German counter-intelligence  (III F)




Status: 12 July 2019


This time, I would like to confront you with some aspects of counter-espionage in Switzerland.


I would like though, to start first with

the files concerning Wilhelm (Willy) Piert,

thereafter with the more significant

Hans von Pescatore's



The Willy Piert's

aspects are of some interest - as it clearly confronts us, that in post war days, M.I. 5 servants increasingly continued their wartime battles; neglecting the changes occurring in post-war Western Europe.

They continued expressing their (wartime opinions) without noticing the actual files available.

Sadly: They weren't aware that they were on the losing side of the history.

Increasingly ending up with a defeat against the

Home Office.

(fundamental) Reason?


Because, this department was liable to legal objections;

a serious circumstance:- This was hardly known to M.I.5 Crown Servants: to be truly legally challenged.

When they were too much challenged - they broke-off discussions with the H.O. and went on (illegally) with their practises.

They rule the waves.

Most intriguing, but sad, examples are found in:

KV 2/1722-1724 on the Argentinian Mr Hellmuth




I would like to draw your attention first to digest first chapter Part I.


A typical down-side of institutions lacking legal:


In contrast, time and again,

a quality that the British Home Office

truly possessed, in contrast.



However, this new chapter is in some respect (also) linked with aspects related to the Communist  "Rote Kapelle" complex.







Next: Alexander Foote one of Rado's W/T operator, captured, amongst others, by the Swiss in autumn 1943.

In wartime days he was mainly linked with the Communist: Rado and partly with Rote Kapelle.




By Arthur O. Bauer