has offered to him a Hagenuk set Ha5K39; though, he has no interest in this offer.

My first move was looking whether this person does have a telephone connection; which he apparently did not have.

Then I did sent him a letter with my offer of 300 DM. No response was received.

During our moving from the centre of Amsterdam to Diemen, where we still live today; I received a note on behalf of the Dutch Costumes Services - that a crate was to be collected at a no longer existing railways station (in the backyard of our Zoo Artis). I had to pay a charge of about 350 Dutch guilders. I had not the slightest idea what might be in that package. Vaguely in my mind I suspected that it might be the Hagenuk set from Cuxhaven.

Yes, it was the forgotten Ha 5 K 39 set.

What was unexpected: it was accompanied with its genuine power supply within it case including its cover lid and - genuine cables!

The Ha5K39 set itself was not the most nice sample I have seen, but it works and has for me an intriguing story.

There are various versions of this set around

Ha5K39 - Ha5K39b - Ha5K39c

I know not all the accompanied details, but generally the first version did not yet possess Hell mode operation (Typenbildtelegrafie). Also some small changes in its operational frequency spectrum.

The advantage of this set, is, that it can still operate within the 80 m band, and is performing quite well. When conditions allow - you can communicate the entire European continent in the A 1 mode.

During a meeting of the Marine Funker club held in Kassel, in 1980, someone told me - that he once had to contact Athens from, say, Kreta. He could not come in touch, though received a response from a wireless station in Narvik Norway; several thousand kilometres away! This station guided this message onto Athens!


For practical reasons - is have only combined the overall schematic into a single paper version. All other schematics being copied such - where appropriate - drawings are overlapping and you can add these easily together when you like.